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Cupid’s Kitchen 舌尖上的心跳 Episode 6 Recap

The next day, Jiang Qianfan still taught Lin Kesong to use salt accurately, but Kesong practiced countless times but still failed. She even worried that she would starve to death if she failed to practice.

The Future Star Organizing Committee called to inform Lin Xiaoyu that he had qualified for the competition, but he wanted to see the mentor for an interview. Dad excitedly asked who the mentor was, and Xiaoyu said blankly that it was not Jiang Qianfan.

Lin Xiaoyu came to see her mentor, but she didn’t expect it to be Boris. Boris had already started a live broadcast before she came. Xiaoyu bluntly said that she didn’t like Boris as her mentor, but since she came, she would meet his fans. Xiaoyu made pea and river shrimp in the live broadcast room. She was surprised that Boris made it translucent, and her redness.

Boris made a richer taste and a chewier aftertaste. Boris told her: First, he removed the shrimp tail, It is more beautiful in appearance; secondly, he peeled the shrimp in ice water to ensure the tenderness of the shrimp. In addition, he used chicken head rice to increase the chewiness, and before serving, he increased the heat and fry it more than Lin Xiaoyu. Three seconds, so the taste and temperature have a qualitative leap.

Boris told Xiaoyu that he studied in Montgomery earlier than Jiang Qianfan, and Montgomery finally chose Jiang Qianfan. He knew that Jiang Qianfan was a very competitive person, but he still didn’t understand why he accepted Princess Evil Dragon as his apprentice.

Lin Xiaoyu told Boris that Croissant is delicious and lazy, and it is useless, except that the sense of taste is relatively developed. She apologized to Boris and decided to choose him as her mentor because they had a common enemy and stole what should belong to them, and she wanted to defeat them together with Boris.

Bruce went to his mentor Huangshi to learn art, but Huangshi wanted to go out fishing and did not talk to him about work. Bru took good wine and wanted to drink with Huangshi while fishing. Huangshi couldn’t resist the temptation and agreed to go with him.

Song Yiran went to Jiang Qianfan’s house to ask his teacher for the crime, accusing him of not giving Ke Song something to eat, so she had to come out and take her to find something to eat. Jiang Qianfan took him to the kitchen only to find that Ke Song was missing, so he immediately separated from Song Yiran to look for it.

At this time, Ke Song fled to his uncle’s shop and had a full meal. The uncle learned that she had sneaked out and suggested that she call Jiang Qianfan, but Ke Song felt that Jiang Qianfan would not care about his life and death, and his uncle reminded him Jiang Qianfan might call the police, but Ke Song called and told Qianfan that he had come out to find something to eat.

After Ke Song was full, he went to the second floor and told Xiao Yu that he was homesick. Xiao Yu emphasized that it was his own home, not hers. Ke Song flattered that he would go to Jiang Qianfan to ask him to accept them as his disciples. Xiao Yu accused Ke Song of being a The actor, coming to Shanghai for Song Yiran is fake, but Jiang Qianfan is the real one, Crosun is angry that Xiaoyu is unreasonable, and Xiaoyu bluntly said that she is not happy to live here and can get out. Croissant sadly said goodbye to his uncle and left.

Jiang Qianfan saw Lin Kesong come out of his uncle’s house with a sad face and quietly followed her. He enlightened Ke Song, and he also encountered this kind of thing in the past. Boris was his senior brother. Montgomery chose him and did not choose him to participate in the future star election, so Boris hated him. What he did was to take back the championship and not let him laugh at his incompetence, so he wanted others to understand that he must first be strong and become a winner.

After Ke Song came back, Song Yiran was still waiting for her. He wanted to take Ke Song away. He felt that she was not a chef. It was better to be happy and be a foodie himself as before. Ke Song did not explain and chose to stay.

Back in the room, Nina had prepared a sumptuous dinner for Ke Song. Knowing that it was arranged by Mr. Jiang, Ke Song couldn’t believe her ears. She felt uneasy and ran to Jiang Qianfan’s room to ask what he planned to do. To punish himself, Jiang Qianfan deliberately approached Ke Song to scare her away.

The contestants and their mentors who entered the quarter-finals of the future star were officially announced in the media. Elise told her mother that if a flower was her own but opened behind her back, she would strangle it and let it wither in her vase inside.

Knowing that the dragon princess was receiving closed training from her mentor Jiang Qianfan, Xiaoyu hoped that Boris would also lock herself up for closed training. Boris told her that he overturned so many Michelin restaurants and used a spear to pick his most vulnerable. Where, Xiaoyu can’t run with others, he has to have his own rhythm while disrupting the opponent’s rhythm.

In the live broadcast room, Lin Xiaoyu officially declared war on Jiang Qianfan for her master Boris. Boris said that he came to Jiang Qianfan from hell, and he had better do his best to deal with himself.

After seeing the live broadcast, Jiang Qianfan told Ke Song that the combination of Lin Xiaoyu and Boris was very strong, so she had to practice hard. He adjusted the training time and walked away, and explained that Ke Song would go back to practice salt weighing after the time was over. Ke Song was secretly adjusting the time, and was immediately reminded by Jiang Qianfan, which scared him to stop quickly.

Li Yan went to Jiang Qianfan’s house to deliver ingredients and apologized to him for what happened last time. Jiang Qianfan said that he did not fire him because of his dedication to himself for so many years, but he hated others lying to him. After Li Yan left, Ke Song wondered what Li Yan had lied to him, and Jiang Qianfan said that he lied to him that Ke Song was married.

Li Yan gave him the Fire Crab Special Forces training camp ticket that Jiang Qianfan gave Song Yiran, and Song Yiran smiled and said that Jiang Qianfan knew him well.

Victor went to Xiaoyu’s private kitchen and asked her to make her own abalone. Xiaoyu told him to only cook what was on the menu. Victor provocatively said that in the cooking competition, she promised to cook everything, and Xiaoyu recognized it as Wei. Kurt Quentin.

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