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After I was reborn, I became the gangster’s petite wife

After I was reborn, I became the gangster’s petite wife
Other Name: 重生后我成了大佬的小娇妻, After Rebirth, I Became the Big Brother’s Little Wife

Genre: Novel, Romance
Author: Nick is a cat
Year: 2020
Chapter: N/A
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“After Rebirth, I Became the Big Brother’s Wife” is being serialized. The protagonists of the novel are Liu Zimeng and Ouyang Yu. The highlights of the novel include. The person I loved the most in the last life cheated and ended up in a tragic end. It was only before he died that he realized that the person who really cared about him was Ouyang Yu!

Therefore, Liu Zimeng, who has lived a new life, decided that she will never let the man who is good to her in this life, not only to hold him firmly in her hands, but also to use all her love to give back to that man . And in the face of the scumbag who killed him tragically in the previous life, Liu Zimeng said that the scumbag must be paid for revenge, and the ultimate green tea, this time will make them real!

Free Reading Highlights:

“Sister-in-law…sister-in-law! Hey, it seems that I should practice my eyesight again. I didn’t even recognize that she was a sister-in-law. I was wrong, Brother Yu, it’s my eyesight!”

Zhan Feng apologized repeatedly, and looked at Ouyang Yu with a dog-legged look.

However, seeing that Ouyang Yu’s face did not soften at all, he quickly patted his pants and stood up, leaning over to Ouyang Yu’s side, smiling and acting like a good boy.

“Brother Yu, you and your sister-in-law are talented and beautiful, and you are a natural pair. When you stand together, you are really envious of mandarin ducks and not immortals!

Sister-in-law is shy of fish and geese, and she is ashamed of flowers when she closes the moon. Fairy Chang’e is not as good as one-tenth of her sister-in-law. Brother Yu, you are even more wise and marvelous. There is nothing more suitable than you in this world! “

For the sake of his own life, Zhanfeng devotes his mind to all his compliments, flattering and illogical.

But it was such a mouthful of nonsense, accompanied by Zhan Feng’s deliberately pleasing tone, drifting into Ouyang Yu’s ears.

Ouyang Yu gathered up the anger that was rising all over his body, and the coldness in those phoenix eyes melted rarely, he just snorted and didn’t say a word.

Zhan Feng took a peek, and the big stone in his heart just fell to the ground, and he secretly probed with a long beard.

“Brother Yu, then, the thing I told you before…”


Ouyang Yu didn’t even share a look with Zhan Feng, and his expression was sullen for a long time.

The roots of troubles! Zhanfeng cursed inwardly.

If it wasn’t for this woman, Brother Yau would definitely agree to this matter. She really is a bum star. If it weren’t for her being able to speak out her own words and making Brother Ying angry, he usually has the best relationship with Brother Ying.

But a man can bend and stretch, regret not being able to eat, why don’t you try harder?

Before Zhan Feng was finished, a man shouted from the gate, “Let Ouyang Yu get out! He has done such a shameless thing, why doesn’t he dare to see anyone! Tell her to come out and see me! “

The shout was obviously meant to attract the attention of the people in the house.

Ouyang Yu frowned slightly, looked up, and the guard who was standing guard at the door quickly trotted in front of him.

“Head, it’s Xie Qifeng, the boy of the Xie family! He wanted to rush in without saying a word. After being stopped by us, he even brazenly called you, called you…”

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