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ACSEINE’s focus on sensitive skin and cosmetic allergies

ACSEINE’s focus on sensitive skin and cosmetic allergies

Cosmetic allergy is a problem that ACSEINE has seen and focused on since the past, in the 1970s when cosmetics flourished. Asian women are popular with make-up and make-up. If you find that there are a lot of women who are allergic to make-up according to that popularity as well.

Therefore, Actine is trying to study and find ways to help, care and protect the skin of all sensitive women so that they can use makeup with confidence. Safe and less likely to be allergic to cosmetics

ACSEINE has collaborated with dermatologists and 9 companies to establish the ACS Research Society to conduct research and research. Focusing on avoiding products and chemicals in cosmetics that cause allergic skin reactions. ACS, the first three letters of ACSEINE, is a combination of the words Allergen Control System, a unique system designed by ACSEINE. actin japan The goal is to find substances that cause skin irritation.

Then control and remove as much as possible from the product until it becomes a cosmetic medicine and ACSEINE for sensitive and easily irritated skin to create beautiful skin, health and happiness for all women since then until now, sure enough.

Therefore, all ACSEINE cosmetic products have the protection of sensitive skin with Perfect Veil (PV) technology. “Everyone has sensitive skin” was born ACSEINE’s unique innovation to protect the skin from irritation from modern dyes. which has the following outstanding features:

  • It is coated with pigments and prevents UV light from directly touching the skin with silica armor, so it is low irritation and does not burn.
  • Gentle on sensitive and delicate skin.
  • It covers the skin lightly and gives transparency.
  • Makes it easy to blend and make makeup adhere to the skin.
  • Create a film to help protect moisture within the skin.
  • Maintains “softness, lightness” “looks translucent” and “adheres evenly to the skin”

ACSEINE‘s cosmetics are cosmetics that answer and end the problem of cosmetic allergies perfectly and on point. We are committed to making women with sensitive skin confident and able to paint their natural beauty without any dyeing.

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