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Cupid’s Kitchen 舌尖上的心跳 Episode 5 Recap

After Lin Ke Song cleaned up and put on makeup, he returned to the restaurant and found that Nina had emptied her breakfast. Ke Song exclaimed, Jiang Qianfan explained that he had Nina emptied, and his living habit was four o’clock. He got up to exercise and had breakfast at six o’clock. Croissant could only change himself to conform to the rules.

Croissant was angry that Jiang Qianfan had tortured himself from yesterday to the present with no dignity. Jiang Qianfan retorted that wanting to eat has nothing to do with dignity. After he left, Ke Song secretly picked up the dumped eggs in the trash can, and just peeled them and prepared to eat, Jiang Qianfan suddenly appeared and informed her that there were five minutes left for class, and Lin Ke Song hurried in to change clothes.

After Lin Kesong wore the chef’s uniform, he felt so handsome, and his anger at Jiang Qianfan disappeared. She was surprised that the clothes that Jiang Qianfan customized for her fit very well. Jiang Qianfan told her that the proportion of the ingredients could be seen by the chef at a glance. He paid for the clothes. He helped Ke Song to tie the triangle scarf and told her that she could use it when she went into the kitchen in case of danger. It covered its mouth and nose to escape.

Jiang Qianfan took Lin Kesong to the kitchen and announced that today’s task was to fill the salt. He asked Kesong to give out two grams of salt. It took 32 seconds for the croissant, and Jiang Qianfan told her: A normal cook will have one in an hour. Hundreds of dishes, and she spent nearly an hour just for the salt, Croissant asked Jiang Qianfan to demonstrate, Jiang Qianfan only took one-third of a second, and he encouraged Croson to learn it one day.

Song Yiran couldn’t get in touch with Lin Kesong on the phone, so she called Lin Xiaoyu and learned that Kesong had left. Song Yiran then went to Xiaoyu’s private kitchen, only to find out that Ke Song was taken over by Jiang Qianfan for closed training. He wanted an address, and Xiao Yu satirized that Ke Song was so popular that he had no comment.

Jiang Qianfan took out three kinds of food with different degrees of saltiness for Lin Kesong to taste. After Lin Kesong accurately stated the difference, Jiang Qianfan told her that many people could not taste it without her keen sense of taste, so they had to be precise Control the amount of salt used to bring the perfect feeling to every dining guest. Croissant said he didn’t want to be a chef anymore, Jiang Qianfan patted her head with a smile and said that he had no choice.

After Jiang Qianfan went downstairs, he saw Lin Kesong in the kitchen so tired that he fell asleep, playing rock music for her, Xiaoyu shouted to listen to Lin Junjie, Jiang Qianfan made another noise to punish her, Ke Song covered her ears and quickly begged for mercy, She asked to move the lunchtime earlier, but seeing Jiang Qianfan didn’t respond, she thought he had left, secretly ate a little salt, and wanted to drink ice to quench her thirst, but the refrigerator was set with a password and couldn’t be opened. Croissant was so aggrieved that she wanted to cry.

At noon, Nina informed Ke Song that Mr. Jiang called and said that she did not practice well and ran out of the kitchen, so the lunch was also cancelled. She helped Ke Song light an incense lamp. This essential oil can soothe her emotions.

Because a waiter could not answer the guest’s inquiries about the cooking method of the “Two Days and Nights” dishes, Jiang Qianfan announced his dismissal in public after arriving in the back kitchen. He asked the waiter to tell a good story to the guests, because Some people have never come to Yuxuan to eat in their entire life, and they have high expectations when they visit.

He let the employees come to work here with pride, and they also want to make Yuxuan proud. After the meeting, Elise accused Jiang Qianfan of dismissing the waiter and should discuss with herself first. He managed the back kitchen and the front office was in charge of himself. Jiang Qianfan reminded her not to let her people touch her high-voltage lines.

Bru deliberately went to Xiaoyu’s private kitchen to invite Lin Xiaoyu to visit her studio. Xiaoyu went there with pleasure. She admired Bru’s paintings and felt that cooking was just a hobby for him, and she could only escape from that small restaurant if she won an award. , Blue felt that the small restaurant was very warm, Xiaoyu said goodbye and left immediately, and Blue wondered that she looked like spicy strips.

After Jiang Qianfan came back and saw that Ke Song was asleep, he used an egg to tempt her to get up, and then punished her to do sit-ups. He hoped that Ke Song could express his emotions bravely, because the fuller their emotions, the better the dishes they made. With passion, Lin Kesong was encouraged and shouted that he hated him, and Jiang Qianfan praised him for being particularly good.

At the dinner table in the evening, Jiang Qianfan asked Ke Song to summarize what she had eaten that day. If she was right, she would be rewarded, but if she said wrong, she would be punished. Lin Ke Song replied that she didn’t eat a single bite. Jiang Qianfan reminded her to eat the soup in the morning, There were eggs and salt, and Croissant was so embarrassed that he kicked the stool and stopped eating.

Victor went to the bar to find Elise and took her to the rooftop to drink. He persuaded Elise not to cry for Jiang Qianfan, an insignificant man, and lost her pride and self-esteem. Elise laughed that he was still a child

Nina went to the room to give Ke Song a cell phone at night. Ke Song was angry that Jiang Qianfan had been so perverted. Nina told her that Mr. Jiang was a good person, and she had to believe that his arrangement was reasonable.

Ke Song saw that Song Yiran had sent a lot of voice messages that day, and called back the phone. Song Yiran suspected that she came to Shanghai because of Jiang Qianfan. She learned that Song Yiran was eating pizza, and told him pitifully that she had not had a bite of food since yesterday. She was starving to death after eating, so Song Yiran asked Ke Song to send her the address and immediately gave her something to eat.

Song Yiran had just delivered the pizza to Jiang Qianfan’s door when Chu Ting called. He hung the food on the door and sent a message to leave. Lin Kesong sneaked to the door, but couldn’t get it, so he could only smell the delicious food through the railing. After going back, Jiang Qianfan told her that eating pizza when she was hungry was bad for her stomach, so she could only ask herself for help. Lin Kesong was angry and didn’t ask him, Jiang Qianfan immediately told Nina that she didn’t need to cook Kesun’s meal tomorrow. .

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