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Reset 开端 Episode 9 Recap

Neighbors hurriedly rushed to an old garage with buckets in hand, and Lao Jiao was the first to be very anxious. When I got to the front, I saw a woman calmly cleaning up the water stains on the ground with a broom. When she turned her head, it was the woman who loaded the bomb with the pressure cooker. She comforted the neighbors and thanked everyone for their help. After packing up and returning to the garage, the woman’s eyes were extremely empty.

After Xiao Heyun pulled Li Shiqing away, the bus exploded again, and the surveillance cameras at the station clearly recorded the actions of the two, and together with Lao Jiao, who was showing his head, became the target of police investigation. Along the direction the two fled, the police found that they were going to Port New Village, which had a blind spot for surveillance. Bureau Du then arranged for Zhang Cheng to take people there, on the one hand to capture Li Xiao and the other, and on the other hand to investigate Lao Jiao’s situation.

Jiang Feng and his colleagues came to the warehouse where Lao Jiao rented before. They thought it was the landlord who was investigating the fire safety. Only then did they know that Lao Jiao had an accident. While the police were investigating, Xiao Heyun and Li Shiqing took advantage of the complex terrain of Gangwu New Village to hide in the hidden residential area above. Going all the way to a hidden place, Xiao Heyun suddenly vomited beside the pool. He washed the blood on his body, and the scene that happened on the bus could not be echoed in his mind.

Li Shiqing looked at Xiao Heyun, who was sitting on the ground with a pale face, and knew that comforting lightly could not ease his inner pain. Xiao Heyun never thought that he would become a murderer, and the sense of panic in killing was something he didn’t care about. No matter how many times I come here, I will never forget the feeling. However, both of them knew that the top priority now was to avoid the police’s search, so Li Shiqing could only comfort him a little, and then quickly pulled Xiao Heyun up and continued to escape.

Jiang Feng learned from the landlord that Lao Jiao once worked hard to help a woman put out a fire in order to get the commendation bonus, that is, she came to check because she was tinkering with things in the garage and caused a fire. People from the neighborhood committee also responded. Before the fire, nearby residents also reported that they heard an explosion. After inquiring by Jiang Feng, I learned that the woman’s name was Tao Yinghong.

Jiang Feng reported the situation and arranged for police to investigate Tao Yinghong’s garage, while Zhang Cheng led people to continue to track Li Xiao and the two. Xiao Heyun didn’t want to implicate Li Shiqing, and left her to run away alone, but Li Shiqing didn’t want to abandon her only partner like this, and the two escaped from the Port New Village in a pickup truck full of sculptures.

The police located Xiao Heyun’s mobile phone, and Zhang Cheng quickly followed him with someone. Xiao Heyun threw his mobile phone out of the car to prevent the police from tracking him, but he was still immersed in his emotions and could not recover, and persuaded Li Shiqing to leave himself to avoid these disasters. Li Shiqing took out her mobile phone and threw it out of the car. She told Xiao Heyun that he would go wherever he went.

When the truck arrived at the destination, Li Xiao and the two found that this was the secret base that Lu Di rented. The two jumped out of the car and went to Lu Di’s residence. Relying on the password that Lu Di told in the previous cycle, the two finally had a relationship. a place to temporarily hide. Xiao Heyun washed the blood and found the wound on his arm.

Li Shiqing put on the clothes of an anime character and went to a nearby pharmacy to buy drugs and melatonin. Watching the news broadcast on TV, it turned out that she and Xiao Heyun were now wanted by the police. Xiao Heyun had also seen the news about the bombing on his tablet. Li Shiqing pushed in the door, and now even this small room is not safe.

Bureau Du keenly analyzed the situation where Li Xiao and the two were hiding in the pickup truck through monitoring, and the driver also saw the blood-stained schoolbag left by Xiao Heyun in the truck. According to the guidance of the driver and the sanitation personnel, Zhang Cheng led the police into Lu Di’s room, but there was no one in the room or on the balcony.

At this time, Li Shiqing was bandaging Xiao Heyun’s wound on the balcony on the next floor. Watching the video on the Internet calling herself a bomber and over-interpreting the violent plot in the game she designed, Xiao Heyun felt mixed emotions. Li Shiqing persuaded him not to care about the self-righteousness of others, but Xiao Heyun, who was holding melatonin, suddenly got up and left, and only told Li Shiqing to go to standby and wait for him.

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