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A Lifelong Journey 人世间 Episode 15 Recap

Mother Zhou thought that Zheng Juaner was a nanny hired by Zhou Bingkun, when Zheng Juaner handed over the water with sugar. Mother Zhou blamed Zheng Juan for not adding sugar without her permission. And asked Zheng Juan how much Zhou Bingkun gave her a month. Zheng Juan didn’t know how to explain her relationship with Zhou Bingkun, and she was a little helpless in the face of Zhou’s mother’s sudden question. Zhou asked to see Yueyue again, and Zheng Juan had no choice but to bring Yueyue in.

In the evening, Zhou Bingkun told his mother everything about him and Zheng Juan. During the days when his mother was in a coma, Zheng Juan was always giving him a massage. Otherwise, even if the mother woke up, she would not be able to move freely, and her muscles might atrophy and she would not be able to move freely at all.

Zheng Juan’s younger brother, Zheng Guangming, has now left home and has gone to become a monk at Beituo Temple. Zheng Juan and Zhou Bingkun always went to visit, and Zheng Guangming also made a lot of effort when Zhou’s mother was in a coma. Zhou Bingkun was also very proud of what Zheng Juan had done when she learned of everything.

Yu Hong was about to have a baby, and Zhou Bingkun came to help build the house. The neighbor Lao Xiong was dissatisfied with the overrunning of the house and called Gong Wei to judge. Gong Wei was also very embarrassed. Because of this, Chichao got into a fight with Lao Xiong’s son. During the fight, he injured Lao Xiong’s son. Gong Wei asked Zhou Bingkun to demolish the small house of his home. Otherwise, this incident would also directly affect the situation. Gong Weize’s work. In desperation, Zhou Bingkun had to do as he did.

Shenzhen, Luo Shibin is doing well here, and he also met Mengmeng, who has a relatively wild sales approach. Luo Shibin also plans to live in Shenzhen and will not go back. Shui Zilai reminded Luo Shibin that he still has a child. Luo Shibin also discussed with Mengmeng to make money in the future. Just give the kids more.

In order to allow Yu Hong to give birth to a child smoothly, Zhou Bingkun and Zheng Juan discussed and let catch up and Yu Hong live with her. When Zhou Bingkun came to find Qu Xiuzhen, he learned that she and Governor Hao lived in the same compound. Zhou Bingkun hopes to find Ma Shouchang through Qu Xiuzhen to help solve Gong Weize’s matter, while Gong Wei is involved in the dispute between Catch and the Xiong family, so he is held on by the Xiong family, and the organization plans to deal with him.

What Zhou Bingkun didn’t expect was that Qu Xiuzhen was very angry, thinking that Zhou Bingkun was using her, and as for Gong Wei, Qu Xiuzhen felt that it was natural for someone to investigate.

Gong Bin flipped the floodgate randomly and leaked three tons of soy sauce. Qu Xiuzhen came when the factory manager was looking for the person responsible. Qu Xiuzhen asked to deal with it quickly. Although Qu Xiuzhen has retired, she still has an undeniable majesty, especially when she assigns tasks.

Qu Xiuzhen also conducted an investigation in the photonic film and confirmed that Gong Wei is a good policeman, but Ma Shouchang could not go beyond the level to investigate, so Qu Xiuzhen gave an idea to let Zhou Bingkun make trouble, and pointed out that Ma Shouchang’s wife was not. Have someone report this to Ma Shouchang.

As long as she arrives at Ma Shouchang’s place, it’s basically done. When she went back, Qu Xiuzhen specially asked Zhou Bingkun to support her with a bicycle, but she accidentally fell over Qu Xiuzhen. Zhou Bingkun was so frightened that he immediately wanted to help the old lady get up, but Qu Xiuzhen, who was dissatisfied with the old lady, had to get up by herself. Don’t be too proud when she stood up.

Zhou Bingkun went to make trouble according to Qu Xiuzhen’s arrangement, and called Ma Shouchang by name. Ma Shouchang also arranged for someone to send a note. The matter was settled like this, and he was promoted. Gong Wei was very moved, Zhou Bingkun was also happy because he could help, Gong Bin was also dismissed by the unit, and Cao Debao hoped that Zhou Bingkun would still go to Qu Xiuzhen, but Zhou Bingkun really couldn’t go to anyone for help.

Gong Wei is Gong Bin’s uncle. He always feels that Gong Bin’s illness has something to do with him, and he blames himself. Gong Wei asked Zhou Bingkun to take Gong Bin to the market first. In fact, he retired from medical treatment, and Gong Wei paid the missing salary at that time. Gong Wei believes that there is still a little salary after the illness, even without him, he has to be responsible, especially if there are so many educated youths who have returned to the city, they all need to arrange work.

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