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Because of Love 今生有你 Episode 3 Recap

If it were seven years ago, Tan Jingning would have died, and he would never have been so shameless and even fearless to ask for money like he is today. However, all kinds of hardships and hardships in reality have already forced her to sell her self-esteem at a low price and sell it for 50,000 yuan. In the thirty-story office, Nie Yusheng smashed his phone, but after a while, he put the SIM card into the business card holder.

There were people coming and going in the corridor of the hospital, Tan Jing sat on the bench for an unknown time, and finally waited for Nie Yusheng who came downstairs to pay the hospital bills. At this moment, he was expressionless, and asked in a cold tone where he would meet tomorrow. If there was an occasional look of hatred in his eyes, I am afraid that even the basic hatred has disappeared now.

Because of this, Tan Jing realized that this relationship was completely ruined, and that the past self was forever erased. Compared with the sweet wedding of only two people back then, even if she had no money and couldn’t afford a ring, she was still the same. Love is so desirable, but looking at her today, she seems too vulgar and ridiculous.

When Nie Yusheng returned home, his unexpected father suddenly visited him. He was exhausted by today’s events, and he was too lazy to explain the relationship between him and Shu Qin, leaving Nie Dongyuan to misunderstand. At the same time, Tan Jing was also packing up her belongings and putting them in a tin box, although not much, it was worth remembering for half a lifetime.

From entering the house to when her son called her mother, Tan Jing always curled up beside the bed in a daze. Whenever she felt guilty, whenever she saw Sun Ping’s ventilator, she would immediately bring her back to reality. For the past seven years, Tan Jing has been in a state of exhaustion all the time, so she will not let go of any chance to breathe, and the memories will only add to the sadness.

The next morning, the two made an appointment to meet at a coffee shop. Nie Yusheng calculated it very clearly, deducting the medical expenses he paid yesterday, and giving her a maximum of 30,000 yuan. Tan Jing didn’t answer, and handed the box to Nie Yusheng, let the other party look over it, and then explained that the brooch had been sold, because the diamonds on it were worth a few dollars.

These words were very calm, but Nie Yusheng sounded a bit sarcastic. He looked at Tan Jing with a half-smile, and with a big hand he knocked the kraft paper bag containing the banknotes to the ground. He was standing opposite him, just like when Nie Yusheng spent all his money to buy a bluetooth headset for Tan Jing, but Tan Jing did not accept it. He refused to sully the relationship between the two in this way, which caused the relationship to become no longer equal. .

But when Tan Jing bowed her head for the money and picked up the kraft paper bag without saying a word, Nie Yusheng was extremely disappointed. He turned around and went out and threw the iron box into the trash can, but he didn’t know that Tan Jing didn’t sell the brooch, but secretly hid it. , as her last thought of the past.

After coming out of the coffee shop, Tan Jing went directly to the hospital, first paid the hospital deposit, and then went to the ward to visit Feng Hui, took out some of the money as nutritional expenses, and begged him not to sue Sun Zhijun. Originally, Feng Hui still had some grievances, but when he saw Tan Jingsi’s gentleness and thought she was a lonely woman, he stopped keeping his face straight. The other family members in the ward also helped to say good things, but Feng Hui’s wife was not a good stalker, she was arrogant to Tan Jing, and she asked for another 30,000 yuan for mental damage.

Shu Qin called Zhu Zhaohui to the head office for an interview, and found that the other party was not qualified at all, so he delayed the entry procedures. Zhu Zhaohui was dissatisfied because of this, and returned to the store full of resentment. He was worried that he had nowhere to get angry, so he found a reason to deduct Tan Jing’s monthly bonus. But in private, Zhu Zhaohui cared about Tan Jing with a pretentious attitude, and asked her for an email account and a secret by the way, but he actually wanted to keep it for himself.

The discarded iron box was found by Nie Yusheng again, and he accompanied Shu Qin to the annual meeting in the evening, thus getting acquainted with Sheng Fangting. On the way back, Shu Qin saw that Nie Yusheng was in a bad mood. Until today was his and his ex-girlfriend’s birthday, they had never had a life since they broke up.

In fact, Shu Qin sometimes wonders if it is worth giving up everything for love. In life, they are busy with work and career like everyone else, but when they return home, they face the empty house alone, as silent as a grave, like a widow whose appearance is normal but the heart is ashes.

Wang Yuling personally celebrated Tan Jing’s birthday, and by the way announced that she and Liang Yuanan were going to get married. It was a pleasant and unforgettable night. In front of the old residential building, a white car had been parked for a long time. Nie Yusheng sat in the car without moving, his eyes fell on the pair of mother and son, and watched the two go home, thinking that she has a current life that has nothing to do with him. .

However, on her birthday many years ago, Nie Yusheng worked hard to save money to buy a brooch for Tan Jing. The meaning of giving her a brooch was to put the most important things close to her heart. After returning home, Nie Yusheng opened the tin box, and a diary that was well preserved caught his attention.

The next morning, Tan Jing took the initiative to make soymilk for her son, and listened to her son suddenly asking about Sun Zhijun, so she settled it with a white lie, soaking a few beans in a water glass, and as long as the beans sprouted, she could be reunited with her father. On the other side, Nie Yusheng watered the beans in the same way, and one cup had already grown tender shoots.

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