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Reset 开端 Episode 10 Recap

The family members of the passengers who were killed on the bus in the police station were sitting in the lounge crying bitterly. Lu Didi’s father suddenly rushed out while looking at his mobile phone and said that his son was not dead. Zhang Cheng came forward, and Lu Di’s father told him that his son’s electronic device had been bound to his mobile phone. He saw that the tablet had been moving since it came out of the animation city. This situation aroused Zhang Cheng’s vigilance.

Xiao Heyun took Li Shiqing to a friend’s house. He admitted that his idea of ​​using violence to control violence was wrong, and told his friend to expel him from this game design and not to affect the studio. The friend believed in Xiao Heyun’s character, and he told Xiao Heyun to surrender himself to the police and handle his own affairs, and they were still friends. Zhang Cheng located Lu Di’s tablet and came to his friend’s house, but found no trace of Xiao Heyun.

Xiao Heyun and Li Shiqing were sitting on the beach, this was the only free time he had before turning himself in. Li Shiqing got up and walked into the sea to wake up a bit. Xiao Heyun stepped forward and pulled her. Li Shiqing was very worried about the pulled wound. The two lonely people hugged each other on the icy sea to comfort each other.

Xiao Heyun hugged Li Shiqing, who was in a deep sleep, and slowly turned himself in before walking into the monitoring area, and the two entered the standby state again. Wearing handcuffs and anklets, Xiao Heyun listened to Li Shiqing’s call to himself, and finally woke up on the bus, and he finally calmed down while holding Li Shiqing’s hand tightly.

This time they decided to evacuate the passengers in the car. The two pretended to be the police to act separately and persuaded the passengers to get off the bus in turn. On the grounds of college students starting their own businesses, they asked everyone to get off the bus at the next stop to participate in the event, so that passengers could see the information on their mobile phones, warning everyone that the woman had a knife and was carrying a bomb.

The passengers believed the words of the two. When it came time to tell the driver Wang Xingde, he seemed to ignore it. At the moment when he arrived at Yanjiang East Road Station, Li Shiqing pushed down Lu Di, who was pre-boarding, and looked at the car. The passengers who were about to get off, Tao Yinghong noticed the clue and detonated the bomb instantly.

The two returned to the bus. This time they decided to persuade Lao Jiao, who had helped in the previous cycle, to let him and Xiao Heyun control Tao Yinghong, and at the same time tell Wang Xingde to stop on the bridge and throw the bomb into the river. But Li Shiqing didn’t have time to do these two things at the same time, and they needed someone else to help.

Lao Jiao thought that he could get a bonus for his daughter to go to school for his righteousness and bravery, so he agreed. Looking at Lu Di who got into the car, Xiao Heyun called out his long list of nicknames and asked him for help as a policeman. Although Lu Di did not believe his identity as a police officer, Xiao Heyun knew his secret by calling out his name, and he agreed to cooperate with the action.

Li Shiqing walked to Wang Xingde’s side and informed him that Tao Yinghong got on the bus with a bomb. When the bus pulled into the bridge deck, Xiao Heyun and Lao Jiao stepped forward to stop Tao Yinhong, Lu Di walked up to the pressure cooker, Li Shiqing took the knife and threw it on the ground, explaining to the passengers that the police were handling the case.

However, the bus did not stop on the bridge. Listening to the sound of fighting coming from behind, Wang Xingde calmly glanced at his watch. Tao Yinghong, who fell to the ground, shouted frantically, scolding the passengers as executioners, and berating Wang Xingde as a coward. Wang Xingde stopped the bus and pulled the handbrake to lock the door. Seeing that it was too late, Xiao Heyun smashed the car window and jumped out, and took the pressure cooker at the moment when the old phone rang, but it was too late.

After sobering up, Li Shiqing recalled that she had lost her wallet on the bus. At that time, Wang Xingde stopped the car and found the wallet with the admission ticket for herself. Wang Xingde rejected her gratitude and chatted with her that his daughter was also studying at Jia Normal University, but when asked about Li Shiqing’s major and grade, he only answered indifferently that her daughter was already working.

Li Shiqing stepped forward excitedly, and Wang Xingde turned his head and whispered to her if she wanted to get off. Li Shiqing questioned loudly with tears in her eyes, which of course caused Tao Yinghong’s reaction, and the bomb was detonated again. Time loop, Wang Xingde looked at Tao Yinghong who got into the car with the pressure cooker, with a tangled and hesitant expression on his face, but Tao Yinghong looked directly at him and walked into the car with an indifferent expression.

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