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Reset 开端 Episode 15 End Recap

Five years ago, Liu Yao, who was still in school, was sitting on the bus and taking a selfie with her mobile phone. She accidentally photographed a middle-aged man wearing glasses molesting Wang Mengmeng. And the middle-aged man has also discovered her, and frequently turns to look at her. Frightened Liu Yao got off the bus ahead of schedule and called her mother. But her mother was worried that she would be retaliated by studying abroad alone, and only told her not to call the police or wear revealing clothes.

At night, Liu Yao watched the slander and slander against Wang Mengmeng in Tieba before she sent that message, but the overwhelming vicious replies in Tieba made her have no courage to reveal the truth. Fortunately, after so many years, Liu Yao has been backing up the photos of the year on her mobile phone and online disk. Perhaps she also hopes to make things clear one day.

Xiao Heyun was washing the blood spitting out of his mouth by the pool. Li Shiqing found out the truth and returned to the hospital. She was eager to sort out the next action plan and didn’t notice Xiao Heyun’s pale face and lonely eyes. Seeing Li Shiqing who was getting stronger and more alert, Xiao Heyun told her that even if he could only accompany her here, she would get out of the cycle alone.

Li Shiqing finally heard Xiao Heyun’s loneliness, and she sighed blankly that if everything stopped looping, they would no longer remember what to do when they woke up. Xiao Heyun chuckled, he will definitely remember her. Standing up, reaching out his hand, Xiao Heyun finally asked the question whether he would like to be his girlfriend. The two people who comforted and supported each other finally clasped their hands together and responded to each other’s feelings with a warm kiss.

Li Shiqing woke up on the bus. She looked at Xiao Heyun who was no longer sober beside her, forced herself to calm down, first sent an anonymous message to Zhang Cheng to call the police, and then got Lao Jiao’s help. Zhang Cheng led the police force to carry out the control, and kept on the phone with Li Shiqing. Facing Lu Di Li Shiqing who got in the car, he called out his name and asked him to help him take the bomb.

Watching the bus drive onto the bridge deck, Li Shiqing shouted that she was going to get off the bus, and Lao Jiao and others stepped forward to control Tao Yinghong who had drawn out a dagger, and Lu Di took the opportunity to take the pressure cooker under her feet away. But the body shook violently, and Tao Yinghong took the opportunity to rush to Lu Di and reached out to pull the knob. At this moment, a powerful arm stopped Tao Yinghong’s body, it was Xiao Heyun! The muscular brother stepped forward to help control Tao Yinghong, while Xiao Heyun and Li Shiqing shouted bitterly and told Wang Xingde to stop quickly.

The bus finally stopped under the front and back of the police car, and Wang Xingde threatened to die together with explosives. Li Shiqing took out the photo, and she told Wang Xingde that they had to live. Only in this way could the person who hurt Wang Mengmeng get the punishment they deserved. Wang Xingde’s hand holding the bomb slowly loosened, Zhang Cheng grabbed the bomb when he saw it, turned around and ran to the beach, and threw the bomb out.

This time, the bomb exploded after sinking into the water, and no one was injured. Xiao Heyun and Li Shiqing were finally able to get out of the loop. Early in the morning, Xiao Heyun woke up in bed and saw that everything was as usual, he happily sent a message to Li Shiqing, today is the day they received the commendation together. The eight passengers on the bus were commended for their courageous actions, and each received a bonus of 30,000 yuan. Lao Jiao looked at his wife and daughter under the stage, very proud and proud.

And He Yingjun, a middle-aged man who molested Wang Mengmeng five years ago, has also become a father with a daughter. He made breakfast for his daughter and came to work at the company, but he never expected that it was the police who was waiting. arrest. Wang Xingde walked into the prison with the items he received, and when he passed by, he saw He Yingjun who was arrested and imprisoned, and a relieved smile finally appeared on his face.

Every passenger on the bus has his own family and life, and they are all ordinary people who are working hard for their own lives. Now, they have finally lived their own ordinary lives. Xiao Heyun and Li Shiqing came to Wang Mengmeng’s tombstone to lay a wreath for her, and then the two walked down the steps holding hands and walked towards their new life.

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