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Because of Love 今生有你 Episode 2 Recap

Nie Yusheng has long been accustomed to Shu Qin’s nonsense with his hippy smile, and he also cherishes this friendship, because it has become the longest and most helpless time in his life. At that time, Nie Yusheng ignored his father’s objection to study medicine abroad, and was so angry that Nie Dongyuan took back all his credit cards and did not give him a penny for living expenses. The discomfort in a foreign country and the heavy schoolwork not only made Nie Yusheng seriously ill, but he also had to work part-time to pay for the astronomical medicine until he met Shu Qin.

Now that Shu Qin has returned to China to work hard for her career, she has become a strong woman envied by everyone, but she still retains a blank “resume” only in terms of personal relationships. Shu Qin is a lover of emotional cleanliness, and has always been looking for her sweetheart, but after so many years, she seems to be unable to wait any longer.

However, after confiding, Shu Qin had to return to real life. The next morning, she was still the head of a vigorous and resolute department, welcoming the vice president of the Airborne Company with a new look. Sheng Fangting is young and has limited qualifications, but the planning department he manages is an important department. Because of his loner temperament, both sides of the company are a little afraid of him, lest this genius suddenly become a competition in the opponent’s camp.

Shuqin suddenly came to find Nie Yusheng one day. The so-called three treasures hall, as long as she has something to do, must be another company leader to register and schedule. Under Shu Qin’s hard work, Nie Yusheng had to agree, saying that this would be the last time, but he knew it time and time again, and he no longer knew how many times she had fulfilled her achievements.

In the afternoon, there were not too many customers. A middle-aged woman opened the door of the freezer, as if picking out goods, and touched the bread with her hands, which caught the attention of the shop assistant Wang Yuling. Because the woman’s attitude was arrogant and did not listen to advice, she had a dispute with Wang Yuling, causing the bread to fall to the ground.

The middle-aged woman became angry with shame, and played a rogue because she refused to pay, so angry that Wang Yuling almost cried. At this time, Sheng Fangting brought the supervisor to visit the store and instructed the duty manager Zhu Zhaohui to call for surveillance. With all the evidence and evidence, the middle-aged woman had no choice but to ask for money, and left in annoyance with the bread.

Nie Yusheng and Director Fang had a disagreement on the medical project, which ended in an unsuccessful dispute. After get off work, Nie Yusheng found that Director Fang’s car battery was out of power, so he took the initiative to send him home, knowing that the other party’s intentions were well-intentioned. After all, regarding the promotion of new projects, Director Fang also considered that Nie Yusheng’s plan would not be approved and more time would be needed for experiments.

In the evening, Zhu Zhaohui invited the clerks to a dinner party and wrote a brochure for the incident and sent it to the headquarters. Since Wang Yuling’s composition is not very good, and can only barely achieve the smoothness of the sentences, Zhu Zhaohui simply gave it to him. Although his writing is fairly regular, his English grammar is not smooth, and many key points should be clearly stated.

Tan Jing gave corresponding suggestions, which was greatly appreciated by Zhu Zhaohui. After she revised the content, she began to immerse herself in translation, almost acting on her behalf. When Tan Jing opened the email page, he typed in a username almost without hesitation. Suddenly, he was a little stunned and couldn’t help but recall the days in high school.

At that time, Nie Yusheng mistook Tan’s father for a pervert and beat him up, so that he made an oolong. Later, Tan’s father cut off the meeting between the two, so Nie Yusheng and Tan Jing could only contact by email. High school time passed by in a hurry, they both entered college, and the inboxes filled with emails, implying that Nie Yusheng broke into Tan Jing’s life completely, and started a relationship full of beauty and pain.

With the successful completion of the operation, Shuqinte came to express his gratitude to Nie Yusheng, and at the same time toasted the other party’s future. The two people who gave up inheriting the family business and went on their own way, finally lived up to their original choices and made their current achievements. On the other side, Wang Yuling curiously asked about the marriage between Tan Jing and Sun Zhijun, but Tan Jing thought it was not important whether they had feelings for each other, as long as he was sincere to his son.

Because of the sentimental English email last night, Sheng Fangting called Zhu Zhaohui the one who wrote the letter, and named him to be transferred to the head office as an assistant. Shu Qin felt that it was too hasty, but Sheng Fangting had a firm attitude, especially since he had a background of studying abroad and always had a Western style, naturally he needed an assistant with good English.

Sun Zhijun took a few more glances at the passing female white-collar workers, but was ridiculed by his co-worker Feng Hui, who made him break the bridge of his nose in a fit of anger. Tan Jing received a call from the police station when she was at work. After thanking Officer Zhang, she hurried to the hospital, where she was humiliated by Feng Hui’s wife again, and even asked for 50,000 yuan.

Faced with such groundless scolding, Tan Jing could only accompany her smiling face, took out all the money she had, and walked out of the ward in embarrassment under the shoving of Feng Hui’s wife. And all this is like a nightmare, it’s too unreal, and she walks along the corridor in a trance, but at the most embarrassing moment, she accidentally encounters the person she doesn’t want to see.

Nie Yusheng turned a deaf ear to this and walked right past her, but before taking a few steps, the woman behind him couldn’t hold it any longer, and fell to the ground completely limp. The tide-like darkness came silently, leading Tan Jing to lose consciousness completely. It was suspected that back on that day, she was finally punished by the teacher to clean up because of Nie Yusheng’s fight with others. Nie Yusheng felt very guilty and promised that she would never be indifferent to her.

When Tan Jing woke up, she found that she was in a coma due to hypoglycemia. Fortunately, the nurse found out in time. After finishing the call, she went to the front desk to pay the bill. Tan Jing found that her mobile phone was broken and she had no money. She made multiple calls in a row and no one answered. In desperation, she dialed Nie Yusheng’s number with tears in her eyes, and gave up her dignity to borrow five from him. 10,000 yuan, willing to exchange photos and letters from the past.

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