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In a near future where almost the entire human population has dropped to just over 2 million following the virus outbreak, ‘See’ focuses on the power struggle between two tribes that stand up for their own interpretations of right or wrong. This science fiction drama series created by Steven Knight presents a world where humanity has been reduced to its original state.

Now, when the entire population loses sight Only the fittest can survive in this brutal world where no one else is left. Starring Jason Momoa, Sylvia Hoeks, Hera Hilmar and Christian Camargo in key roles, the show’s action and drama can make anyone. doubt In case you want to know more about it. Let us be your guide!

What is See About?

In the distant future, Only 2 million humans remain after the early 21st century virus outbreak almost pushed the entire species to the edge of extinction. Survivors lose hope of living a normal life when they realize they are no longer invisible. In the coming centuries, humanity has learned to communicate and survive in creative ways. And the society of all civilizations was revolutionized and broken into smaller tribes. In the mountains lived the Alkenny tribe, where the chieftain Baba Voss married a pregnant woman who came to his people for shelter.

at the same time The queen of the Kane dynasty of the Kanzua Dam is desperately looking for Jerlamarel, the pregnant woman’s illegitimate counterpart, for an offense to be seen. When it was revealed that Jerlamarel’s children could be seen too. So the witch hunt for the whole family begins. Undaunted, Baba Voss decides to stand up against the Queen’s twisted desire to protect his tribe and family. This marks the start of an epic game of survival between the two races, enough to keep everyone on the edge of their seats.

Is it available on Netflix?

Netflix has a ton of TV shows and movies. However, ‘See’ is not part of the list available in the streaming giant. Those who subscribe can view ‘ Dawn ‘ or ‘ Enter the Night .

Saw it on Hulu?

Hulu members will need to find an alternative as ‘See’ is not included in the current offer. They can check other platforms or stream alternatively ‘ The Last Boat ‘ or ’12 Monkeys .’

Seen on Amazon Prime?

The Amazon Prime catalog does not include ‘See’ and the series is not available for rent/purchase. However, we recommend our readers to choose ‘ Human ‘ or ‘ Man in the High Castle . ‘.

where to watch online

See is an original AppleTV+ program; therefore it is not accessible on other platforms. Those who have subscribed to the streaming service can head here to watch the latest episodes of the science fiction drama.

How to stream watch for free?

AppleTV+ comes with a 7-day (3-month free trial for those with eligible Apple devices), so you can watch the series for free if you’re a first-time member. and you watch every episode during the trial period. However, we always encourage our readers to pay for the content they want to consume online. And don’t use illegal methods to stream their favorite shows/movies.

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