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Reset 开端 Episode 12 Recap

In the face of such instructive words of Li Xiao and his wife, the police once suspected that the two were in a group with Wang Xingde and his wife. Fortunately, Zhang Cheng was rational and shrewd and decided to first check whether the four were related.

Zhang Cheng entered the lounge and took away the electronic devices on the two of them. The mobile phone he got from Wang Xingde’s dormitory was also taken away. Li Shiqing stopped Zhang Cheng, who was about to leave, and wanted to ask if it was the accident at Tao Yinghong’s homemade bomb maker. At the same time, the police also found out that the four did not have any call records, and there was no intersection in their life circles.

Li Shiqing anxiously wanted to tell something about Tao Yinghong, but this performance made Zhang Cheng suspicious. The bus company employee, Wang Xingde’s roommate, and the locksmith Xiao Heyun contacted all identified the fact that Li and Xiao had faked their identities and collected clues privately.

Xiao Heyun and Li Shiqing took the initiative to confess that they had stolen Wang Xingde’s mobile phone to investigate privately, and even used the situation of Li Shiqing’s survivor syndrome to dispel Zhang Cheng’s concerns. Xiao Heyun pretended to have no intention and set the explosion time at 1:45. Inform Zhang Cheng of the situation.

According to this news, the police quickly found out that Wang Xingde’s mobile phone was owned by his daughter Wang Mengmeng. And Wang Mengmeng was killed by a truck behind him when he was riding the No. 45 bus five years ago because he insisted on getting off at the center of the bridge without a stop. But Li Shiqing clearly remembered that Wang Xingde told herself that her daughter was also studying at the Normal University and was already working.

The last call record on Wang Mengmeng’s mobile phone was five years ago at 1:44 pm on May 13, and it was to her father Wang Xingde. The unanswered call was her last message, as she was hit and killed by a van as she got out of her car at 1.45.

Thanks to the clues provided by Li Shiqing and Xiao Heyun, the bus bombing case was solved in less than eight hours. Faced with Li Shiqing who wanted to know the motive of the crime, Zhang Cheng, as a policeman, naturally could not reveal it at will. Xiao Heyun acted, pretending that his girlfriend wouldn’t give up if she didn’t know the truth. After thinking about it, Zhang Cheng also informed the two of the whole story.

Before leaving, Li Shiqing asked Zhang Cheng if he would call the police if a stranger called him and said there was a bomb on the bus. Zhang Cheng gave an affirmative answer without hesitation, and told them that it was their duty as police officers to protect the safety of citizens. Xiao Heyun stepped forward and quietly asked if he could leave Zhang Cheng’s phone number.

Going back to the time loop, Li Shiqing found that Xiao Heyun’s nose began to bleed a lot, so Xiao Heyun had to confess that his body would become weaker after each cycle, maybe there was a limit to the number of cycles for him. Xiao Heyun reassured Li Shiqing, and quickly wiped away the blood, and sent the photo of Tao Yinghong to Zhang Cheng.

Zhang Cheng received a phone call from a stranger, calling him Lao Zhang kindly, and telling him to look at the messages he sent him. Seeing the text in the message, Zhang Chenghuo quickly led the police team out of the country to conduct control at Yanjiang West Road Station.

Facing Li Shiqing who was worried about herself and shed tears, Xiao Heyun hugged her tightly to show comfort and encouragement. The two repeated their old tricks, yelling on the bus on the grounds of encountering a satyr, and forcing the bus to stop to delay the time. When the farce ended, Xiao Heyun took the opportunity to sit behind Tao Yinghong to respond to the police action.

Seeing that the time of the explosion was approaching, Wang Xingde stepped on the accelerator and drove to the bridge, which made the police on the platform panic. Zhang Cheng led the team to catch up, and several police cars used their bodies against the bus, making it difficult for the bus to move. Xiao Heyun shouted Lao Jiao and others to control Tao Yinghong together, but Wang Xingde locked the door and vowed to die together.

In the nick of time, Xiao Heyun smashed the car window again and brought out the pressure cooker with the bomb. Zhang Cheng threw the pistol to a colleague beside him, reached out and took the bomb. He shouted for everyone to avoid, and rushed to the bridge alone. At the moment when the bomb was released, the flames of the explosion surged out, and Zhang Cheng fell to the ground with scars all over his body.

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