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Ace Troops 王牌部队 Episode 40 End Recap

Gu Yinye lied that Gaoliang had already made a new girlfriend, so he was about to end the ten-year long-distance love run. Just as Jiang Nanzheng was overwhelmed, he suddenly found a group of soldiers running out to surround the two.

Outside the old barracks, all the officers and soldiers in camouflage uniforms sang and danced. With the appearance of Zheng Yuan and Jiang Yihui, Jiang Nanzheng realized the surprise that Kaoliang was going to give him.

At this time, Gaoliang walked towards Jiang Nanzheng a little nervously, expressing that he wanted to perform a dance for her, but instead of dancing, it was better to say that it was a set of military boxing, which made Jiang Nanzheng dumbfounded. After the song ended, Kaoliang knelt down on one knee and took out his ring made of bullet casings and amber to propose marriage. With the blessings of relatives and friends, the two lovers finally got married.

As time comes to 2017, the motherland is prosperous and prosperous. During their thirty-four years of military career, Gu Yinye, Gao Liang and others have jointly experienced magnificent and unprecedented military reforms. The Chinese military has rebuilt its strength and spirit. Remodeling is a kind of future-oriented, full of high spirits.

Now Gu Xiaofei has become the battalion commander of a combined battalion of a brigade, and Zheng Yuan retired in 2006. Although he failed to wear the new 07-style military uniform, he was later invited to serve as a consultant to the military reform office. Qin Hanyong was promoted to the commander of the Army Group Army in the N theater after the military reform. As for Niu Mancang and Jiang Weixing, they also changed their jobs to work locally before the reform.

Song Jianshe sat fishing alone by the lake, recalling that he had arbitrarily changed the preset content and route of the exercise due to sorghum, and eventually the two had an argument. Sorghum believes that the exercise should serve the actual combat. Song Jianshe wants to keep the army in the tide of military reform, so that 300,000 old comrades can go somewhere and keep the honor of the A army. If not, he will join the army with the army. Take off your uniform. It is a pity that Song Jianshe, who has become the deputy commander of the group army, chose to retire early, and his heart was mixed.

During the joint military exercise of international anti-terrorism experts, Gu Yinye met his long-lost old friend Suwari, and through him received help from the government of country T. The princess of T country was entrusted by the king to send an envoy to China to explain to the People’s Liberation Army. It turned out that Kim, the grandson of an overseas Chinese, was kidnapped by terrorists, and the leader of the terrorists was Prince who invaded the Chinese border.

After Gu Yinye learned about the actual situation, he immediately applied to his superiors to transfer Sorghum. At this time, Sorghum was the deputy dean of the Special Warfare Academy. He and Gu Xiaofei received a call during the test flight, and they quickly rendezvoused with Gu Yiye. Because Mr. Yi, an overseas Chinese of Chinese descent, had provided a lot of help to the Chinese army, the chief told everyone that there should be no mistakes in arresting them.

In addition, Xia Lin collected more information. Long before Prince took the hostages, the pirates also hijacked a Chinese fishing boat. The exact number of hostages is unknown. Because Prince has sent the hostages away, he will go to a training camp with a group of terrorists. If the Chinese army wants to solve this problem, they must cut off their communication, shut down all wireless communication methods, and both teams will start a war at the same time.

Sorghum assured the chief that after so many years of reform, the Special Forces Brigade will be able to escort the safety of the motherland and the people in terms of technical means and combat capabilities, and they will be able to successfully complete this mission. Before the battle, Gu Yinye explained the deployment situation to Gu Xiaofei in detail, and asked him to take good care of Sorghum.

Since skydiving at high altitudes would be extremely dangerous, Gu Xiaofei was very worried about Sorghum, thinking that he should stay in the front finger and sit in the seat, and there was no running-in training beforehand. But because of Gao Liang’s insistence, Gu Xiaofei had to agree to let him skydive, on the premise that he obeyed all his arrangements.

Xia Lin also wanted to participate in the arrest, but Gu Xiaofei really refused, and no more unexpected factors were allowed. In the end, Xia Lin agreed to stay and wait, and solemnly took out Han Chunyu’s necklace from his arms and handed it to Gao Liang, asking him to wear it for him for a day. When Gu Xiaofei heard the news of Gu Yinye’s visit to the island, he also expressed his concern to him. Thousands of words were turned into one sentence to pay attention to safety.

Jiangnanzheng will also participate in this operation, responsible for providing information and technology support for everyone, and avenging the deep revenge for the safety of the Chinese people, as well as the innocent comrades and compatriots who died in vain. Due to the cooperation of all parties, Gu Xiaofei quickly took out the important hostage Kim.

On the other hand, when Gu Yinye went to rescue the Chinese fishermen, the roar of the police dog caused him to be alert. When he reacted, the terrorists mixed in the crowd immediately. Carry out an explosion.

Fortunately, Gu Yinye fell in time and was only slightly injured. On the other side, Sorghum and Prince fought fiercely, and finally ended his life with a dagger. After a few people finished their mission, on their way back with Kim, Gaoliang was in a good mood and couldn’t help but sing, but Gu Xiaofei turned on the walkie-talkie secretly, causing everyone to hear his singing.

Under Gu Xiaofei’s suggestion, everyone sang in unison, praising the great motherland, including their ideals and aspirations, and paying homage to the lost beauty and sacrifice. When everything calmed down, Gaoliang took Jing Jing and others to pay homage to Grandpa Zhu of Acacia Village. He was a forest guard who blocked the entry of terrorists a few years ago.

He was brutally murdered by Prince, and he still believed in China until the last moment. People’s Liberation Army. Whenever he thinks of this, Sorghum feels guilt in his heart, and Jingjing also makes a decision. Instead of going to the United States to study for a master’s degree, he decides to join the army.

Jiang Weixing has accomplished his own business and is already a successful businessman with great wealth. He was watching the National Day military parade on the way to the company. Hearing the familiar slogan, he subconsciously wanted to salute, recalling the past, and could no longer hold back the tears. Eyebrows. Gu Yinye, Gao Liang and Jiang Nanzheng participated in the majestic military parade. They will always remember General Secretary Xi’s speech at the military parade.

Enjoying peace is the blessing of the people, and safeguarding peace is the responsibility of the people’s army. The road of building a powerful army with characteristics, building a world-class army, and making new and greater contributions to the realization of the Chinese dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation and the maintenance of world peace.

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