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A Lifelong Journey 人世间 Episode 5 Recap

Aunt Qiao talked about Qiao Chunyan and Zhou Bingkun again. She thinks that now Qiao Chunyan is not Zhou Bingkun, and Zhou’s mother hesitates a little. In fact, she is not sure about Zhou Bingkun’s thoughts, but she still responds to Aunt Qiao and expresses that Zhou Bingkun is not Qiao Chunyan. determination, which made Aunt Qiao very happy.

The supply and marketing cooperative was overcrowded, everyone was waiting to buy meat, but the meat was gone, and those who were in a hurry began to snatch the goods on the shelves. Zhou Bingkun stepped forward to block the way of the looters. Cao Debao and others outside the door also heard the movement in the room and rushed in to support Zhou Bingkun. The person who robbed the thing saw that he was alone and was not an opponent, so he could only put down the things and leave in despair, but he also offended people because of it.

The salesman was very grateful to Zhou Bingkun, but he had no choice but to tell Zhou Bingkun that no one dared to call in the cold storage, and the leader did not call, so the meat has not been delivered so far. Zhou Bingkun saw that everyone was waiting and went ahead, pretending to be the person in charge of the supply and marketing cooperative to call the cold storage.

The people and cars over there in the cold storage are always on call, waiting for the call from the supply and marketing agency, and they complain that the call is too slow. The meat was delivered in time, and everyone liked Zhou Bingkun very much and gave him a thumbs up. Zhou Bingkun, Sun Jianchao and Cao Debao formed a small team that night and named Liu Junzi.

Zhou Bingkun bought the meat and went home. Zhou Bingkun happily cut the meat. Zhou Bingkun happily asked his mother’s evaluation of him. Hearing his mother praised him for his greatness, Zhou Bingkun was elated.

After Zhou Zhiqiang got off the car, he met a little girl on a mountain road in Guizhou. The little girl held a puppy in her arms and hoped that Zhou Zhiqiang could buy it back because the people here are very poor and their parents want to kill dogs for meat. Zhou Zhiqiang wanted to hurry and rejected the little girl. The little girl simply put the dog on the ground and gave it to Zhou Zhiqiang. Zhou Zhiqiang couldn’t bear the dog to fall into other people’s hands and picked up the dog, but he couldn’t bear to let the girl down, so he left a little bit. Money leaves.

Zhou Zhiqiang saw the same big third-line team as him, and offered to take the car for a while, seeing that everyone was in a system, and the other party did not object. In the car, everyone learned that Zhou Zhiqiang was here to visit relatives, and they couldn’t help but feel sorry for Zhou Zhiqiang’s daughter, who came to such a place where birds don’t shit.

The convoy of the third-tier line was unable to move because the road was blocked by a car coming from the opposite side. Because the driver on the opposite side had a bad attitude and had criticized them before, the third-line people were reluctant to get out of the car to help, and only one was wearing a The young man in glasses took the initiative to get out of the car to help.

Then everyone went to fill the hole and help the blocked car out. Zhou Zhiqiang had a good impression of the glasses, but when he was driving, the glasses disappeared. Everyone thought that the glasses were gone first, and satirizing the glasses as false positives.

Zhou’s mother made Zhou Bingkun braised pork and let him eat it openly, which made Zhou Bingkun extremely happy. In the evening, Zhou Bingkun was lying in bed reading a book. Zhou’s mother did not forget to remind Zhou Bingkun not to forget to put it back to his brother after reading the book, and also told Zhou Bingkun to take a bath tomorrow.

Zhou Bingkun felt that his mother was too nervous about Hao Dongmei coming to the house. Under the coercion of his mother, Zhou Bingkun had to say that he was going to play Ice Lake, but he was afraid that his mother was angry and agreed to send his mother there first, but Zhou mother said that he could go.

The next day, when Mother Zhou was taking a bath, she found that she forgot the bath ticket at home, and Mother Zhou also forgot to bring money. The janitor refused to let Mother Zhou in. It just so happened that Qiao Chunyan saw that a godmother called out, and the janitor let Mother Zhou in with a smile. Qiao Chunyan is very face-to-face, and even let someone specially provide one-stop service for Zhou’s mother. Zhou’s mother suddenly felt infinite glory on her face, and immediately replaced Zhou Bingkun to express her feelings for Qiao Chunyan.

In fact, Zhou Bingkun didn’t go to Binghu, but according to the agreement, he needed to send money to Zheng Juan on Saturday. Zheng’s mother got the money and turned it back to the room. Zheng Juan had already seen that her mother received the money, but she didn’t say much. With tears in her eyes, she watched Zheng Juan paste the cardboard box.

Zhou Bingkun met Cao Debao as soon as he came out of Taiping Hutong. Cao Debao reminded Zhou Bingkun not to come here. Many people here do not have a registered permanent residence, so be careful to be entangled by a certain goblin. Then Cao Debao took Zhou Bingkun to the ice lake. Zhou Bingkun watched Cao Debao pulling a little girl skating, and his face unconsciously showed a smile.

Mother Zhou sat there drinking the freshly brewed flower tea after taking a bath. Qiao Chunyan came to give Mother Zhou a pedicure in person. Mother Zhou felt as if she was in heaven, with a happy smile on her face. After skating with others, Cao Debao came to find Zhou Bingkun, who was sitting on the side, and specifically asked if Zhou Rong would come back. Cao Debao truthfully expressed his meaning. He has never seen a better-looking living person than Zhou Rong since he grew up.

However, Zheng Juan’s figure appeared in Zhou Bingkun’s mind, telling Cao Debao that he had seen someone who was prettier than Zhou Rong in Taiping Hutong. Cao Debao didn’t believe it at all. He was also dissatisfied with Cao Debao, the girl who was skating just now. People heard that he was from the soy sauce factory and ignored him.

In the evening, Zhou’s mother couldn’t sleep, so she asked Zhou Bingkun to write a letter to Zhou Bingyi, asking him to persuade Zhou Zhiqiang to forgive Zhou Rong, even Hao Dongmei could accept it, and Zhou Rong should also be forgiven, otherwise there would be no more daughters. Zhou Bingyi was reading when he received the letter, knowing that Dong Weihong came to Yao Lisong, Dong Weihong told Zhou Bingyi that he was not easy, and anxiously wanted to leave this broken place and go back to the city.

When the door closed in the morning, the hand was scratched flat. At this time, Yao Lisong came back, and Zhou Bingyi made an excuse to go out, leaving the two a chance to be alone. Yao Lisong told Dong Weihong that Zhou Bingyi would soon leave here for Shenyang and became the secretary of the Ming deputy political commissar of the Shenyang Military Region. Then Yao Lisong took Dong Weihong to see the injured hand.

The vegetable cellar suddenly collapsed. Hao Dongmei and everyone rushed over and jumped off the vegetable cellar to save the cabbage. Dong Weihong’s hand was broken again. When he returned, Hao Dongmei persuaded Dong Weihong not to work next time, otherwise his hands would not be good. Knowing that Tao Junshu satirized Hao Dongmei just wanting to curry favor with Dong Weihong, everyone knew that Dong Weihong’s fiance was a serving officer.

Tao Junshu satirized Hao Dongmei’s father, who was originally a provincial governor, but now he is nothing. Hao Dongmei was so angry with Tao Junshu that Dong Weihong stopped the two of them loudly, and told Tao Junshu that Zhou Bingyi would soon become the secretary of the deputy political commissar of the Yang Military Region.

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