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After the apocalyptic boss dressed as a wealthy family

After the apocalyptic boss dressed as a wealthy family
Other Name: 末世大佬穿成豪门真千金后, After the Doomsday Big Brother Dresses Into a Rich Family

Genre: Romance, Novels
Author: Lin Xiaopan
Year: 2021
Chapter: ongoing
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Song Wan died in the last days, the only regret is that he didn’t have time to confess to his favorite colonel. However, when she wakes up, she finds that she wears back to the peaceful times and becomes a poor lady with the same name and surname. However, the reason why she was brought back to the Song family was not that the Song family wanted to look for her, but because she was marrying the dying fourth son of the Shen family, Shen Ye, on behalf of her cousin.

Although this Fourth Master Shen has the same name and surname as the person she likes, she does not agree with this marriage! But… who will tell her why this Fourth Master Shen not only has the same name as the colonel she secretly loves, but also looks exactly the same?

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When: November 11, 2180.

In the 150th year of the end of the world, there are only a few thousand people left in the southern base.

In order to have enough food and water sources, every other season, SSS-level army leaders have to lead soldiers to the wild to find ruins and food.

Song Wan is the only female leader with an SSS-level title among the few female leaders in the base. Today, she will lead the army out into the wild to find food.

Those who left the base were able to return alive, and it was basically a gift, and it was also accidental, even for the most powerful three S leaders.

Unfortunately, as soon as the army led by Song Wan entered the wild forest, they encountered a large number of migratory alien insects.

Those soldiers have been eaten up. Although she managed to escape, her mental strength has been exhausted because of the large-scale migratory alien insects. It is very difficult to even climb.

She lay on a hillside and looked up. The blue sky, with a wry smile on his lips.

Because of the end of the world, many factors that maintain the balance between humans and the environment have been destroyed, and the genes of humans and other things have been forcibly changed.

Therefore, humans have evolved into supernatural beings, with lifespans of hundreds of years, but other things also have high IQs.

Just like the group of insects just now, they have the same command as humans, and they will attack humans on a large scale under the command of the commander.

And she is the witness of the doomsday, and also the first survivor to acquire the power.

She lived for more than a hundred years, but her appearance still remained at the age of twenty.

Before the end, she was still a gifted girl studying for a graduate degree in a prestigious school with a full scholarship. Her appearance also stayed before the end.

Pulling out the empty gun around her waist, she looked at the piranhas and vines that were already moving around, and she closed her eyes with a wry smile.

It was enough to survive for over a hundred years.

Her body was instantly rolled up by the vine tree closest to her, and the thorns on the vine were like sharp teeth, biting her skin. The toxin paralyzed her body instantly, and she could no longer feel any pain.

At the last moment when her consciousness fell into a coma, she heard a mechanical female voice from the earphone: “ID43632022003, Song Wan, the leader of the SSS-level army, has been confirmed to have fallen.”

003 is her number in the southern base, because she is in the southern base. , the third survivor to gain psychic power.

It’s good to die!

It’s just a pity that she hasn’t confessed to the colonel she likes yet.

—- Biyun City, Song Family. —-


Song Wan received a slap on the face as soon as she returned to consciousness.

“Damn girl, marrying into the Shen family is a great blessing for you. You don’t know what’s wrong.”

Song Wan covered her aching face with a dazed expression.

The sixtieth man in front of him widened his eyes, his expression full of disgust.

But she doesn’t have time to think about anything else, she just wants to know, isn’t she dead? Where is this place?

She was confused, and a strange memory suddenly filled her mind. Song Wan, 18 years old, graduated from junior high school. The daughter of the Song family was kidnapped by human traffickers when she was five years old and sold into the mountains. It was not recovered by the Song family until a month ago.

The Song family brought her back, not because they missed her, but because they wanted her to marry the fourth master of the Shen family, Shen Ye.

Fourth Master Shen, a well-known ill child in Biyun City, a man who was admitted to the critical ward from time to time, and survived on oxygen for six days out of ten.

This marriage was originally her cousin Song Xuan, but Song Xuan did not want to marry, so it fell to her.

The one who hit her in front of her was her own grandmother, Zhou Ji. Song Wan suddenly laughed lightly. She is happy, happy that she has returned to the normal world from the end of the world. But her laughter fell in Zhou Ji’s eyes, it was an unyielding sneer.

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