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Because of Love 今生有你 Episode 5 Recap

Tan Jing didn’t intend to peek at the email that Zhu Zhaohui sent to the headquarters, but her name was written in the title of the email, and she involuntarily clicked on the content. Although it was only a few lines, she had listed her late arrival and early departure and embezzlement of public funds. . Regarding the misappropriation of public funds, it was the cake money that Tan Jing had paid for Liang Yuanan before, but the specific details, the regional supervisor and Zhu Zhaohui did not mention a word in the email, but suggested that the headquarters should dismiss her.

Although Tan Jing is very responsible, her duty does not mean that she is stupid. As long as you think about the causes and consequences, you can understand why Zhu Zhaohui suddenly changed his attitude towards him, and even used conspiracy behind his back. Just because Zhu Zhaohui repaid his revenge so kindly, Tan Jing decided to fight back and wrote an English email to Sheng Fangting in person, explaining the circumstances truthfully, and I believe the other party would know right from wrong.

After her son was asleep, Tan Jing opened Nie Yusheng’s email, which was full of professional and academic content, and listed the surgical conditions and risks for her, including a certain percentage of the medical equipment company’s subsidy. But as he looked back, Tan Jing became more and more uneasy. Only then did he know that this operation provided a new valve, and the biological unknown also meant the effect was unknown, which often brought many different risks from traditional surgery.

At the same time, Sheng Fangting was surprised when he read the email, so he took the initiative to invite Tan Jing to the headquarters, and asked her to read the article aloud in English on the spot, which completely fit his mind as the suitable assistant. Sheng Fangting was surprised that Tanjing’s English was very good. Why did she want to be a cashier in a dessert shop? It’s really overkill.

It is also because of Sheng Fangting’s doubts that Tan Jing unabashedly responded that she suffered a family accident in the third semester of her junior year and finally dropped out and failed to get her diploma. In contrast, most companies and even storefronts now require a college degree at worst, so Tan Jing cherishes her job in the dessert shop and hopes that Sheng Fangting will not dismiss herself.

The next morning, Sun Ping looked at the backs of the other children going to school together, and he was very envious. Tan Jing saw it in his eyes, and it was also unpleasant. After thinking about it for a long time, he still dared not make a call. At this time, Nie Dongyuan, accompanied by Secretary Quan, came to the hospital for a physical examination in person. Since his son was very popular among girls in the hospital, the little nurses gathered around him and asked questions. It was not until Nie Yusheng came in from the door that they swarmed away. .

Nie Yusheng’s attitude toward his father was the same as before, but when he learned that his father’s liver area was suspected to be a shadow, he was inevitably a little uneasy. After get off work, Nie Yusheng just got into the driver’s seat when he suddenly saw the nurse bring Nie Dongyuan breakfast, and felt his father’s concern for him.

After thinking about it for a long time, Tan Jing summoned the courage to call Nie Yusheng, expressing that she wanted to consult him about the confusion about the materials. Nie Yusheng’s tone was still contemptuous and disgusting, and he answered casually, deliberately putting down the time to next Monday afternoon, and making an appointment to meet in the hospital’s cardiac surgery ward.

Through what happened last night, Sheng Fangting finally understood why Shu Qin insisted on the qualifications of the newcomer, so he took the initiative to invite her to dinner. Shu Qin would be wrong, so he dressed up and went to the appointment, only to find out that the other party was actually for work, and he asked Shu Qin to arrange for Tan Jing to be transferred to the headquarters as soon as possible.

At the instigation of Zhu Zhaohui, the regional supervisor was about to dismiss Tan Jing, but Sheng Fangting suddenly appeared and repeatedly reminded Tan Jing to answer the phone. It was the Human Resources Department who informed her to come to the company for an interview. Due to Tan Jing’s excellent performance in the interview, Shu Qin was very satisfied with this and informed her to come to work at 9 o’clock tomorrow morning.

On the way from the headquarters to the home, Tan Jing was always in a state of excitement. Before coming, she didn’t hold out much hope. After all, the position in the headquarters is very demanding, and she is used to being disappointed. Every time she lowers her expectations to lowest. But now the surprise came out of nowhere. The happiest thing for Tan Jing is the freedom from 9 to 5 in the morning and the time to accompany his son on weekends. I believe that life will get better and better in the future.

Zhu Zhaohui’s wishful thinking failed, and he got drunk at the food stalls at night, scolding Tanjing while threatening to give her good fruits. As everyone knows, these words were heard by Sun Zhijun at the next table, and while he was on his way home alone, he put on a sack and slapped him madly, which was regarded as a bad breath for Tan Jing.

On the first day, she reported to the head office that Shu Qin personally arranged work for Tan Jing, and even Sheng Fangting came forward to introduce each of her colleagues to her. Although everyone didn’t say it, there was a lot of discussion behind the scenes, staring at the small group of gossip.

When it was time for lunch, everyone left their workstations one after another, but Tan Jing stayed and continued to work overtime, familiar with things that were not yet proficient. Nie Yusheng took the initiative to call Secretary Quan and said that he wanted to go home to eat with his father, which surprised Nie Dongyuan. He didn’t expect his son to suddenly change his personality.

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