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Because of Love 今生有你 Episode 6 Recap

In the empty office, colleagues had already left one after another. Sheng Fangting was busy with the affairs at hand, and happened to see Tan Jing studying hard at the workstation alone, so he got up and went to answer her questions. In the afternoon, Tan Jing strayed into the company’s management meeting, but was told that she did not have to attend. She followed the instructions of secretary Lily and prepared drinks and tea for everyone in advance.

In this new working environment, Tan Jing did her best to respond to her needs and was polite to everyone, because she not only changed jobs, but also changed classes. Therefore, when Shu Qin was fighting for Tan Jing in her heart, Tan Jing also warned herself that as a new employee, she should have worked harder.

During the management meeting, Sheng Fangting openly asked Tan Jing to stay by the side to take notes, and even after get off work, she would take the initiative to send her home. At this moment, Shu Qin drove the red sports car by the bypass, greeted the two of them, and started the car and drove away. Tan Jing thinks that Shu Qin is a very handsome woman, and she is also the woman she has fantasized about since she was a child. She has not noticed Sheng Fangting’s gaze towards Shu Qin, and there is a hidden meaning behind it.

On the way home, Tan Jing expressed her thoughts simply and clearly, imploring Sheng Fangting not to give her any preferential treatment in the future, to let her play in the company, and to reach the standard with her own abilities. Tan Jing felt very satisfied because she was able to work in a big company. This was a scene that she had only dreamed of before but did not dare to imagine.

On the other side, the father and son of the Nie family finally had a reunion dinner. Until Nie Dongyuan suddenly proposed to choose a two-hole tomb for his wife, at least in the future, they could be buried together. At this time, Nie Yusheng couldn’t help but look up at his father and served him vegetables with a slight touch. Since his mother’s death, Nie Yusheng has rarely really looked at his father carefully, especially in the light of the vicissitudes of life. After all, a person who is almost 60 years old will be old no matter how old he is.

When Wang Yuling was eating, she couldn’t help complaining to Tan Jing that she and her boyfriend ended up having trouble finding a store. As the words were being said, Liang Yuanan came over happily, holding a signed contract in his hand. Although the location of the store was relatively remote, the flow of people was relatively dense, and a decoration fee was saved. Wang Yuling gradually calmed down and reconciled with her boyfriend as before.

Tan Jing went home and saw Sun Zhijun playing with her son, so she went to the kitchen to prepare some snacks for him, mainly to talk about Sun Ping’s surgery. Because Tan Jing really didn’t want to face Nie Yusheng alone, and because the hospital required both parents to be present, Sun Zhijun naturally had no objection, but when he heard Nie Yusheng’s name, his originally happy atmosphere became low, and he raised his glass to say Worship on the spiritual position of father-in-law and mother-in-law.

Shu Qin made a meal at home and frowned. It wasn’t until Nie Yusheng came back from the door that she told the truth and decided to give up her ex-boyfriend completely. She once thought that as long as she persisted, she would be rewarded, but now, Shu Qin finally understands that some things cannot be changed, just as two people can’t change each other, tolerance will only increase pain, and in the end they can only separate.

Since it was a big deal to change the cemetery, the father and son went up the mountain together the next morning and quickly found their mother’s tombstone. In those days, the tombs here were relatively luxurious, but in the blink of an eye, a few years later, among the uneven tombstones, they have become inconspicuous.

The new tomb is higher on the mountain. Although the stone steps in the cemetery are very flat, Nie Dongyuan is in very bad health. After walking for a while, he sweats profusely. In the end, he is too tired to move his legs. He sits on the stone and chats with his son. Nie Dongyuan suddenly asked about the results of the biopsy. This sentence surprised Nie Yusheng, but then he thought about it, how could such a cunning and cunning person be so ignorant of his condition after working hard in the mall for decades.

Now Nie Dongyuan doesn’t expect his son to come back to take over the company. After all, the children and grandchildren will have their own children and grandchildren. His only wish is to be able to leave with peace of mind. Nie Yusheng was awakened by his father’s words, and he was also seriously considering whether he should be persistent.

In fact, this afternoon, Nie Yusheng originally asked Tan Jing to discuss the subsidy plan, but Nie Dongyuan’s illness made him uneasy, and he had long forgotten about it. Tan Jing came to the medical school to find Nie Yusheng, and couldn’t wait to ask him the difference between a biological valve and a mechanical valve, and which one was safer.

Looking at Tan Jing’s earnest eyes, Nie Yusheng was stunned for a moment, but he quickly regained his senses, trying to control his emotions as much as possible, and carefully described the uncertainty of the plan, depending on Tan Jing’s choice. Sun Zhijun participated in this conversation as a father, and during the period, he deliberately put his hand on Tan Jing’s shoulder, showing that the relationship between husband and wife was harmonious, which made Nie Yusheng very upset.

When the conversation was over, the two left the medical school, and Tan Jing distanced Sun Zhijun immediately, indicating that the operation was risky and it was impossible to lend him money again. Sun Zhijun angrily went back on his words and wanted to sell the brooch, but was rejected, so he warned her not to forget what happened in the past, her father-in-law’s spirit in heaven has not yet rested.

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