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Because of Love 今生有你 Episode 27 Recap

Before the meeting of the board of directors, Sheng Fangting told Nie Yusheng to be rational and not to be blinded by some dog-headed military advisers, but in fact, he alluded to Secretary Quan. As early as in the past, Nie Yusheng never thought that Secretary Quan would be detrimental to the company. Even at the meeting, he felt that Secretary Quan took care of his old feelings and should be restrained. How could Secretary Quan fan the flames in public, and this scene confirmed Sheng Fangting’s prediction.

Since the reward mechanism implemented by Nie Yusheng has not been approved by the board members, he has repeatedly stressed that if he is unable to do this, he will take the initiative to abdicate at that time. After all, no one can protect the interests of the company. And his remarks made everyone speechless, Nie Yusheng took advantage of the situation to announce that Sheng Fangting would be the deputy general manager, and it was to enter the board of directors.

Because Sheng Fangting found that Secretary Quan had caused many bad debts in the company, including unauthorized misappropriation of funds, Nie Yusheng disclosed these incidents at the meeting, saying that Secretary Quan would no longer participate in any decision-making of the company from today, so he was transferred to the logistics department. After the meeting, Nie Yusheng and others left one after another, leaving Secretary Quan to sit alone in the conference room.

In fact, Sheng Fangting didn’t expect Nie Yusheng to do this, and Nie Yusheng said that he never understood why his father only saw the company, and it was not until he entered the company that he truly understood and understood his difficulties. Nie Yusheng asked Sheng Fangting’s father. This question aroused deep memories in his heart. He admitted that he had only seen his mother in his life.

Nowadays, the negative news of Yiyuan Group is spreading on the Internet. Fattou investigated that the construction team signed a contract of intent with the company, and everyone’s name in the contract was false. Nie Yusheng learned about this and thought that as long as he had a name, he could investigate the previous clues.

Nie Yusheng began to implement a reward and punishment system in the company, and everyone was pleasantly surprised. It happened that Sun Ping sent Nie Yusheng a video call. How could he know that Nie Yusheng forgot to turn off the projection screen, so that his chats with Sun Ping and Tan Jing were all seen by his colleagues. Everyone never thought that the seemingly cold Nie Yusheng would have such a gentle side.

Sun Zhijun came to Boss Lei and unexpectedly learned that Boss Lei died of illness some time ago, but he still did not give up to continue the investigation. When he arrived at the street stall, Sun Zhijun planned to buy a toy for his son Sun Ping, but suddenly received a call from Sheng Fangting, and accidentally saw Boss Lei passing by.

That night, as soon as Boss Lei came home, he heard someone knock on the door. Sun Zhijun sneaked a sneak attack from behind, knocking Boss Lei to the ground directly, and even forced him to reveal the identity of the mastermind behind the scenes with a knife. At first, Boss Lei was reluctant to disclose it, but under the pressure of Sun Zhijun, especially his thigh was seriously injured, he had to tell the truth.

Shu Qin has invited many people to attend the next wedding, but only Sheng Fangting has no relatives to be present. Looking at Sheng Fangting’s lonely look, Shu Qin felt a little distressed, saying that she would be his relative in the future, and then saw the photo of Sheng Fangting’s mother.

On the other side, Nie Yusheng came to the ward to visit his father again, and confided many things on his mind. When going to work during the day, Nie Yusheng, reminded by Sheng Fangting, found out that a new company was buying a large number of scattered stocks. Just as Nie Yusheng was preparing for the meeting, he realized that he forgot to bring the documents, so he hurriedly called Tan Jing, and wanted to ask the secretary to pick it up, but Tan Jing took the time into consideration and took the initiative to send it to Yiyuan Group.

After coming to the company, Tan Jing found that every employee knew him, and couldn’t help being surprised. He asked Nie Yusheng to find out what was going on, and then he smiled. Nie Yusheng wanted Tan Jing to be his female companion and accompany him to the banquet. Now that the relationship between the two has been made public, Tan Jing is naturally very willing, and chatted with everyone at the banquet very speculatively.

With the growing gap in the company’s real estate, Sheng Fangting felt that if it could not stop the loss in time, it would be cut off, but not many people should be willing to take over. Sheng Fangting took Nie Yusheng to interview other companies, hoping to get them to invest, but Nie Yusheng was worried and felt that the right to speak in the future could not be in his own hands.

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