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Reset 开端 Episode 11 Recap

Faced with the two reporters who had been waiting for a long time, Mr. Yang had to go out and call Wang Xingde again. It was a good thing to collect money, but Wang Xingde just didn’t want to show up. Mr. Yang had no choice but to introduce Wang Xingde with his pennant, and stood beside him so that the reporter could put Wang Xingde’s photo together.

Li Shiqing was the first to wake up, but Xiao Heyun entered the standby state with a painful expression on his face. Li Shiqing has been in Wang Xingde’s car many times, and she trusts this uncle very much. But now the driver has become an accomplice, which makes the two of them lose their minds. Xiao Heyun decided to get out of the car first, analyze the ins and outs of the matter, and then enter the cycle.

At 1:45, the bus exploded on the bridge. Li and Xiao lied that they were students of the school’s news department and came to the bus company to interview Wang Xingde to find clues about Wang Xingde. As soon as the company employees took out Wang Xingde’s information, colleagues rushed to tell him about the bus explosion. Li Xiao and the others took the opportunity to check Wang Xingde’s information, and saw that the job change column said that he was transferred with his spouse. They guessed that Wang Xingde and Tao Yinghong were husband and wife.

When he came to the dormitory of the bus company, Xiao Heyun originally wanted to contact the unlocking company, but happened to meet Wang Xingde’s roommate. Xiao Heyun pretended to be Wang Xingde’s nephew and went into the house to find relevant clues under the pretext of looking for a household registration book. Li Shiqing took out his roommate as Xiao Heyun’s girlfriend, and said that he wanted to see her boyfriend’s relatives to inquire about the situation of Wang Xingde and his wife.

Xiao Heyun came out with a broken mobile phone in Wang Xingde’s cabinet, and his roommate was persuading Li Shiqing to be careful of Wang Xingde’s wife, who was a mentally challenged woman. When the two came to the convenience store, they both felt that their own search for clues was limited, and they still had to tell the police with good words to get more clues.

The two came to the police station as witnesses, but they were all leading clues, which made Zhang Cheng very suspicious. He tentatively asked Xiao Heyun to mark the location and characteristics of the passengers on the bus, Xiao Heyun did not hesitate to draw the location map accurately, Zhang Cheng immediately took out the white paper and asked Xiao Heyun to map the map from the police station gate to the interrogation room mark it out.

With the game designer’s excellent spatial scene memory ability, Xiao Heyun accurately drew the structure map of the police station, finally dispelling Zhang Cheng’s concerns. But when it was time to identify the photos of the victims at the scene, Li Shiqing’s expression suddenly became anxious and fearful, and Zhang Cheng, the old man, immediately saw that she had survivor syndrome. For Li Xiao and the two, the police naturally need to screen, and this also gives them time to stay at the police station to obtain more useful information.

Jiang Feng conducted an in-depth investigation on the background of Wang Xingde and Tao Yinghong. Wang Xingde was originally a truck driver. After coming to Jialin City four years ago, he insisted on applying for the No. 45 bus, and repeatedly rejected the company’s promotion requirements. Tao Yinghong was originally a chemistry teacher. Four years ago, she came to Jialin City to become a chemical inspector. She has extensive knowledge of chemistry and found information on purchasing chemicals on her computer.

At this time, Li Shiqing, who was staying in the lounge, didn’t want to waste time. They needed to find a way to stop the explosion. Xiao Heyun frowned and thought, softly comforting her that there was still a chance.

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