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Mirror: A Tale of Twin Cities 镜·双城 Episode 23 Recap

Li Zhu was originally the maid of Jiuyi Palace, and was later ordered to guard the tomb of Queen Bai Wei’s clothes and crown, so although this place is a tomb, it was imitated by Xingzun Wang Langgan based on Bai Wei’s former residence. From the appearance, it looks like an ordinary courtyard. Knowing that Zhen Lan and the others were Kongsang refugees from Zhongzhou, Li Zhu believed them to be true, so he took them to the house to visit, feeling that no one had worshipped them for nearly a hundred years.

On the other hand, Na Sheng entered the room and looked around, and accidentally discovered Bai Wei’s old belongings. Only then did he realize that this was the place where the Queen and King Xing Zun spent their childhood and adolescence together. In addition, the former residence of Bai’s family in Wanghai County was moved to Jiuyi Mountain.

It just so happened that Zhen Lan had also heard the story of Bai Wei and Lang Gan. From her acquaintance with Lang Gan at the age of eight to her death at the age of thirty-four, she only left each other twice during this period, until Lang Gan’s expedition to Quanxian, she was a fairy. Deep love. Unexpectedly, Na Sheng suddenly saw a conch, and he didn’t even listen to Li Zhu’s advice, but insisted on holding it in his hand to play and observe.

Originally, Zhen Lan wanted to remind Na Sheng not to touch things in the room, but he actually saw the illusion 7,000 years ago through the conch, including the picture of the star emperor Lang Gan and Bai Wei getting along, and learned that the conch was the sea emperor Chunhuang. The trustee gave it to Bai Wei. Taking advantage of the fact that Sheng deliberately pushed away the beads, Zhen Lan entered the room where the sarcophagus was placed, and always felt that the pattern on it seemed familiar.

Swiping across the center of the pattern, it is like a reappearance of the old scene. When the sea is flowing, Bai Wei likes to travel far away, the boat sails to the blue sea, and she strays here in case of wind and waves. Lang Gan searched all day long to bring Bai Wei back. Lake Island, obtained the ring of Emperor Tianhoutu, designated this island as Yunhuang Wangcheng, and developed the world side by side.

It is precisely because Bai Wei has been in Biluohai for a while, what happened to her and Chunhuang is unknown, so Zhenlan is particularly curious about the past between the three. Just as he stretched out his hand to open the sarcophagus and accidentally touched the mechanism, dozens of arrows were shot straight in the face. Fortunately, Zhen Lan dodged in time. When he looked back, he suddenly saw a hand that took away the water droplets earlier than him. The skin is green but the fingers are slender, and it is suspected to be a woman.

Li Zhu, who was outside the room, heard the voice and hurried over, saying that in order to prevent the intrusion of treasure thieves, a lot of mechanisms had been set up, and if you were not careful, you would be caught. Zhen Lan laughed again and again and lied that he had touched the agency by mistake, and then proposed to see King Xin Jiuyi, and learned through Li Zhu that after Kong Sang was destroyed, Qing Wangchen’s descendants all died short-lived, and he finally elected a sideline. The eldest son Qingjun ascended the throne.

When Yu Zhu came to Cangliu Camp, she wanted to prevent Yu Huan from going to Jiuyi Mountain to take an adventure, but when she heard that it was the name of the prey, she couldn’t help but be stunned. The content of the conversation between the two fell into Shi Lang’s ears, so they handed the token to Fei Lian and ordered him to rush to Jiuyi Mountain to stare at Yu Huan. With the token, he could call the entire city’s troops in half a step, and find the opportunity. Steal the opponent’s credit.

At this time, Yan Xi was guarding outside Jiuyi Mountain and found the figure of Major General Cangliu Yu Huan. On the other side, Fei Lian promised his uncle Shi Lang on the surface, but he actually wanted to protect Yu Huan with the help of his troops. As a result, he was stopped by the barrier outside the mountain, and he simply settled in Tianxiang Restaurant first.

Yu Huan met Qing Wangjun in private, how did he know that the rumored Jiuyi Palace was so desolate and not like the glory of the past. Qing Wangjun explained to Yu Huan about it, and when he heard the news that Prince Kongsang woke up, he immediately bowed his head to Yu Huan to show his loyalty. Qing Wangjun led Yuhuan to Jiuyi Square to gather the generals, put the medicine box on the top of the stove, and the people hiding in the back of the hall spied on the whole process.

In the right peak of Jiuyi Mountain, there was still a haze of mist, and the longer Su Mi walked, the more he could feel the backlash in his body. Bai Ying took the initiative to heal her wounds with Scabies, and later asked Su Gu what had happened in the past hundred years, only to find out that after he was exiled, he went in the opposite direction of Yunhuang, and finally broke into a black place, thus gaining the power given by the mysterious man. , that is, the technique of the empty mulberry mirror.

The backlash of the mirror technique is powerful, but it is far less fierce than the split technique. Su Gu did not tell Bai Ying the whole truth, lest she worry about herself. Now that there are not many Scabies left, Bai Ying told Su Mi not to use the mirror technique again, and then wondered Dodder’s real intention.

But she couldn’t get out of the foggy forest for a long time. Even Bai Ying felt it. Su G helped her to sit next to her to rest, and suddenly noticed a slight abnormal noise nearby. I saw three vines clinging to the top of the tree and attacking Bai Ying. Su Gu took out the dodder at the right time, but he was unexpectedly a young girl with the same appearance as a mermaid, and the fish gills behind his ears attracted him. attention.

The girl couldn’t stop crying, especially when she saw Bai Ying, she had a terrified look on her face, until Ya Ran, the leader of the dodder, appeared out of nowhere, and then ran into the other party’s arms. Ya Ran seems to have seen Su G, and it seems that Su G is like her old friend. Later, she lamented the reincarnation of time like a pity, and it still has the same ending after all.

After the generals of Jiuyi were assembled, Yu Huan asked Qing Wangjun to send someone to take him to the Valley of the Ancient Kings of Kongsang. As everyone knows, Qing Wangjun actually has another plan, and he individually instructed his subordinates to notify others. No matter what happens, he must first inform him, and then he will convey it to Major General Yu Huan.

On the way to find the exit, Bai Ying could never forget the eyes Dou Luo looked at her. She felt a sense of guilt in her heart, strange and familiar. Su Gu couldn’t understand why the merman appeared in the form of a dodder, obviously recognizing his identity, but because Bai Ying was by his side, he didn’t recognize him.

The most urgent task at the moment is to find a way to get out of the forest. Su G went to check the situation nearby, leaving Bai Ying in place, which also gave Dou Luo a chance to take advantage. Bai Ying felt Dou Luo’s hostility, and repeatedly emphasized that Kong Sang and Quan Xian’s grievances have been 7,000 years old, and now they have become allies.

It is a pity that these words did not eliminate Ya Ran’s hatred. Although they turned into monsters, they were still reluctant to leave. They lived on the support of a single thought, not only guarding the Dragon God, but also waiting for the Sea Emperor, waiting for revenge against that family. The time has come. Bai Ying couldn’t break free from the shackles of the rattan, and dragged her all the way. Just when she was dizzy, she vaguely saw her sister Bai Lin transformed into a bird spirit to come to the rescue. At the critical moment, Su Gu appeared to rescue Bai Ying, and Rattan fled when he saw the situation.

After Yu Huan and others left, Qing Wangjun sincerely paid tribute to the temple, and listened to the other party’s warning with low eyebrows. Seeing Miaozhu taking the medicine and leaving, Qing Wangjun was in a very complicated mood, sitting alone on the Jiuyi throne.

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