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Lucky With You 三生有幸遇上你 Episode 40 End Recap

The doll served a piece of fried rice, and deliberately asked Starfish to come over to chat with the marquis. The Marquis and Haixing drank a glass of chili wine each and made up awkwardly. Starfish bought a new set of equipment for the rescue team in the name of money, and the Marquis was also very pleased. Wu Shiyi received a photo from the Marquis with Starfish, and he was relieved to know that they were reconciled. Qian Qian and Hou Zhirong were also very sweet after being together again.

Qian Qian asked Hou Zhirong to live there. After all, the Marquis needs his own space. Hou Zhirong was unwilling to cause trouble for Qian Qian, and was worried that the Marquis would object, so he didn’t know what to do for a while.

Liu Tiehao did not give up his intention to kill the Marquis. After following the Marquis all the way back to the underground garage, he secretly let out the air of his tires. The doll couldn’t sleep in the middle of the night and ran to the rooftop to chat with Starfish, who was playing the guitar with a bottle of wine in his hand. The doll is worried about Haixing and the Marquis. Haixing said that they have been for many years, and there is no big deal at all.

The doll praised that he was very handsome in saving people today, which was different from the usual starfish. The doll sat a little closer to the starfish, and summoned up the courage to call the starfish by his name, saying that he hadn’t heard him sing for a long time, and wanted him to sing one for himself. Starfish teased her, and the melody sounded immediately. There were confessions between the lines, and the baby was very shy.

The next day, Marquis’s car broke down halfway, and he asked Wu Shiyi, who was following behind him, to help call a car rescue. He was in a hurry to get a car and leave. Getting into the taxi, the Marquis gradually realized that something was wrong. The driver noticed that Wu Shiyi was following him all the way, slowly deviating from the original route, and the Marquis realized that this was not where he was coming. Only then did the driver take off the fake beard, it was Liu Tiehao.

The marquis couldn’t help but stepped forward to grab the steering wheel. Liu Tiehao was in control of the steering wheel like crazy. The car lost control during the fight between the two, and flew from the original section to the section under maintenance on the other side, causing a burst of confusion. Wu Shiyi was lost, and realized that the situation was in crisis and hurriedly called President Zhao to call the police.

Liu Tiehao woke up in the car with mud in front of him. He drove the dilapidated car all the way to the sea. The Marquis in the back seat fainted a long time ago. Seeing that he was still angry, Liu Tiehao took a video with his mobile phone and sent it to Hou Zhirong, and then called to blackmail him. When Hou Zhirong saw the video, he was furious and begged Liu Tiehao not to hurt the Marquis, and he agreed to do whatever he wanted! Liu Tiehao asked him to transfer 1 million to his account within five minutes.

As soon as he hung up the phone, he saw the car behind him slid into the sea, and Liu Tiehao was also taken in in shock. Wu Shiyi arrived in a hurry, and when he saw this, he rushed into the water to save people. Wu Shiyi smashed the window glass, and the Marquis was successfully rescued, but Wu Shiyi drowned. At the critical moment, the Marquis overcame his fear and rescued Wu Shiyi.

In the end, the police took Liu Tiehao away, and he will receive the trial he deserves. a few months later. Wu Shiyi transferred from the front line to an instructor, and used his own experience to assign exercises to the team members, and Zhirong Construction was the one to cooperate with the exercise assessment.

Halfway through, Wu Shiyi received news from the Marquis that he was going to a meeting and would celebrate Wu Shiyi’s birthday in the evening. The team member’s signal suddenly disappeared. Wu Shiyi hurried upstairs to look for someone.

Unexpectedly, the entire Zhirong Building was empty. The dim light in the conference room suddenly turned on when Wu Shiyi came over, and then the birthday song sounded. The Marquis appeared with Wu Tianyi, Zhang Yingnan, President Zhao, Qian Qian, Hou Zhirong and others. This was a birthday surprise that he carefully planned for Wu Shiyi.

The Marquis told everyone a story with Wu Shiyi. This story started a year ago, when Wu Shiyi caught a scumbag and fell from the sky, which was also the day that the Marquis was changed. The marquis handed over the jade pendant left by his mother to Wu Shiyi, hoping that she can help him take good care of it from now on.

A good luck to meet you, a good luck to the end. Witnessed by relatives and friends, Wu Shiyi agreed to the Marquis’ proposal, remembering his unfortunate self a year ago, which is a stark contrast to now. The Marquis gave Wu Shiyi hope to start over, and gave her the courage to start over. Now they are ruthlessly happy.

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