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Because of Love 今生有你 Episode 22 Recap

Lawyer Xu came to Sun Zhijun to inquire about what happened seven years ago, and said that he was here on behalf of someone and was willing to pay a fee. However, Sun Zhijun did not accept the money, nor did he disclose any content, but asked the other party to come in person, otherwise, nothing would be discussed.

Tan Jing learned through Director Fang that Nie Yusheng had been in a car accident, so she hurried to the hospital, but was hugged directly by Nie Yusheng. While Tan Jing was enjoying Nie Yusheng’s hug, he suddenly felt that something was wrong with him, and the next words were completely in the state of college love, and even introduced Tan Jing to his father, looking forward to the life after marriage. .

It was precisely because Nie Yusheng suffered from a serious mental illness while studying abroad that Director Fang specially arranged a consultation and contacted the Belgian psychiatrist who treated Nie Yusheng at the beginning. Through the doctor’s description, everyone knew that Nie Yusheng rarely spoke for half a year, and would be accompanied by symptoms of insomnia. Later, the doctor patiently enlightened him, and gradually learned that Nie Yusheng often dreamed that he was in a rainy night, surrounded by dangers, and people who cut him with knives.

Shu Qin and Sheng Fangting came to visit Nie Yusheng, but Nie Yusheng didn’t know them at all. Nie Dongyuan explained the situation truthfully, and then looked at Sheng Fangting beside him, feeling that he was lucky to have a good girl like Shu Qin. After leaving the hospital, Shu Qin suddenly proposed to get married. Sheng Fangting did not respond. The atmosphere was so embarrassing that Shu Qin simply lied that he was joking.

In the following days, Tan Jing would search for knowledge related to psychological regression every day, and Nie Yusheng also texted and called Tan Jing every day, which made her feel very uncomfortable. Nie Dongyuan took his son home from the hospital and asked Secretary Quan to take him to a new room. At the same time, Sun Zhijun sent Wang Yuling’s bakery outside and unexpectedly learned that Nie Yusheng was ill.

Since Nie Yusheng lost some of his memory, the relationship between him and his father has gotten better. He also had the opportunity to sit down and eat together and get along very well. Nie Yusheng took the initiative to admit that there was something wrong with him, but only studying medicine seemed to be sincere, knowing that doctors could save people, and at the same time hoped that his father would help him and Tan Jing.

This time, Nie Dongyuan did not object. He came to his son’s bed that night and saw the group photo with Tan Jing on the bedside table, as well as Tan Jing’s keychain in his hand. Even in his dreams, he called out Tan Jing’s name. , finally realized how deep the influence the other party had on Nie Yusheng. Before, Director Fang thought that the bell had to be dealt with by the bell, and if he wanted Nie Yusheng’s condition to recover, he would need Tan Jing’s help.

Because of this, Nie Dongyuan immediately went to the place where Tan Jing lived. After many days, Tan Jing saw Nie Dongyuan again and found that he was old and powerful, not as strong as before. The main purpose of Nie Dongyuan’s visit this time was to implore her to cooperate with the doctor to treat Nie Yusheng’s illness.

Considering that Nie Yusheng was sick for his own sake, Tan Jing agreed without hesitation, and then waited for him to come out at the door of Nie Yusheng’s house, as if he had returned to the past. Nie Yusheng happily dragged Tan Jing into the room to visit, showing a group photo between them, claiming that the wedding photos taken in the past were a bit rushed, and a better wedding should be held in the future.

Sheng Fangting personally met with Sun Zhijun and asked straight to the point about what happened between Tan’s father and the Yiyuan Group. He confessed that he didn’t like Nie Dongyuan either, so if he wanted to seize them, it could be regarded as a favor back to Tan Jing. Sun Zhijun looked at him suspiciously. He didn’t particularly understand Sheng Fangting’s intention, but Sheng Fangting clearly emphasized that he and Tan Jing were only in a work relationship.

Tan Jing took Nie Yusheng to the current residence, and Nie Yusheng was very familiar with the surrounding environment and liked the layout inside. The two talked about many things and discussed going back to their hometown together. In fact, Tan Jing also wanted to use this method to awaken Nie Yusheng’s memory. Unexpectedly, when they set off to fly to Ning’an City and arrived at the high school they once attended, they were stopped by security guards and prevented from entering.

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