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Hello, the Sharpshooter 你好,神枪手 Episode 1 Recap

In the finals of the Southeast Design League, a total of 8 contestants entered the finals. Tang Xin shouted and supported contestant No. 7. Just as contestant No. 7 was about to start shooting, a sudden brake woke up Tang Xin who was dreaming. dreamed of that person.

Tang Xin is the female anchor of Rui’s live broadcast, and this time she came to live broadcast the game of the Haiya shooting team. The best friend sent Tang Xin to the competition site. It was supposed to be the captain of the Haiya shooting team to pick up Tang Xin, but because of something, the team member Jiang Yitian was temporarily in charge of picking up Tang Xin. Want Jiang Tianhai Ya shooting team. At this moment, in the firearm inspection, the firearms of the Haiya shooting team failed the test because they exceeded the standard, and would therefore not be able to enter the competition.

Everyone was anxious about this, and Yang Zhou, the vice-captain of the team member Chen Haiya who shot the target, also tried his best to argue with the inspectors, but to no avail. The captain Shen Qingyuan, who was wearing the No. 7 uniform, came here. Shen Qingyuan thought that the weight increase might be caused by the rainy weather, so he planned to find a way to modify it. Tang Xin, who had been in the lounge, caught sight of the No. 7 uniform, and determined that the boy in front of him was Shen Qingyuan.

But Shen Qingyuan didn’t remember her classmate at all. When she was a classmate, Shen Qingyuan was distracted in class and asked the teacher to call up to answer the question. Tang Xin handed out a note out of kindness, but because of this A note makes the teacher lose his temper. At that time, Shen Qingyuan also said that he would always remember Tang Xin’s name, but he still forgot her.

Shen Qingyuan misunderstood that Tang Xin was the media who came to interview, and pushed her to Jiang Yitian. From Jiang Yitian, Tang Xin knew that Shen Qingyuan had severe facial blindness, but he could remember a person’s name by Names match up quickly. Tang Xin inquired a lot about Shen Qingyuan again, and followed Jiang Yitian to see Shen Qingyuan modifying the gun. Shen Qingyuan looked up and found Tang Xin, so frightened that Tang Xin hurriedly hid.

After Shen Qingyuan’s modification, the gun quickly passed the test, and the Haiya competition team also entered the competition site smoothly. Tang Xin, as the anchor of the Dutch competition of the Southeast Shooting Competition, has already started the live broadcast. When Jiang Yitian and his teammates were watching the live broadcast, Shen Qingyuan blamed them for not being able to improve their personal performance by watching the live broadcast, but the two were very interested in Tang Xin and mentioned it in front of Shen Qingyuan many times. Shen Qingyuan thought of the reporter, Also a little irritable to leave, Jiang Yitian felt that Shen Qingyuan might have a relationship with Tang Xin.

Shi Xiaoci of the Haiya competition team is also a very good player and partner of Shen Qingyuan. Shi Xiaoci’s best friend Liu Yu likes Shen Qingyuan very much and called Shi Xiaoci to take pictures. During the competition, No. 7 was originally Hai Ya’s ace shooter, but the two consecutive bullets were only the eighth and ninth rings. The live broadcast Tang Xin thought that it didn’t match her ability, maybe there was a problem with the gun, but then Shen Qing Yuan had ten consecutive rings, and Tang Xin also thought that maybe he was too radical, so he always felt that Shen Qingyuan had not reached the actual level.

Shen Qingyuan suddenly appeared in front of Tang Xin, asked Tang Xin out, and claimed that he didn’t want to see Tang Xin, and hoped to be replaced. Shen Qingyuan was very indifferent and accused Tang Xin of affecting his game, but the specific reason was unknown. Clearly, it was the best way to deal with Tang Xin not to appear in front of him before buying and figuring it out.

Shen Qingyuan then called Dr. Ding, and Shi Xiaoci also silently cared about Shen Qingyuan. Seeing Dr. Ding coming, Shi Xiaoci left with confidence. Du Lingfeng, the heir of Lingda Group, also came to the shooting range. He happened to meet Tang Xin because he couldn’t find the game field. Under Tang Xin’s leadership, he found the game field successfully.

Unexpectedly, the two were still sitting in the front and rear rows . Du Lingfeng claimed that he wanted to choose a spokesperson and asked Tang Xin who was the most powerful. Tang Xin believed that Zhou Yue from the Southeast Shooting Team and Shen Qingyuan from the Haiya Shooting Team should be the most powerful.

Zhou Yue took the initiative to say hello to Shen Qingyuan, but Shen Qingyuan ignored it. Zhou Yue thought that the qualifying matches should hide his true level. He thought that Shen Qingyuan’s previous mistakes were to hide his level, but Shen Qingyuan arrogantly believed that he was the first. One, and Zhou Yue is only the second, and the second does not need to hide his strength.

During the match, Shen Qingyuan once again looked at Tang Xin who was behind him. Tang Xin was also nervously aware of this. Shen Qingyuan failed to shoot ten rings twice in a row. Doctor Ding came in and told Shi Xiaoci and Jiang Yitian that Shen Qingyuan It was influenced by Tang Xin. Jiang Yitian and Shi Xiaoci came to persuade Tang Xin to leave, but Tang Xin thought of the phone call from Zhou Zuguang, the company manager, and ordered Tang Xin to complete the task today, otherwise he would not even think about changing his position.

But seeing that the next round was the knockout round, Tang Xin didn’t want it because she disturbed Shen Qingyuan. In desperation, she had to think of a way. She hid outside the fence, let Du Lingfeng stand in front of her as a cover, and stuck out her phone to shoot. . However, the picture and live broadcast effect caused by this were not good, and Tang Xin, who was anxious, stood up again. Unexpectedly, being seen by Shen Qingyuan again, Tang Xin had to interrupt the live broadcast.

Zhou Zuguang called and warned Tang Xin that the broadcast had to start. If it failed this time, the entire group might be dismissed. Tang Xin asked Zhou Zuguang, if the Haiya team failed because of her live broadcast, would it be considered a successful live broadcast?

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