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A Lifelong Journey 人世间 Episode 12 Recap

Qu Xiuzhen and Zhou Bingkun waved goodbye. These people were all grown up by her, and her study and study were also arranged by her. When Qu Xiuzhen left, Lu Chuan was a little dissatisfied and asked who reported him. If Ma Shouchang hadn’t protected him this time, I’m afraid he wouldn’t be able to come back to work. Zhou Bingkun said nothing.

Qiao Chunyan sat in the office and flipped through the newspaper, and suddenly felt that the office was boring, so she got up and prepared to leave. At this time, Qiao Chunyan was already the director of the office. Some people reported to Qiao Chunyan that customers said that there are too few people who have good pedicures. They praised Qiao Chunyan for her high pedicure skills. , otherwise the craftsmanship is rusty. After the subordinate’s flattering work, Qiao Chunyan also began to raise her head and look cheerful, intending to adapt to her new position as deputy director.

Qiao Chunyan greeted everyone on the way back, and specially gave Zheng Juan a piece of candy, and took the initiative to teach Zheng Juan how to massage. Cao Debao’s father had a blood clot. Fortunately, after her massage, Cao Debao’s father was able to walk. Juan studied massage seriously, and there was hope in Zhou’s mother’s eyes.

Qiao Chunyan has now become the deputy director, and the buddies also began to joke, asking Zhou Bingkun if he regretted missing Chunyan, but Zhou Bingkun said that he never regretted it. When returning, Zheng Juan took Zheng Guangming and Nan Nan away, and promised to wait for Zhou Bingkun to come back to work tomorrow. People in the village also began to discuss, they all thought that Zheng Juan was beautiful, and they also found out that Zheng Juan was a nanny who helped Zhou Bingkun’s house, but they praised Zheng Juan. Zhou Bingkun was also the first person to use a nanny.

At night, Zhou Bingkun coaxed Feng Yueyue to sleep, and read Zhou Rong’s letter to Zhou’s mother, because he knew that Zhou’s mother was most concerned about the letter from her relatives. Zhou Rong told Zhou Bingkun that the incident at the railway station was characterized as a personal fight, and Feng Huacheng also It’s alright, someone from the unit specially went to notify Zhou Rong.

Zhou Rong promised that when Feng Huacheng returned, the family would come to pick up Feng Yueyue. Zhou Bingkun began to worry that if Zhou Rong came back and saw her mother paralyzed on the bed, how would she explain it, Zhou Bingkun also regretted telling her mother, because her mother said that she could carry the person who could put it down, so he said it, but he let it go. The mother suddenly fell into a coma.

Zhou Bingkun begged her mother to get better soon, and when her mother was healed, she would not tell Zhou Rong about this matter, otherwise Zhou Rong would inevitably scold him. Zhou Bingkun seemed to see his mother move, but when he wanted to look closer, there was a knock on the door.

Mr. Shao came to Guo Bingkun. This issue of the magazine was a special issue in memory of Premier Zhou. Mr. Shao was worried that Feng Huacheng would not be able to catch up with this special issue if he did not come back. Zhou Bingkun remembered Feng Huacheng’s poem and provided it to Mr. Shao, which happened to be in memory of Premier Zhou, and Jin Tulu published this poem the next day, which caused quite a stir. Lu Chuan also clamored to see Feng Huacheng. When he went to study, he was spreading the legend of Feng Huacheng.

Although Feng Huacheng was released, he did not go home. Instead, he followed many people to Beijing. He heard that he was arrested. Zhou Rong, who got the news, immediately went out with Silent to find Feng Huacheng, but unexpectedly met a wolf in the woods, and Silently fighting with the wolf could not help.

Zhou Rong ran away quickly, and after rolling down the hillside, she called Cai Xiaoguang, told Cai Xiaoguang the current situation at home, and asked Cai Xiaoguang to convey it to Zhou Bingkun and her mother. She was unable to go back recently, but told Zhou Bingkun not to tell her mother about Feng Huacheng. I am worried that my mother will not be able to bear the illness. At the same time, Zhou Rong also hopes that Cai Xiaoguang will take care of Zhou Bingkun within the scope of his ability.

Zhou Bingkun was a little nervous when he found out about the matter here at Cai Xiaoguang, for fear that something big might happen to Feng Huacheng. That night, Zhou Bingkun left Zheng Juan behind and worried that he might be fired from the unit one day, and he needed to prepare for the worst. Zhou Bingkun gave all the money in the passbook to Zheng Juan and let Zheng Juan plan to use it.

If the money in the passbook runs out, look for the mother’s one. Zhou Bingkun entrusted the family to Zheng Juan. Unless there is a major event in the family, don’t tell relatives far away. The big thing in Zhou Bingkun’s mouth is that the mother is gone. Zhou Bingkun and Zheng Juan hugged each other tightly, for fear that they would never meet again.

Zheng Juan reassured Zhou Bingkun of everything at home, and her only request was that Zhou Bingkun could come back intact. The next day, Zhou Bingkun was taken away by the two police officers who came. Cao Debao and everyone were stunned as they watched Zhou Bingkun be taken away. Cao Debao and Lu Chuan came to Zheng Juan’s house in a hurry. Zheng Juan saw that it was not Zhou Bingkun who had come back and had a premonition that something was wrong.

Zheng Juan made a plan list in the evening, and recorded every expenditure of money, because Zhou Bingkun had said that she might be arrested and planned to spend the money. When Zheng Juan came to the well to fetch water, everyone looked down upon her. Instead, Qiao Haiyan took the initiative to change positions with Zheng Juan, and praised Zheng Juan as a kind and righteous person. She specially invited Zheng Juan to take care of Zhou’s mother. After that, everyone helped Zheng Juan to fetch water, and Lu Chuan and others always secretly helped deliver things and fetch water.

Zheng Juan took care of Zhou’s mother day after day, gave her a massage every day, and hoped that Zhou’s mother would wake up. In October 1976, the Gang of Four was smashed. In the fog, Zhou Bingkun came back with long hair, although Zheng Guangming looked at her. No one was seen, but hearing the footsteps, I knew who rushed up and hugged Zhou Bingkun. Zheng Juan was overjoyed and pulled Zhou Bingkun to go back to the house. Zhou Bingkun hugged Zheng Juan into his arms. After half a year, the two finally met.

Zhou Bingkun held his mother’s hand to tell her his return, and Zheng Guangming also planned to go to Beituo Temple and told the children to be obedient. Zheng Juan told Zhou Bingkun that he didn’t spend the money he left behind.

When his mother died, he left two hundred yuan, so she used her mother’s money first. The two hundred yuan was used to support such a large family. Zhou Zhigang sent it here. Zheng Juan also kept the money. Up to now, there has been no letter from Zhou Rong. Zhou Bingkun believes that after the gang of four is crushed, everything should be fine.

Zhou Bingkun was grateful for Zheng Juan’s contribution, and Zheng Juan asked Zhou Bingkun if he was satisfied? When she heard Zhou Bingkun said she was very satisfied, Zheng Juan was very happy, which made her feel that she didn’t owe Zhou Bingkun a lot. Zhou Bingkun held Zheng Juan’s hand, hoping to become Nan Nan’s father. Aunt Qiao is also publicizing it outside, thinking that Zhou Bingkun is all right, that he was framed, and that Zhou Bingkun is a good person.

At this time, Zhou Bingkun also came to the barber shop and cut off his long hair. Looking at himself in the mirror, Zhou Bingkun smiled.

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