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Reset 开端 Episode 14 Recap

When Wang Xingde signed the agreement, Tao Yinghong on the side suddenly felt that the world was spinning and couldn’t help vomiting. During the lecture, she found the students secretly playing with their mobile phones, and also saw the unsightly barrage in the video of her daughter’s car accident. Wang Xingde returned home with the vegetables. Tao Yinghong played her daughter’s mobile phone ringtone and asked why Wang Xingde didn’t answer the phone. She blamed herself excruciatingly. They were both accomplices and murderers.

In order to find out the truth, Wang Xingde proposed to move to Jialin. He came to the bus company to apply for a job as a bus driver, and named bus No. 45. The sad thing is that her daughter passed away less than half a year ago, and this incident has been forgotten by people.

Wang Xingde was still worried that his wife came to the old garage, and Tao Yinghong, who was disheveled, told him that he had successfully developed it. Wang Xingde hopes that she can let go of the past and go see her daughter with herself. But Tao Yinghong couldn’t look back. She agreed to divorce Wang Xingde and let him leave Jialin as long as he spoke.

Li Shiqing always felt that the matter was not over. After discussing with Xiao Heyun, she called the counselor to the hospital. The counselor came to the ward and told the two of her student Wang Mengmeng who had been in a car accident five years ago. After Wang Mengmeng’s accident, Wang Xingde and his wife did not ask the school for anything, nor did they act aggressively, but as for why the husband and wife dragged a car of people to their deaths, the counselor decided to report the matter to the police.

Jiang Feng, who was devastated by Zhang Cheng’s sacrifice, came outside Xiao Heyun’s ward, and after hearing the conversation in the room, he pushed open the door and entered. Zhang Cheng’s sacrifice made the atmosphere of the entire police station low, and the atmosphere of doubts about Li Xiao and the two became more and more intense, but Bureau Du calmly commanded the overall situation, and everything should not be preconceived.

The story of Wang Mengmeng’s car accident was widely circulated in the school’s post bar. The school could only order the post to be blocked. Jiang Feng asked the counselor to contact the network administrator to restart the post. Li Shiqing wanted to go with her, but she believed their alarm by Zhang Cheng. For example, I hope Jiang Feng can also believe in himself.

The counselor brought Jiang Feng and Li Shiqing to the school to screen the content of the post bar. Under Xiao Heyun’s instructions, the three discovered that someone claimed that Wang Mengmeng’s abnormal behavior was because she was harassed in the car. By inquiring about the location where the information was sent, the counselor moved in the information and began to search for the information of the girls in dormitory 324 of Building 3. Soon Li Shiqing found the information of the girl who lived in this dormitory five years ago.

Liu Yao was shocked when she saw what her colleague was talking about about the No. 45 bus bombing. However, in the face of the counselor, Li Shiqing and Jiang Feng’s inquiries, Liu Yao spoke to him without any hesitation, pretending to be fearless and saying nothing. Because she knows that no one can protect her, and even victims like Wang Mengmeng will be slandered and criticized. Once her information is leaked, she will become the target of public criticism, and no one can help her.

After hearing such words, Jiang Feng assured her as a criminal policeman that her information would not be leaked. Coupled with Li Shiqing’s persuasion, Liu Yao finally let off her guard. She admitted that she accidentally took a photo of a middle-aged man wearing glasses molesting Wang Mengmeng, but the photo was discovered by the middle-aged man. Liu Yao did not dare to call the police because she was afraid of retaliation.

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