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The Autumn Ballad 嫣语赋 Episode 1 Recap

The bride, wrapped in auspicious clothes, waving her temples, and sitting in front of the dressing table, is the second young lady Qiu Yan, the concubine of the Qiu Mansion, and the person she is marrying today is General He’s eldest son, He Feng. Since both parents have met, and they have had a relationship with their own children, a seemingly secure marriage has become her final destination.

Along the way, gongs and drums were noisy, whistling and beating, and the people on the street were scrambling to watch. As the auspicious time arrived, Qiu Yan, supported by the maid Qingdai, was sent to the main hall to salute. The superior in-laws were beaming with joy. How could she know that there were bursts of coughing and wheezing, and seeing He Feng’s shape as withered, she fell to the ground and died in a blink of an eye.

Seeing this, everyone was in chaos, and the doctor urgently came to diagnose and treat, but the other party was unable to recover. General He and his wife were distraught, and they left surrounded by maids and family members, leaving Qiu Yan with a blank face, always feeling that He Feng’s death was abnormal, different from the normal phenomenon she knew.

In just one day, the happy event changed to a funeral, which quickly spread throughout the capital, and also disturbed the second master Qiu Yi. He immediately brought his wife Han to visit, and wanted to bring his daughter Qiu Yan back. Hearing this, General He was very angry, so he summoned a matchmaker and a hexagram teacher, and the two explained accordingly, only to find out that Qiu Yan’s biological mother, Concubine Liu, had bribed the matchmaker and arbitrarily proposed to change the date of birth.

Even though the He family concealed the bad illness first, everyone believed that Qiu Yankefu would not have died on the wedding day. Because General He lost his son at an old age, and when his wife regretted the marriage, he decided to let Qiu Yan be buried in a rage. Qingdai hid outside the door to eavesdrop, and hurriedly reported the matter to Qiu Yan. The master and servant disguised as maids and slipped away from the back door, only to be found out.

Qiu Yan and Qingdai fled in two separate ways. Seeing that the family members of He Fu were chasing after him, they rushed to Liang Yi for help. The servants noticed Liang Yi’s identity, and because of the mighty group of people behind him, they really didn’t dare to provoke them easily, so they simply avoided it. Liang Yi instructed Song Jin to take Master Li back to the chopping wood first, but he also revealed Qiu Yan’s identity and did not want to lend a hand at all.

Not long after Liang Yi left, the family member of He Fu suddenly came out from the corner, Qiu Yan ran away when she saw it, but fortunately, Qiu Yi and his wife had prepared a carriage by the street, so they were able to escape. Now, the He and Qiu families have completely forged a son. Although Han is the mistress of the house, she treats Qiu Yan like her own daughter, and naturally she will not sit back and watch. On the other hand, Qiu Rong, the son of Concubine Liu, still wants to rely on her sister. Marriage for a future.

Concubine Liu wanted to find a good marriage for her daughter, but she never thought of doing bad things with good intentions, and in the end, she was reprimanded by the second master Qiu Yi. As the evening approached, the uncles and aunts gathered in the hall of the Qiu Mansion. The third master Qiu Ning and the fourth master Qiu Hong agreed that they believed that General He was a popular man in the dynasty, and offending him was equivalent to ruining his glory and wealth. But it was opposed by Han.

At the same time, Concubine Liu was sitting alone outside the courtyard. A woman could neither be the home nor the master, so she could only cry and annoy. The relationship between Qiu Yan and Concubine Liu is not deep, it is nothing more than a blood relationship. When I think about it carefully, I feel that she is a poor person. Poor people occasionally make mistakes, so Qiu Yan will always forgive each other again and again. .

How do you know that Concubine Liu is greedy and selfish, and even now she wants Qiu Yan to do tricks to please her parents-in-law. After He Feng’s funeral, she will adopt a son from the big room. It is not so much to protect Qiu Yan for the rest of her life in He’s residence. An Wen, in fact, wanted to sacrifice his daughter to pave a way out for his son and consolidate his position in the Qiu family.

Qiu Yan was extremely disappointed with Concubine Liu, and turned around and ran to the hall to interrupt the elders’ discussions. In order to protect her father and the Han family, she mocked the third uncle’s prodigal family and the fourth uncle’s romance in public. Listening to Qiu Yan’s various taunts to her uncle, Mrs. Qiu, who never made a sound from beginning to end, announced at this time that she would send Qiu Yan back to the He Mansion tomorrow.

As soon as these words came out, Qiu Yan was about to refute, and the next person came to report the accident in the ancestral hall. When everyone heard the news and rushed over, they found that the old lady’s spiritual position was bleeding inexplicably. The female relatives exclaimed that it was the appearance of the dead, but the men of the Qiu family suppressed the fear in their hearts and felt that it was a drama of a warlock. Madam Qiu had an idea of ​​her own, and after rejecting everyone, she asked Qiu Yan how she felt about the matter.

In fact, the matter of the ancestral hall tonight was just because Qiu Yan asked Qingdai to do it on purpose, using the excuse of the old lady’s appearance, so that Mrs. Qiu changed her mind. It was only because she forced the old lady to be buried in the past, so in the face of this situation, even if she suspected that someone was doing something secretly, she had to believe it in order to feel at ease.

Mrs. Qiu didn’t say a word, and seemed to be out of her mind. After a while, she walked out of the ancestral hall. After thinking about it again and again, she decided to ask the prince to be a lobbyist, try to resolve the conflict between the two families, and keep Qiu Yan. After all, the old man was the prince’s guardian, and the prince was honest and kind. He should be thinking of his old feelings. After the matter has been agreed, he will be fully responsible for Qiu Yi.

Now that Mrs. Qiu opened her mouth, the rest of the people didn’t need to say anything. Qiu Yan finally settled down and returned to her room with peace of mind, praising Qingdai for her quick work. After Qingdai left, Qiu Yan picked up the fan she had treasured for many years, recalled the young man who gave the fan, and thanked him for teaching her to read and write, and gained more insights and ideas.

In the prison where the firewood was chopped, Liang Yi personally interrogated Mr. Li, and produced a solid evidence, so that he had to truthfully explain the people behind the scenes. The prince sent someone to send a letter and ordered him to mediate the conflict between the Qiu and He families. Anyone with a discerning eye could see that it was a chore to offend people, but Liang Yizheng was worried that the forces at the chopping wood could not penetrate the army and investigate corruption. Right now, it is just right for him to step on the Qiu family’s reputation in exchange for a few thin noodles from the He family.

After some mediation on the “moderate mean”, the final result was that each of the two families took a step back. Although they were exempted from the burial, they could not escape from the family and observe the festival. Therefore, in Qiu Yan’s view, going to Jingyun Nunnery was equivalent to death. Qiu Yan proposed to her father to enter the palace. If it was set up in the court, single women could be tested for female officials. It would be Guo Guifei’s birthday in a few days. Originally Qiu Yi didn’t agree, but after Han’s persuasion, he saw Qiu Yan kneeling and crying again, which made him feel compassion.

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