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Reset 开端 Episode 13 Recap

On the No. 45 bus, Tao Yinghong looked at the girl in a skirt and walked up to her silently, asking if she had been touched by a man or if a man wanted to violate her. Of course, such a question made the girl scared and panicked. She had no choice but to call the police. The police who dispatched the police are very helpless. This is the third time they have received a case about Tao Yinghong’s private investigation causing people to be frightened. However, Tao Yinghong only felt dull that the police could not trust her and wanted to find out the truth about her daughter getting off the car.

Xiao Heyun was sent to the hospital to bandage the wound on his arm, and he needed to be hospitalized for recuperation due to excessive blood loss. Although the explosion was prevented, Xiao Heyun always felt that something must have happened after Wang Mengmeng’s car accident. Li Shiqing looked up the news of Wang Mengmeng’s car accident across the river and saw embarrassing scolding floating through the barrage. One can imagine how Wang Xingde and his wife felt when they saw this.

Master Zhu, the driver of the bus accident, was called to the police station for questioning. He also blamed himself for the accident five years ago, but at that time, he only remembered that Wang Mengmeng kept mumbling to get off the bus, and he did not agree with her. Step forward and grab the steering wheel. This accident has caused Master Zhu to lose his job, and recalling the painful past once again makes him collapse.

Bureau Du had to ask the police officer Qin who handled the case back then. At that time, Tao Yinghong resolutely rejected the conclusion that Wang Mengmeng insisted on getting off the bus because of the police investigation, and even the final responsibility determination letter was signed by Wang Xingde alone. , but unusually, the husband and wife did not raise any objections afterwards. During the local bus monitoring that year, Bureau Du found that Wang Mengmeng looked behind the car when she got off the bus, as if she was looking at someone, which aroused her suspicion.

Jiang Feng was sitting on a chair outside the operating room, Zhang Chengdi’s wife rushed over in a panic, and everyone was looking forward to seeing Zhang Cheng come out of the operating room. However, all they were waiting for was the doctor sighing and shaking his head. Jiang Feng rinsed the wound on his face with cold water. He slapped himself fiercely, hating why he couldn’t save his master.

Desperate, Jiang Feng rushed into Xiao Heyun’s ward to inform them that Zhang Cheng had died, and asked them to tell him about the bombing. Colleagues rushed in and dragged Jiang Feng away, but the news of Zhang Cheng’s sacrifice shocked and saddened Li and Xiao.

Du Bureau arranged for police officers to interrogate Tao Yinghong and Wang Xingde. Tao Yinghong had loose hair and a perverse expression. She told the police that Wang Xingde was coerced by herself, and her purpose was to let him die with her so that she could be reunited with her daughter. After speaking, Tao Yinghong, who was stimulated, had symptoms of difficulty breathing and fainted.

Facing the interrogation, Wang Xingde did not say a word, and only asked about his wife’s situation when Du Bureau came in. He is dissatisfied with the overwhelming insults to his daughter on the Internet. His daughter has never done bad things, so why should she suffer such insults. In order to protect his wife, Wang Xingde took the matter of coming to Jialin to design the bombing to himself, but he still said sorry without his conscience.

Five years ago, Wang Xingde, who was still driving a truck, got out of the truck and went to work. The phone on the truck kept ringing. It was from his daughter Wang Mengmeng. Later, Wang Xingde was called to the police station and looked at his daughter’s relics on the table, as well as his wife who was sitting indifferently in front of the table. His legs were weak and he fell to the ground.

Tao Yinghong refused the police mediation and compensation from the bus company. What she wanted was the truth that her daughter suddenly wanted to get off the bus. Tao Yinghong, who was washing her hands in the bathroom, heard the conversation between two men outside the door, and one of them said that a perverted man in the car was targeting the little girl. It is because of this sentence that Tao Yinghong took her husband Wang Xingde and began to question passengers on the No. 45 bus.

Facing his wife who insisted on finding the so-called truth, Wang Xingde advised her that the surveillance did not show that anyone had entered the men’s toilet, but Tao Yinghong covered her ears and did not want to listen.

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