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Cupid’s Kitchen 舌尖上的心跳 Episode 4 Recap

Elise watched the live broadcast of the Future Star Western Food Division at her mother’s house, Mrs. Quentin, and praised her younger brother Victor’s cooking skills. Jiang Qianfan commented that he was a performer. The reason why he did not participate in the London Division and participated in the Shanghai Division , is not satisfied with only showing off his skills in the western food area, and wants to give the chef in the Chinese food area a slap in the face.

Elise thinks that he came to Shanghai because he likes Jiang Qianfan. Mrs. Quentin thanked Jiang Qianfan for giving up half of the equity of Shanghai Yuxuan Restaurant to Elise. Jiang Qianfan sincerely said that Elise deserved it. Yuxuan was founded because of Elise’s help and also because of her. Only good management can develop so well. Mrs. Quentin hopes that Jiang Qianfan can be Victor’s mentor.

Although Victor is her own child, and she is also one of the mentors of this competition, she has the Quentin Group to operate, and her interest and energy are not in cooking. , Jiang Qianfan admitted that Victor was a rare genius, but not the apprentice he wanted. He was too proud. Mrs. Quentin explained that Victor needed to be ruthless to continue to improve his cooking skills, but she couldn’t do it. Jiang Qianfan said that he also Can’t do it.

Mrs. Quentin already knew about Jiang Qianfan’s condition, so she persuaded him to use her own people at this time. Jiang Qianfan bluntly said that Victor loved acting too much and could not be a crutch. Elise thought that he could not find anything better than Victor. A talented apprentice, Jiang Qianfan doesn’t think so.

After tasting Lin Kesong’s dishes, the judges in the Chinese food area described her method of frying as torture. The amount of seasoning used was like poisoning, and the placement of the dishes was more like intimidation. She was like a devil in the kitchen. The judges gave her a Nicknamed the Dragon Princess. Jiang Qianfan called Thomas immediately after seeing the live broadcast and told Thomas that Princess Evil Dragon was his apprentice and must not let anyone choose her.

After the competition, the media surrounded Lin Kesong and asked her why she came to the competition without any cooking skills. Lin Kesong was ashamed and ashamed.

Jiang Qianfan found his uncle’s shop according to the address that Lin Kesong filled in for the competition. Xiaoyu learned that he was here to accept Kesong as his apprentice. It was strange that Kesong took the lowest amount. Jiang Qianfan told her that it was not important, and Xiaoyu felt instantly lost. Her father took Jiang Qianfan upstairs to find Ke Song for her. When they passed the back kitchen, the chefs were so excited when they saw Jiang Qianfan, they followed them upstairs.

His uncle explained Jiang Qianfan’s purpose, but Ke Song thought he was here to make fun of him, but he refused to open the door. Jiang Qianfan introduced him as the executive chef of Yu Xuan, but Lin Ke Song still refused to be his apprentice because he was afraid that he would be accused of climbing high.

He and Jiang Qianfan guessed that Elise had said something impolite to Ke Song and apologized on her behalf. Ke Song recommended that his younger sister admired him more and should accept her as an apprentice. Xiao Yu felt embarrassed standing outside the door and left. Jiang Qianfan wanted to talk to Ke Song alone. Uncle and other chefs went downstairs with interest.

Jiang Qianfan told Lin Kesong outside the door that when they went to eat grilled fish last time, Song Yiran said that the food in the Shanghai Michelin restaurant was crazy delicious. He was the executive chef of Shanghai Yuxuan, and Shanghai Yuxuan was already a two-star Michelin star.

There is a restaurant, there will be new dishes every week, if she doesn’t believe it, she can check it online. When Ke Song checked it, it was indeed the case. Seeing that she didn’t say anything, Qian Fan deliberately said that if she didn’t want to, she would accept someone else as a disciple. Ke Songwei, what should Xiaoyu do?

Jiang Qianfan told her that Lin Xiaoyu had entered the quarter-finals of the future star, and that he was the worst cook among her eight mentors, so Xiaoyu might not choose herself. If Croeson’s apprentice eats at this restaurant in the future, not only will he not spend money, he can also teach Croton’s cooking skills to let her participate in such competitions, so that everyone who knows her will admire her with admiration.

After Jiang Qianfan and Lin Kesong came out, they were surrounded by media reporters and took pictures. Xiaoyu told her that other mentors were much better than Jiang Qianfan, and she was not unhappy. Lin Kesong was relieved. The bottoming out this time turned her from the evil dragon princess who was ridiculed by everyone into the real princess, and was carried away by the immortal Jiang Qianfan on the eight-handed bridge. Ke Song thought at that moment. : If Song Yiran saw this scene, I wonder if he would fall in love with him?

On the way, Jiang Qianfan asked Ke Song to sign a contract, praising her as a piece of jade, full of affection for food, and rare persistence. This is the best quality of being a good chef, and her taste ability is the best in the world. one. At that time, Ke Song thought that Jiang Qianfan was a Bole who cherished talents and knew nothing about his hidden purpose.

Jiang Qianfan took Lin Kesong to the big villa where he lived, and informed her that she would undergo three months of fully enclosed training here, and she must strictly abide by the rules he set: get up at 4 o’clock every day to exercise, and have three meals a day. If you don’t wait until the expiration date, you can only eat the prescribed food, don’t drink alcohol, you can’t take a shower after nine o’clock, etc.

Lin Kesong listened to a lot of rules and regulations and said no to it. Jiang Qianfan encouraged her to say that all big women are not born, they want to By their own efforts. He asked Nina to arrange Ke Song to live in his study. Ke Song was not used to Nina calling him Miss Lin, and the gentle Nina called her Bread.

Seeing her father calling Ke Song, Xiao Yu was angry that even he would be taken away by Ke Song. Dad knew that her daughter was not happy, and enlightened her that there were no should and ifs in the world, but her efforts would never be in vain, Xiao Yu was not convinced Ke Song’s strength is far inferior to himself, but Jiang Qianfan chose her. Her father encouraged her to compete on the field. Xiao Yu determined to do it seriously, so that Jiang Qianfan Jiang knew that she had made the wrong choice.

Elise came to Jiang Qianfan’s house and told him that Yuxuan’s door was now full of reporters. His mother said that if he regretted it now, he could let Victor win a few points less from Kesong. He could tell reporters that choosing Lin Kesong was a joke. He will seriously choose a new apprentice, Jiang Qianfan made it clear that even if he chooses again, it will still be Lin Kesong.

He did this not for himself but for Yu Xuan. Elise reminded him that Lin Ke Song is the worst among all the players, and he is a chef. Jiang Qianfan said that even if he and Ke Song lost in the competition, he would not shake his position at all. Their common goal now is to use The fastest speed allowed Shanghai Yuxuan to get three Michelin stars. At this time, Lin Kesong came downstairs inappropriately, Jiang Qianfan issued an evacuation order, and Elise left angrily.

Lin Kesong couldn’t sleep at night and ran downstairs. She saw Jiang Qianfan cooking in the kitchen and ran over curiously. She didn’t expect to be reprimanded by Jiang Qianfan for not being allowed in without his permission. After going upstairs, Lin Kesong brought Jiang Qianfan two glasses of red wine before bed and asked him to borrow one of his pajamas. Jiang Qianfan pointed out that she was punished with 20 sit-ups for illegally serving wine.

Lin Kesong was taking a frothy bath in the room and suddenly there was no water. Jiang Qianfan informed her that the bathing time was over a minute and she would solve it by herself. Lin Kesong angrily scolded him for being crazy.

After washing up and lying on the bed, Lin Kesong suddenly felt that Jiang Qianfan’s clothes smelled very good, as if lying in someone’s arms. This thought startled her, she thought she must be driven crazy by him .

The eldest brother just persuaded Song Yiran to take time to spend with Chu Ting on the phone, and Chu Ting just made a video call, saying that he saw his eldest brother Song Yiran today and seemed to be discussing cooperation with her parents. Song Yiran felt bored and found an excuse to hang up the phone. .

Early the next morning, Lin Kesong was half an hour late, and Jiang Qianfan was exercising on the equipment. Kesong was surprised that his figure was great, but his soul was like a devil. Jiang Qianfan adjusted the treadmill and asked him to run forty-five consecutive runs. minute. When you’re done, give her fifteen minutes to freshen up and eat breakfast. Croissant doesn’t understand what fitness has to do with being a chef? Jiang Qianfan told others not to embarrass himself, that everything can’t be done the best.

After a while, Croissant ran out to eat in her pajamas, and was reprimanded by Jiang Qianfan to leave the table immediately, because she had no sense of ceremony for the food, and disrespected the chef and herself. Nina wanted to re-bake Croissant, but Jiang Qianfan asked her to take a break.

Lin Kesong went to the room, changed her clothes and put on her makeup. She was proud that she was an impeccable and delicate girl this time, to see what bones Jiang Qianfan could pick out of the eggs.

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