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Because of Love 今生有你 Episode 1 Recap

It is no different from the previous seven autumns. The trees outside the window are shady, the sun is shining, and the warm scenery of birds and flowers is fragrant. At this moment, a man with an umbrella walked in. The other party ordered a cake and handwritten a card. It seemed like a very common behavior, but it was inextricably linked with the woman behind the cashier.

The weather during the typhoon season in early September is still unpredictable. In the evening, the temperature dropped sharply, and the woman hurried off work and left the dessert shop, like a fish floating up with the flow of people, sticking to the handrail urgently and cautiously, indenting this place. The unique side of the bus is a small world, exhaling, and the taut waist finally relaxes.

After the bus arrives and walks for more than ten minutes, a large old-fashioned residential building is looming, and dim lights are reflected on the road, extending from the fruit and vegetable store to the bottom of the residential building. And every time she had a special price, she would buy two catties of peaches without hesitation. Although she was living in poverty, she was actually numb to life.

Just like now, when Tan Jing looked at the man opposite her, the three words Nie Yusheng were deeply imprinted on her first love. It used to be the brightest sunshine when she was young, but in the reunion after nearly seven years of separation, the sunshine will also become dim and blurry. , turned into a wisp of surprise smile, and a greeting.

Out of politeness, Tan Jing took the initiative to invite the man upstairs as a guest, but the man looked at the old building next to him, his tone was calm, but his words could not hide the frosty meanness, only a little bit about the fact that she was married.

A little surprise. It wasn’t until Nie Yusheng turned to leave, Tan Jing pretended to be calm, her eyes were rippling, her back was sweating, and she stood there for a long time, and then she knocked on the door of her neighbor Aunt Wang’s house as if nothing happened. After expressing her thanks, she sent her son Sun Ping pick up.

It rained on schedule tonight, which made Nie Yusheng upset. After such a long period of time, he thought he would gradually forget it, but when he recognized the familiar figure during the day, he couldn’t help but follow and even bought it. An unwarranted cake, and deliberately wrote a “sweet” card, but he was not sweet, and so was Tan Jing.

Just as Nie Yusheng intended, Tan Jing was not having a good time. The bright lights of thousands of homes belonged to others forever, and all that awaited her was the cold and dark living room and the mess everywhere. Her husband, Sun Zhijun, was so drunk that he smelled rancid. Tan Jingqiang supported his tired body and began to clean the filth and dry his clothes. He got used to it again and again.

Secretary Quan followed Nie Dongyuan to the dinner, where he mainly talked about the commercial cooperation of Yiyuan Group’s entry into medical care, and called Nie Yusheng by the way, asking him, a cardiac surgeon, to give him some professional advice. Nie Yusheng had no interest in this, and bluntly said that he would not intervene. Part of the reason why he came here was to have a meal with his father, although he was a little absent-minded.

The next morning, Tan Jing took the bus to work as usual and paid her son’s medical bills. The account balance became less and less, which made her a little anxious. On the other hand, in the Cardiac Surgery Department, Director Fang had a disagreement with Nie Yusheng. While advocating the use of diuretics for patients, he did not consider the patient’s own situation. However, the sudden situation that followed confirmed that Nie Yusheng’s judgment was completely correct.

Fortunately, Nie Yusheng handled it in a timely manner, and the patient passed the dangerous period, for which his parents were very grateful. On the other hand, when Tan Jing came home at night, he found that her husband was uncharacteristically sober, and he had a bad premonition in his heart. Sun Zhijun directly stated that he was in short supply and urgently needed some money to do business. He wanted to embezzle his son’s surgery expenses, but was rejected by Tan Jing, so he suggested to her to borrow money from Nie Yusheng.

After her son fell asleep, Tan Jing finally had time to be alone. She took out the dusty tin box, which contained many pasts, as if she was in it, back to her high school days seven years ago. At that time, when she first met Nie Yusheng, she witnessed an off-campus fight. No one would have imagined that today’s stable and elegant medical talents would have such a rebellious youth.

Nie Yusheng met Tan Jing in the same middle school, and the strange fate made the two of them dislike each other and later became like-minded. Tan Jing is excellent in her studies, especially good at English. Whenever she takes the stage to recite English texts, she always attracts Nie Yusheng’s attention inexplicably.

It’s a pity that Tan’s father suffered a heart attack. The father and daughter have lived with each other for many years. A simple and warm family eventually collapsed. Although Tan Jing later found out that Nie Yusheng had paid the hospital deposit of 5,000 yuan for him, she still stubbornly paid it back, emphasizing that the money bought too much people’s hearts and too little dignity.

Early the next morning, the cardiac surgery hall was full of people. Nie Yusheng seldom came to the clinic. Occasionally, he would come over for two or three days to help his colleagues watch some movies. But it so happened that on this day, Tan Jing brought her son to see a doctor. Dr. Li couldn’t help complaining to Nie Yusheng that the child’s parents were too stingy.

Nie Yusheng completely did not expect that the wonderful parents that Dr. Li mentioned would be Tan Jing, who had met a few days ago. Both of them were obviously a little stunned, but he quickly reacted and said calmly that he would have to undergo an angiography before arranging surgery. After saying this, Tan Jing got up to thank him and left, looking a little embarrassed and hastily. Nie Yusheng picked up the diagnostic medical records and films, and caught up with her to analyze that Sun Ping was originally a congenital heart disease, and if not treated in time, his life would be in danger.

Because of Tan Jing’s indifferent attitude as always, he has no sympathy left. As a result, he returned home and answered Shu Qin’s phone call, asking him to pretend to be her boyfriend to save the siege, successfully sabotaging the blind date arranged by the elders. On the way back, Shu Qin finally breathed a sigh of relief, and joked that Nie Yusheng and she were both single, so they might as well get married and live together.

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