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Mirror: A Tale of Twin Cities 镜·双城 Episode 4 Recap

After that night, Su G always avoided Bai Ying on purpose, and did not want to be coerced by Qing Wangchen, but thought of another way out. On the other hand, Bai Ying noticed the change in Su G’s attitude, so she tossed and turned and couldn’t sleep. Suddenly she heard Xun music coming from outside the door. She followed the sound and found the person she was thinking about.

Bai Ying asked Su G to accompany her to the library to read books. Since this place is a forbidden area of ​​the empty mulberry, it is forbidden to trespass without permission, so the two of them can only be careful, and in the end, they are discovered by the prince Zhenlan. Fortunately, Su Mo held up the invisibility cloth in time, and used the method of sounding east and west to lure Zhen Lan away, allowing Bai Ying to take the opportunity to slip away.

Zhen Lan recognized at a glance that she had met Su Gu in Xinghan Yunting, and knew that he was now working beside the Crown Princess, so she did not pursue further investigations, and let him leave graciously. Before leaving, Zhen Lan curiously asked how the Crown Princess was like, Su Mo felt unhappy, and asked him if he would cancel the engagement because the Crown Princess was not a good match, and then said no more.

Su G decided not to go down the tower in the future, and made a special trip to bid Bai Ying farewell. By the way, she thanked her for diagnosing and treating her eye disease, and will always remember this kindness. But after returning to the room, Su G still couldn’t sleep. Axuan urged him to attack Bai Ying several times before, but each time he chose to give up, so he doubted that Axuan would take action.

As the big wedding is approaching, Da Siming has prepared wedding clothes for Zhen Lan, but Zhen Lan has no emotions about this, but wonders why there are mermen in the mirror tower. Under Zhen Lan’s questioning, Da Siming truthfully told the story of King Kongsang’s battle against Quan, who first killed the Emperor of the Sea and sealed the Dragon God.

Because of Quanxian’s loss of protection, the merpeople live in scattered places, and most of them live in Yunhuang. It is rumored that Xinghan Yunting is related to Qingwangchen. At first, it was for wealthy businessmen and nobles to have fun, and later it became more unspeakable. In human activities, there are often cases of abuse of mermaids.

Zhenlan was very indignant when he heard the news, and was thinking about how to ban Xinghan Yunting, when he suddenly received a secret letter from Xijing, and only then did he learn that Lan Wang died in battle and Yecheng was in critical danger, so he disguised himself and went to see Xijing. At present, Cangliu’s troops are stationed outside the city, and the strength of the leading general, Peng, should not be underestimated. Xijing is expected to have a defensive battle soon, and it is urgent to mobilize troops and horses nearby for support.

However, the mobilization of troops and horses requires Wang Shang’s decree. Zhenlan secretly met King Chengguang on behalf of Xijing. In addition, he also took the initiative to mention Xinghan Yunting, thinking that it is a place where Qingwangchen colluded with powerful people and bought and sold mermaids, so it should be as soon as possible. Seal it up, cut off its wealth. In fact, King Chengguang already knew about Qingwangchen’s wolf son’s ambition, but he was lingering on the sick bed all the year round. .

The news of Xijing’s mobilization of Changyangshan’s army spread to Qingwangfu, which made Qingwangchen furious and vowed to put the account on Zhenlan’s head. Hongyuan recruited new soldiers from the children of the six tribes to form an army, and personally led the army to Yecheng for support, and was willing to go out with Xijing to exterminate Cangliu.

A Xun took advantage of Bai Ying’s unpreparedness to release the Ghost Spirit Pearl, causing her to be bitten and poisoned. After seeing it, Su Mi rushed into the room and sucked out the venom for Bai Ying regardless of her own safety. Bai Ying wakes up leisurely and sees Su G by her side, she can’t help but recall that he was drunk before and sent her back to the room, and she felt more grateful, while Su G forced her body to comfort Bai Ying, and spit out poisonous blood after walking out the door.

At the same time, Cang Liu preempted and besieged Yecheng from three sides. Xijing ordered everyone to temporarily focus on defense and not act rashly. But as the evening approached, the Cangliu army was already approaching the city, and it was terrifying. The two armies faced each other and were ready to go. How could Shi Peng have already kidnapped Mrs. Yun Mo of Xijing and threatened him with her life to open the city gate and surrender.

As a woman of the Kongsang nobility, Yun Mo cherished her family and the people, and did not regret her heroic sacrifice. Knowing that his wife was determined to die, Xijing endured the grief and shot her to death himself, threatening to defend Yecheng to the death. After a fierce battle, the soldiers found Yunmo’s body, and Xijing sat alone and wept.

The night was completely silent, and before Su Gu went down to the tower at night, he used his magic power to make the snow cherry tree blossom as the last thing he did for Bai Ying. The merman Yan Xi had been in the forest for a long time, and couldn’t wait to convey the elders’ intentions to Su Mo. Considering that it was not easy to rescue the clan, he suggested that Su Mo sign a blood contract with Qing Wangchen. Su Gu went to see Qing Wangchen alone, pretending to be an excuse to complete the blood contract plan, in order to force Qing Wangchen to release the clan, and also promised to destroy the marriage of Prince Kongsang.

When Bai Ying woke up, she found that the snow cherry blossoms were blooming outside the door, and she couldn’t help being surprised. Da Si Ming declared that A Wan and Su Ge disappeared for no reason, and suspected that they were related to ghost spiders, but Bai Ying firmly believed that Su Ge was innocent, and she also expected that this tree of snowy cherry blossoms was a gift from Su Ge to herself.

It is a pity that the scenery of flowers is very beautiful, and the unscrupulous people accompany them to enjoy, and feel lonely for no reason. Bai Ying stands under the tree in a daze until the sun sets and it gets dark. She suddenly thinks that tonight is the Flower God Festival, and she simply goes down the tower to go shopping as a maid. On the other side, after seeing Mrs. Ruyi, Su G came to the bustling street alone. He and Bai Ying stood at two places across the bridge, and prayed sincerely at the same time, but a lost purse let the two of them meet on the bridge.

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