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Dream Garden 沉睡花园 Episode 13 Recap

Lin Shen’s mother suddenly developed vomiting symptoms, and the doctor said that she would need to observe for a period of time. Lin Shen felt very uncomfortable when he saw his mother like this. He was relieved before he realized that Xiao Xiao was still waiting for him at the entrance of the cinema!

Lin Shen called. Xiao Xiao had already shut down in a fit of anger, shredded the movie tickets, and played gashapon beside him depressed. Fan Qi appeared beside Xiao Xiao at this time and took her to the movies. Lin Shen appeared at this time and took Xiao Xiao’s hand to continue the date. Fan Qi’s eyes, who had been left behind, were icy cold.

The next morning, a gashapon machine appeared in the company. Everyone was a little bit angry, and Xiao Xiao felt a little familiar when he saw the logo. Sun Kele asked Xiao Xiao to help him choose a suit, and nervously hid next to Zuo Yan’s blind date to eavesdrop on their conversation.

The blind date man was picky about Zuo Yan’s age as soon as he came up, and he was determined to get married and have children, but also to have a boy. Zuo Yan tried to keep smiling, and Sun Kele sat beside her and scolded Zuo Yan back as a spare tire. The blind date man was angry, Zuo Yan took Sun Kele’s hand and helped the spare tire turn right. Sun Kele laughed until her mouth was wide open, but Zuo Yan obviously didn’t take this sentence in front of her.

Sun Kele got into the car annoyed, and before he had time to scold himself, he found that the coat was still on Zuo Yan, and hurriedly turned around and went back. It’s a pity that it’s a step too late, and the routine cheat sheet that I carry with me has been discovered by Zuo Yan. Sun Kele’s explanation was very weak, and she simply confessed directly. Zuo Yan hated routines, but she also understood Sun Kele’s intentions, so she chose to face her heart and agreed with Sun Kele’s confession.

Xiao Xiao saw Zuo Yan happily making coffee early in the morning. She said that she had a successful blind date last night. Xiao Xiao was in a hurry to call Sun Kele, and Sun Kele said lightly that the person who had a successful blind date with her was herself.

Xiao Xiao was embarrassed and annoyed again. Why is the gap between people so big, even Sun Kele can confess successfully, she is a little envious and jealous. Xiao Xiao saw the gashapon machine next to him and tried it once. With the mentality of giving a consolation prize, he got a note with the words “Be my girlfriend”.

Lin Shen appeared at this moment, became arrogant in the face of Xiao Xiao’s earnest look holding a note, and pulled her back into his arms when Xiao Xiao pretended to leave. The warm and hot tea room kiss was interrupted by Zuo Yan calmly. After confirming the time for the consultation with Sun Dong, Zuo Yan calmly asked them to continue. Xiao Xiao blushed, while Lin Shen took off the ring on her hand and put the couple’s ring on each other’s hands.

Lin Shen and Xiao Xiao, the young couple in love, are as bright and splendid as a rainbow after the rain. The flowers that Lin Shen bought were delivered to the front desk. Xiao Xiao thought that he would definitely give them to him in person, but he was impatient to wait until he got off work, so he went to Lin Shen’s office with coffee during working hours.

Lin Shen was indifferent to her suggestion, and Xiao Xiao walked away angrily. After finally getting off work, Lin Shen took the bunch of flowers to the sanatorium, and Xiao Xiao also followed him curiously, as expected, he was discovered long ago. Lin Shen was not angry, he took Xiao Xiao’s hand and came to his mother’s bed to introduce that this was his girlfriend.

Xiao Xiao’s eyes were red, and she quickly clenched Lin Shen’s hand. She will often come to see her mother in the future. Xiao Xiao didn’t want to make this relationship public. After all, the office romance was too high-profile and it would not end well. Lin Shen clings to her and just left a naughty kiss when they parted.

Of course, another benefit of an office romance is convenience. Whenever Xiao Xiao thinks of her boyfriend, she will go to Lin Shen’s office for a hug. Unfortunately, Shao Ning saw this scene. Shao Ning is here to give them Yan Luo’s cartoons. This is Yan Luo’s early cartoons based on himself. Very few people have seen them, and Shao Ning is one of them.

In it, Yan Luo wrote three wishes: to go to the restaurant where parents only take his younger brother to have a big meal; to restore the hand-painted porcelain plate that was broken by his mother; to go to the amusement park to play all the projects. Shao Ning concluded that Yan Luo’s situation was a complex trauma, so Shao Ning wanted to help Yan Luo fulfill these three wishes before her birthday, create some beautiful experiences, and maybe neutralize the unhappiness in Yan Luo’s life.

When doing pottery art, Yan Luo talked about her mother breaking the hand-painted porcelain plate. She was very sad at that time, and she was reluctant to throw the pieces in the drawer. Shao Ning said gently, now that the turntable is in her hands, she can make whatever she wants. The previous porcelain plates could not be put together, and since there is a chance, we should start over.

Zuo Yan and Sun Kele, Lin Shen and Xiao Xiao, two young couples, were also doing pottery beside them and flirting with each other. Lin Shen took the cup made by Xiao Xiao, and Yan Luo reminded her that giving a cup between lovers is a lifetime! Lin Shen’s mind was exposed, Xiao Xiao laughed at him as an old fox.

Next, Shao Ning took Yan Luo to the amusement park to fulfill their wish. In order to give them a chance to be alone, Xiao Xiao and Lin Shen went to play other projects. Yan Luo and Shao Ning passed by the highest point of the Ferris wheel together.

This was the first time she rode on the Ferris wheel. When she was a child, her mother thought the ticket was too expensive and only brought her younger brother up. Yan Luo only had a popsicle. At this moment, Yan Luo and Shao Ning ate popsicles and chatted. Every word of Shao Ning is trying to help Yan Luo get out of the shadow of the past, no longer indulge in the past, and have the courage to start over.

Other couples were confessing loudly. Xiao Xiao pouted and said to Lin Shen that I want it too. Lin Shen has never officially said “I like you” once. Lin Shen deliberately didn’t answer, but when he was surprised, he dropped a kiss on her lips. At the seaside under the setting sun, Xiao Xiao said earthy love words on Lin Shen’s back, and even the sea seemed to be sweet. Xiao Xiao often went to see Lin’s mother.

It rained heavily that day. Lin Shen left the nursing home and ran into the convenience store to buy an umbrella, but his mobile phone disappeared. Xiao Xiao temporarily settled the bill in cash and borrowed the phone to call his own. , of course with no results. A mysterious man in black sneaked into the nursing home, turned off the switch, and after turning on the light again, Mama Lin was foaming at the mouth.

Xiao Xiao, who came back with her mobile phone, found it and hurriedly notified the doctor for rescue. After the night passed, Mother Lin returned to normal, and Xiao Xiao also leaned on the sofa tiredly and took a nap. Nurse Kua Lin is very lucky. Xiao Xiao, his girlfriend, often comes to see Lin’s mother when he is busy. Lin Shen felt distressed and grateful.

If Xiao Xiao didn’t come back last night, the consequences would have been unimaginable! The monitor originally had an automatic alarm, but it failed last night. The nursing home said that such a problem had never occurred. After the investigation results came out, they would replace all Yuejian products and be held accountable. But if so, Sun Dong’s pressure may be even greater. Mother Lin’s fingers suddenly moved, Xiao Xiao rushed out to call the doctor, Lin Shen sat in disbelief in front of her mother’s bed, watching her waking up leisurely with tears in his eyes.

During the next period of time, Lin’s mother began to do rehabilitation in the company of Lin Shen and Xiao Xiao, but it was difficult for her to speak because she was in a coma for too long. Xiao Xiao deliberately bought snacks to visit Mama Lin that day. Mama Lin struggled to ask Xiao Xiao to take her to a place, but she was reflexively nervous when she saw the car.

Xiao Xiao thought that Lin’s mother was also afraid of riding in the car, but Lin’s mother still got in the car. It turned out that Lin Shen was also nervous when riding in the car. The car accident that year caused great harm to both mother and son. After returning from the vegetable market that Mama Lin was familiar with, Mama Lin had a bunch of Monkey King Candy Figures in her hands, which she gave to Lin Shen after seeing him. Lin Shen was moved when he saw this sugar man.

This was his childhood obsession. Lin’s mother and Xiao Xiao talked about the car accident and understood the source of Lin Shen’s carphobia. Because of the special relationship, Xiao Xiao could only help Lin Shen with auxiliary hypnosis. During hypnosis, Lin Shen saw his childhood home, which was so warmly furnished, and there was a photo of their mother and son on the table.

Xiao Xiao guided Lin Shen to open the door that couldn’t be opened. Lin Shen was in a very painful state. While struggling, he mustered up the courage to open the door, but behind him was the same door after another, endless. The hypnosis skills were taught by Lin Shen, so what Xiao Xiao said was of little use to him, and it was difficult to enter a deep hypnotic state. As for what was behind that door, Lin

Sun Dong wanted to prescribe some tranquilizers, but Lin Shen politely explained that this was not a hospital and there was no way to prescribe medicines. Xiao Xiao and Shao Ning were discussing Yan Luo’s case, and Lin Shen ate a handful of vinegar. The sanatorium called Xiao Xiao, and there was an accident with Lin’s mother.

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