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Because of Love 今生有你 Episode 30 End Recap

Tan Jing even said that he could trade his own life for Ping Ping’s life. Tan Jing has been comforting Tan Jing, Director Fang rescued him and told everyone that Ping Ping’s situation is not very optimistic, as long as he can survive 24 hours, it depends. Can you wake up during this time?

Director Fang told Nie Yusheng that Nie Dongyuan’s condition is not stable now, and he told Nie Yusheng to be mentally prepared. Nie Yusheng watched his father go so smoothly, but he was also very worried about his father’s health. Nie Yusheng asked his father to go back first, but Nie Dongyuan couldn’t bear to shed After tears, he stayed by the bed and looked at Pingping. When Nie Dongyuan returned home, all he thought about was Pingping. Looking at the picture of himself Pingping, Nie Dongyuan was very sad.

Tan Jing stayed by Ping Ping’s side all day, hoping that Ping Ping would be able to see himself when he opened his eyes, Ping Ping’s eyes rolled and finally woke up, and Tan Jing told him the first time. Nie Yusheng was very happy to see Pingping wake up outside the ward. Nie Yusheng hurriedly called to tell his father the good news.

Nie Yusheng told Sheng Fangting the news, and Sheng Fangting burst into tears. When Ping Ping woke up, he said that he missed Sun Zhijun’s father, but Tan Jing didn’t know how to answer. Ping Ping asked Tan Jing that he wanted his grandfather to see him. In fact, Ping Ping knew that his grandfather had gone to a far away place. Knowing that he would not live long, he told Pingping very early that he was going to a very far place.

Nie Yusheng held a funeral for his father, and many employees of the company came to see Nie Dongyuan’s last journey, and soon Sheng Fangting also came, and Sheng Fangting came to see his father’s last journey. At Nie Dongyuan’s memorial service, his friends still talked about Nie Dongyuan’s past happy events. Nie Yusheng said that he had always had a bad relationship with his father, and Nie Dongyuan had always been like a strict teacher.

The two father and son never had a good sit down and talk. It wasn’t until his father fell ill that Nie Yusheng really began to understand his father. It turned out that the development of the company has not been easy. The moment Nie Yusheng watched his father peacefully together, he realized Nie Dongyuan’s love for Pingping. Nie Yusheng regretted that he didn’t even have a chance to quarrel with his father, and now his father is gone.

Tan Jing put out the puppy doll that Sun Zhijun sent him to record in front of everyone. After all, Ping Ping was still in the hospital and could not come to the scene temporarily. At first, it was all what Pingping said to his grandfather. Just as Tan Jing was about to take down the doll, he suddenly heard a conversation between Sun Zhijun and Boss Tan. Boss Tan said that what happened back then was done by Secretary Quan, and Nie Dongyuan also gave Secretary Quan a sum of money. He asked him to give the money to Tan Jing and the others, but Secretary Quan directly swallowed the money, and Nie Yusheng and Tan Jing suddenly realized it.

The police also repaired Sun Zhijun’s mobile phone and found the conversation between Sun Zhijun and Secretary Quan. In fact, Sun Zhijun wanted Secretary Quan to give him a sum of money, but he didn’t expect his life to be involved, so the police immediately went to arrest Secretary Quan.

Shu Qin returned the ring and the keys to Sheng Fangting. Before leaving, she gave Sheng Fangting a big hug, and then Shu Qin packed up and left. During this time, Sheng Fangting was sluggish, although she took back everything that belonged to her. , but he didn’t feel happy at all. Sheng Fangting remembered the scene when his mother took care of him back then. The only person in the world who did not abandon him was his mother. As soon as Shu Qin returned home, he received a letter from Nie Dongyuan, and handed over the ancestral bracelet of the Nie family to Shu Qin.

Secretary Quan was also punished by the law. Tan Jing took Nie Yusheng to see her father, and Tan Jing’s parents were relieved to know that. Now Tan Jing has also moved to live with Nie Yusheng. When Nie Yusheng woke up in the morning, he saw Tan Jing who was eating peacefully and cooking. This kind of life used to only appear in his dreams, but he didn’t expect it to come true now.

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