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The tyrant’s little cute bag, the cute pet cub wants to eat candy

Novel: The tyrant’s little cute bag, the cute pet cub wants to eat candy (暴君小萌包,萌宠崽崽要吃糖)

Author: Mi Tangtang


Ye Yinyin gave her a tyrant father and five emperor brothers after she passed through the book, and a sick seedling who was sent as a proton by an enemy country. They all hated her at the beginning, but after a period of hatred …

The great tyrant: Oh, my princess, the dragon chair is for her to climb, and the jade seal is for her to play with, she has the final say in the world! Brother Prince: Whoever bullies my sister, I will send him to the West tomorrow! The other four imperial brothers: The imperial sister is so cute, what the imperial sister says is right, the imperial sister quickly gives the imperial brother a kiss. Seeing that the situation was not right, a sick young man started coughing, “I’m going to die, I need you to breathe.” Ye Yinyin: What if the cubs at home compete for favor? urgent

The tyrant’s little cute bag, the cute pet cub wants to eat candy

Chapter 1

“Tyrant’s Little Cute Bag, the cute pet cub wants to eat sugar” Chapter 1 starts with a tyrant dad
When Ye Yinyin woke up, she found herself kneeling on the ground, and her hands and feet became smaller.

what happened? Didn’t she just spend the night under the quilt reading novels?

“His Royal Highness the Ninth Princess, I heard that you saw with your own eyes that His Highness the Crown Prince pushed Concubine Zhen and caused her to have a miscarriage?”


Prince pushes Concubine Zhen?

Ye Yinyin glanced at the ten-year-old boy who was kneeling on the ground just like her, and then glanced at the handsome man sitting on the dragon chair, her heart thumped.

Isn’t this the plot of the novel she stayed up late to read?

In the world of the novel “The World”, Ye Mochen is the emperor of the Canglan Kingdom. He is violent and suspicious by nature. Now the drama of the prince pushing the concubine Zhen is being staged, which is deliberately framed by Concubine Zhen.

The reason is because the dragon seed in her stomach was obtained by taking medicine, and it won’t stay for long. Sooner or later, she will slip the tire. In order to make the prince roll down the throne and make way for the son she gave birth to before, this happened.

And her current identity should be Ye Yinyin, the ninth princess, a compatriot of the prince’s mother, but her mother died when the ninth princess was born, and she was raised under the name of Concubine Zhen. As for her own brother…

“Wuwuwu, Daddy is not like this, the prince brother didn’t push Concubine Zhen.”

Ye Yinyin stood up from the ground, then waved her small arms and legs and ran straight to the man sitting on the frontmost dragon chair.

Her movements were really unexpected, and by the time everyone reacted, Ye Yinyin had already hugged each other’s thighs.

Ye Mochen looked at the small pendant stuck to his leg, his dark eyes narrowed dangerously, and he kicked the opponent away without thinking.

“Go away!” The voice sounded like an ice cellar.

Ye Yinyin was kicked with a dull pain in the abdomen, but this couldn’t stop her from holding her thighs, and she persevered and leaned on Ye Mochen.

“Dad, the prince’s brother really didn’t push Concubine Zhen, I did, because Concubine Zhen said that only if I did that would give Yinyin food. Yinyin didn’t expect that if Concubine Zhen took a bath, she would do this. , thanks to me, I promised her to call the prince’s brother to come and watch her swim together!”

The three-year-old baby’s speech is soft and glutinous, and her big eyes seem to be able to talk. When she cried with tears on her face, she looked so pitiful.

Just when everyone thought that Ye Mochen would kick her away again because she hated others approaching, but it didn’t.

His face was frosty, exuding a terrifying danger, those eyes looked at Ye Yinyin scrutinizingly, as if he was thinking of cutting her down directly or dividing her into five horses.

The description of this emperor in the novel is just two words “tyrant”. During her reign, there was not a day without killing people. Ye Yinyin was also afraid, but if she was afraid of her brother, she would die.

This brother, who was repeatedly harmed by her, died tragically in the deep palace because she lost the crown of the prince.

Thinking like this, Ye Yinyin directly climbed onto Ye Mochen’s thigh with her feet and stared at him with those big watery eyes, her eyes full of begging.

“Dad, what Yinyin said is true, do you believe that Yinyin is good?”

Ye Mochen doesn’t like children, and he was just thinking about how to kill Ye Yinyin, but this baby girl actually acts like a spoiled child with him?

“What did you just call me?”


Ye Yinyin looked at him with a bright and innocent expression, “Daddy is the best daddy, and the emperor is everyone’s father.”

She put both hands around Ye Mochen’s neck and kept rubbing her face against him, like a kitten, she couldn’t help but relax.

This is the first time in Ye Mochen’s life that he has heard someone call him “Daddy”. His princes or princesses all call him “Father Emperor”. I don’t know why such a commoner’s name is like a hand to smooth his feelings. Anxiety, let him involuntarily soften.

“You said that Concubine Zhen fell into the water, she arranged it herself?”


Ye Yinyin giggled, “Dad, think about it, there are so many palace maids around Concubine Zhen, why is there no one around when I see Brother Prince?”

She pointed to an important issue that everyone had overlooked.

Yes, which of the concubines in the harem is not a group of slaves and servants, and Concubine Zhen is the first of the four concubines, and she is pregnant with a dragon, how can there not even be a palace maid and eunuch by her side, this is not in line with common sense.

For a time, everyone began to intercede for the prince, but they did not dare to belittle Concubine Zhen. The concubines and concubines of the harem had always been inextricably linked with the court.

This concubine Zhen is the daughter of a first-rank hussar general, and Ye Mochen has the right to deal with it.

“Place the Jiaqing Palace!”

Jiaqing Palace is the dormitory where Concubine Zhen lives, and the harem is not allowed to do politics, so Concubine Zhen doesn’t know the situation of Mingde Hall. She will lie on the bed sickly, thinking secretly, when the prince will be used by her. After the stillbirth was pulled down, how should I speak to the emperor and seal her child as the prince?

“Niangniang, the emperor has always loved you very much. This time you lost your child, he will definitely try his best to compensate you.”

The position of the prince is also within reach.

Concubine Zhen listened to the words of the palace maids, and fantasized about a bright future in her heart.

In the future, her son will become the crown prince, the future will be the emperor, and she will also be the lord of the harem under one person and over ten thousand people.

Thinking about it, she was very happy, and could not wait to put a table of wine and food to celebrate.

“As expected, Ye Yinyin was not adopted by Bai at the beginning. She has helped me a lot in the past few years. Today she pulled her brother down, and tomorrow I am going to let her die of illness.”

A person who is useless is really not worth her trouble.

She doesn’t want to raise other people’s children.

“Niangniang Shengming, there is nothing more fun than brother and sister killing each other.”

The two were talking when the eunuch’s voice suddenly sounded at the door.

“The Emperor is here!”

Palace maid: “Niangniang, the emperor came to you right away, and he must have come to comfort you.”

“Look, do I look weak now?”

“Weak, Your Majesty will definitely feel distressed when you see it.”

When Ye Mochen came in, he saw Concubine Zhen lying on the bed, struggling to get up, but she looked inconvenient.

That pale face and colorless lips made people feel pity involuntarily.

“Since it’s inconvenient, then there’s no need to salute.”

“Your Majesty~” Concubine Zhen was furious, and before she could be happy, she heard Ye Mochen say.

“Aifei, why did you lose the child in your belly?”

“It’s His Royal Highness…”

“Concubine Ai better think about it before answering, I have no patience.”

Concubine Zhen heard the coldness in Ye Mochen’s mouth, and suddenly found that the other party came in with a suit of ice and snow, like an extremely cold winter.

She was so frightened that she dared to stay on the bed, and immediately rolled down and knelt at Ye Mochen’s feet and trembled.

“Did someone tell you something that shouldn’t be said, Your Majesty? You mustn’t believe it, the child in the womb of the concubine was pushed down by His Royal Highness, will the concubine still use her own flesh and blood to murder His Royal Highness? “

Ye Mochen beckoned, and a guard grabbed the palace maid.

“Where were you when Concubine Zhen fell into the water?”

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