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What is the story of “Jiuzhou: Zhu Yanji”?

Jiuzhou: Zhu Yanji” (The Princess From Plateau) is a costume fantasy drama starring Zhong Shujia, Kong Lida and Zhang Junhao, starring Feng Shaofeng and Peng Xiaoran, and starring Zhu Zhengting, Cheng Xiaomeng and Jin Zehao.

Adapted from Zhan’an’s novel, the play is a rare film and television drama in the Kyushu series that cuts in from a female perspective and focuses on telling unforgettable love stories under the Kyushu worldview. With Kyushu as the background, the play tells a love story of sweet and cruel love.

On the Yebei grassland in ancient times, Ye Lingshuang and Qi Hai Rui were sisters who grew up together. Although Ye Lingshuang was regarded as an ominous person on the grassland, despised and hated by the clan, only Ye Bei’s princess Qi Hai Rui never despised her. , since she was a child, she was regarded as the closest good sister, Ye Lingshuang decided to be loyal to her princess all her life. Chao Gaodi, the emperor of Chao Kingdom, designed a drama to ask for Qi Hai Rui’s marriage in order to attack Ye Bei.

In order to save her relatives and Ye Bei, Qi Hai Rui resolutely jumped off the cliff. Ye Lingshuang saw Ye Bei’s entire tribe disintegrate in front of her, and was determined to avenge Qi Hai Rui and the entire tribe. Ye Lingshuang went into the palace under the name Bai Lu and failed to assassinate Emperor Chao Gao many times, which made Emperor Chao Gao interested in Ye Lingshuang and fell in love with her.

Ye Lingshuang was also very moved by this, but having feelings for an enemy meant betrayal, and her heart became more and more conflicted. But Emperor Chao Gao was also at the end of the battle. Under Ye Lingshuang’s careful arrangement, the Chao Kingdom was overthrown, and Emperor Chao Gao was also on the verge of death.

On January 7th, the official Weibo account of “Jiuzhou·Zhuyanji” posted a set of “Zhuyanji character posters” on the social platform, and the gorgeous palace style made people’s eyes shine. It is accompanied by the text “The fate of the stars is like a mystery, and the white dew is frost. It is difficult to distinguish between love and hate. The mirror is broken and round, and the harp sings, opening a new era in Kyushu.” In the poster, it can be seen that the clothing is gorgeous and noble as a whole, but everyone’s clothing Each also has its own characteristics.

Feng Shaofeng plays the male lead Yu Xiuming in this new drama, dressed in a splendid costume, Yu Xuanang. Feng Shaofeng is a famous film and television actor in mainland China. 2 He won the 21st Beijing University Student Film Festival with “Di Renjie’s Dragon King”, the most popular actor award for college students, and won the 33rd Popular Film Hundred Flowers Award for “Wolf Totem”. Best Actor Award. The starring films include Tsui Hark’s “Di Renjie” series, “Wolf Totem” and Zheng Baorui’s “Journey to the West” series. Starring in TV series including “Harem”, “Lanling King” and “Do You Know?” Do you know? It should be classic works such as “Green Fat Red Thin”.

Peng Xiaoran starred in the new drama Ye Lingshuang, jade hairpin slanted hairpin cloud bun, golden phoenix on the skirt. Peng Xiaoran is a rookie actor born in 1990. He has participated in TV series including “Soul Ferryman”, “Old Nine Gates”, “East Palace” and “Da Tang Mingyue”.

Zhu Zhengyan starred in Yi Wuyou, Zongzhi’s handsome and handsome young man, looking up at the blue sky with his white eyes, as bright as a jade tree in front of the wind. Born in Anhui Province on March 18, 1996, he is a male pop singer, film and television actor, dancer in mainland China, a member of the male singing group NINE PERCENT, and the captain of Lehua’s seven sons NEXT. This TV series is his debut.

Cheng Xiaomeng plays Qi Hai Lian, who seems to be like the moon covered by the light clouds, and the wind is like the snow returning to the flowing wind. Cheng Xiaomeng’s representative works in TV series include “The Promotion of the Crown Princess”, “East Palace” and “Blood Chang’an”.

Jin Zehao plays the role of Infants of the World, with a solemn demeanor and a broad-mindedness, with a prominent and dignified position. Mr. Gao Ya is a real gentleman, and he will never forget his heart at first sight. Jin Zehao’s participation in TV series include “The Wind in Langya List”, “The Ancient City of Ghosts Blowing Lamps” and “Ode to Joy 2”.

Liu Mengrui plays the role of Qi Hai Rui, who is stunned when she sees the first explanation, and refuses to return to sleep in love with the car. A night of tenderly crying about the fate of the bottom line, because of the lack of golden flowers in the clothes. Liu Mengmengrui is a rookie actor, and her first TV series is “Liu Li”, which is the first work she is promoted to starring in.

Another big drama in the Kyushu series “Kyushu: Zhu Yanji” has officially announced the lineup, let’s look forward to it together.

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