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Hello, the Sharpshooter (2022) 你好,神枪手

Hello, the Sharpshooter (2022)
Other Title: 你好,神枪手, Ni Hao, Shen Qiang Shou, Nei Hou, San Cheung Sau, 你好神枪手, 你好,神槍手

Genres: Romance, Youth, Sports
Liu Yi Zhi
Lian Mu Chu Guang
Tencent Video
Release Date: 
Feb 2, 2022 – Mar 10, 2022
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  • Hu Yi Tian as Shen Qingyuan
  • Xing Fei as Tang Xin
  • Ma Si Chao as Du Lingfeng
  • Luo Qiu Yun as Shi Xiaoci
  • Niu Chao as Jiang Yitian
  • Lu Qi as Yang Dan
  • Zheng Yi Ming
  • Zhu Zi Jie
  • Jia Qing
  • Wang Dong as Zhou Zuguang


The TV series “Hello, Sharpshooter” is jointly produced by Beijing Tianhao Shengshi Entertainment Culture Co., Ltd., Maoyan Entertainment, and Wanjia Entertainment, directed by Liu Yizhi, starring Hu Yitian, Xing Fei, Ma Sichao, Luo Qiuyun, Niu Chao, Lu Qi, Zheng Yiming , Zhu Zijie starring, Jia Qing, Wang Dong, Shi Mingze special starring, Sha Baoliang specially invited to star in the contemporary urban youth drama.

The play is adapted from the novel “Hello, Sharpshooter” of the same name by Lian Mu Chuguang. It tells the story of the shooting team captain Shen Qingyuan and the new anchor Tang Xin during the game. Meet each other’s stories.

At the National Games, Tang Xin, an intern reporter from the TV Sports Channel, was ordered to interview the champion of the 50-meter pistol slow-shooting event, but found that the opponent was not the veteran Du Lingfeng that everyone was optimistic about, but Shen Qingyuan, the “shooting hall counselor” he secretly liked four years ago. . Shen Qingyuan’s indifferent attitude in the interview shocked Tang Xin, stuttering, and nearly ruining his career.

Tang Xin simply approached Shen Qingyuan in the name of tracking reports and producing programs, trying to solve the problem from the root. In the provincial shooting team, she met Du Lingfeng, a former pistol slow-shooting champion who was unwilling to lose, Shi Xiaoci, a competitive female air rifle player, and her twin brother Chen Ning and Chen Hai, who were both hip-hop and serious. Shooting show, broke the workplace crisis.

The Asian Championships is about to be held, Shi Xiaoci was accidentally injured, she chose to give her shooting dream to Du Lingfeng, and Tang Xin, with the help of the provincial team psychologist Ding Fang, resolved Shen Qingyuan’s deep-rooted knot. Shen Qingyuan and Du Lingfeng, who were tit-for-tat in the past, finally let go of their previous suspicions. With their dreams and love, they stood side by side on the shooting stage and launched a higher sprint to honor.

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