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What is the adaptation of “Sleek Beauty with Light Makeup”

Sleek Beauty with Light Makeup (潇洒佳人淡淡妆)

“Sleek Beauty with Light Makeup” is adapted from Jinjiang’s novel “Prosperity Makeup Girl”, which tells the story of the game system’s beauty blogger Si Yan’s counterattack and promotion. The play is directed by Qu Rongda and written by Lu Qingyu.

“Shengshi Zhuangniang” is an ancient novel by Li Xiao serialized in Jinjiang. The animation of the same name has been played over 200 million times and is very popular.

Brief Introduction

As a beauty blogger who was thrown into the game system, Si Yan is fortunate that the equipment in this system are all popular beauty products. The sad thing is: even if she is sitting on the world’s lipstick, she has no time to test the color happily. It is also very tiring to help the imperial concubine control oil and help the empress smooth dry lines and fine lines every day.

However, just after she made up her mind to conquer the entire harem with beauty makeup, she came to the two princes to disrupt the situation, and all the NPCs in the game came to join in the fun. And that Highness, if you say that the lipstick I use every day is the same color, I will be angry!

Unsolved cases in the palace are unsolved, and the border town is reborn. As a beauty blogger, Si Yan not only has to solve all kinds of “disasters” caused by NPC’s smart watch, but also helps others fall in love, but her own love doesn’t seem to be “talked” yet.

Separation always came unexpectedly, and when she had to say goodbye, Si Yan realized that what she was worried about was not saying goodbye to him, but that they would never meet again. The person who is right will always meet again at a certain moment across time and space, but will he, after all, come for her regardless?

Si Yan always thought that her luck in this life was to be able to continue her life in the game, but when that love was about to stir, she realized that it was the lucky thing in this life to meet him in the game world.

About the Author

Li Xiao, member of Beijing Writers Association, winner of the 15th Chinese Literature Media Award. He has been writing since 2013 and has completed more than ten full-length works. Among them, many works such as “Notes of the Imperial Lady” and “Little Lady in the Royal Kitchen” have been signed and published in traditional and simplified versions. In 2016, the work “Prosperity Makeup Girl” became popular on Sina Weibo due to its novel theme, and has successively signed a number of copyrights for film and television, games, animation, radio dramas, and traditional and simplified publishing.

His representative works include “Aspiration to the Palace”, “The Beauty of the Prime Minister’s House”, “The Lady in the Royal Kitchen”, “For Misfortune”, “The Beauty in the Royal Palace”, “The Notes of a Lady in the Royal Palace”, “Yan Ji·Suoxianglou”, “The Story of the Palace·Yan Ran Biography” and “Rebirth”. Abandoned and Rise”, “Little Lady’s Concubine in the Palace” and so on.

Derivative Works

“Prosperity Makeup Girl” is an online romance novel of the same name created by Li Xiao, produced by Penguin Films, and animated by Imagineer and Jiangtong Animation.


Si Yan rolled her eyes when she thought about it. She became a vegetative person in the car accident, and then someone entered her mind and told her that he was the NPC of the game system Jinjiang was developing, and came to ask her for her opinion, and asked her if she was willing to participate in the internal test. If she wants, her mind will get another life in the system world; if she doesn’t want to, he respects her personal wishes, and she has the freedom to wake up or die in a vegetative state on a hospital bed.

Si Yan was sluggish at that time. Is this asking for opinions? The two choices are very different, it’s no wonder she doesn’t agree! As for why this “good thing” came to her, the official answer given by the npc was because she was a beauty blogger.

“This game is aimed at female players, and needs to use cosmetics and skin care products to solve various problems in the virtual world.” ← These are the original words of the npc. Leonardo’s identical face was dumbfounded for a long time.

Oh, as for why this npc named jack was designed to be the same as Leonardo? It is said that on the day Leonardo won the Oscar, all Weibo was using lipstick to draw the lottery, it looked like the lipstick won the Oscar.

Si Yan was thinking at the time, the game designer has enough brains, and it’s very funny, won’t this game play dead people? Facts have proved that playing dead people may not be enough, and it can be done to make people uncomfortable.

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