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Cupid’s Kitchen 舌尖上的心跳 Episode 2 Recap

When they arrived at the grilled fish restaurant, Song Yiran and Lin Kesong enjoyed their meal, but Jiang Qianfan didn’t move a chopstick. Ke Song tasted ten flavors of green pepper, mountain pepper, red pepper, etc., but there was one she couldn’t taste. When they came out, Jiang Qianfan told them it was chicken essence based on the color of the fish. Song Yiran didn’t believe it. He made a bet with Jiang Qianfan that they would visit the kitchen at night after get off work at ten o’clock. If they found him, they would give Lin Kesong a thousand dollars.

Qianfan gave Ke Song one thousand, Jiang Qianfan agreed, and was willing to add one thousand more. After the store closed, Song Yiran took Lin Kesong over the wall to enter. Jiang Qianfan, who was not seen behind them, thought he was afraid of slipping away. Unexpectedly, Jiang Qianfan was waiting at the door of the kitchen.

He asked Song Yiran to take care of the wind outside. Going into the kitchen to look for spices, Croissant accidentally sneeze attracted people, and the three hurried away. On the way home, Jiang Qianfan took the initiative to turn on the music in the car, and told Ke Song that the music should be used to match the mood.

The next day, even though Lin Kesong had gotten up early and pedaled his bicycle, she was still late. She took Jiang Qianfan to eat fragrant tofu and fish soup. She also said that this delicacy had another name called Heart Fish Tears. Qianfan laughed and said that the name must be small. It was made by a girl, which did not match the style of the store, so Croissant had to admit that it was made by himself.

After tasting the tofu, Jiang Qianfan pointed out that the taste of the tofu was uneven. It was a pity that the dish was too careful. Croissant refused to accept it. Jiang Qianfan played a game with her. After Lin Ke Song tasted it, he judged whether the order was correct. After Ke Song tasted it, he was delighted that the two orders were reversed.

Unexpectedly, when he looked at his phone, Jiang Qianfan had already sent her the normal order in advance. Ke Song admires Jiang Qianfan’s willpower, and is unmoved in the face of so many delicacies. Jiang Qianfan also admires that Ke Song’s desire for food is unstoppable. Lin Kesong found out later that since then, Jiang Qianfan has been guiding her towards the path of being a chef.

Lin Kesong’s three-day tour guide work was over. When they parted, she asked Jiang Qianfan to take her to Song Yiran’s party. As soon as she arrived at the place, Ke Song’s cousin Lin Xiaoyu called. She learned that Ke Song was serving as a tour guide for the chef Jiang Qianfan.

At the party, Song Yiran announced in public that Chu Ting would open a second branch. He would go to Shanghai to live with his girlfriend. The eldest brother had arranged for him to be in charge of hotel management at Suning Baolijia in Shanghai. All deleted, so tonight is also a farewell party. Everyone cheered, Song Yiran and Chu Ting kissed passionately, and Lin Kesong went to the balcony to drink stuffy wine alone.

After a while, Song Yiran came over and said that she had arranged a job for Ke Song. She was in the hotel where she worked last time, as the assistant to the president that she had applied for before. Lin Ke Song declined and told her that she was going back to her hometown and accepted the job arranged by her parents. .

After the party ended, it was about to rain. Lin Kesong walked alone under the street lamp, recalling the days when she silently accompanied Song Yiran at school. She was very sad. Song looked at the deserted street scene and burst into tears. She came to Jiang Qianfan’s room aimlessly and knocked on the door. She sat on the door and wiped her tears, telling that the secret love tasted like this candied haws. But Croissant dragged him to the rooftop.

She cried and said that she was an ugly duckling, becoming the type he liked, and applying for the major he liked, because she was afraid of rejection and never confessed, which was really pitiful. Jiang Qianfan comforted Ke Song, Song Yiran was just a child who didn’t grow up, so Lin Ke Song cried that he didn’t leave him, but that he couldn’t live without him.

It was raining, Jiang Qianfan saw that Ke Song could not be persuaded, and wanted to leave in anger. Lin Kesong cried and wanted to give Qian Fan the last candied fruit to eat. Qian Fan saw that she stumbled towards the guardrail and wanted to go over, so he ran over to get Ke Song. Song hugged him down.

Early the next morning, Jiang Qianfan brought the newly developed dumplings mixed with fish and tears in the heart to Elise to taste. Elise had just eaten half of it. She heard that this dish was the inspiration that Lin Kesong brought to Qianfan, so she immediately stopped tasting and commented. There is nothing to be gained. Jiang Qianfan pointed out that Elise had cooperated with him for three years, and every time she tasted new dishes, she could give a fair and objective evaluation.

On the way, Elise was still angry when she recalled what happened last night. When she gave Jiang Qianfan the night light, she saw the drunk Lin Kesong sleeping with his clothes on the sofa in his room. face cold. At this time, Junbin called Elise and told her that Qianfan must take care of him because he had a cold, because there was a problem with his nervous system, and he was worried that the fever would cause further lesions.

Only then did Elise know about Qianfan’s taste failure. . Junbin told her that Qianfan was insensitive to sweetness when he was in Yuxuan Restaurant. He had checked Qianfan’s taste buds and it was fine, but his brain couldn’t feel the sweetness, but he was not sure whether his condition would worsen. Elise told Jun Bin this matter to be kept secret.

Lin Kesong met Elise in the corridor with Xiaoyu’s resume, and learned that Kesong’s younger sister wanted to take Jiang Qianfan as her teacher. Elise satirized her over her ability. To do it for herself, she told Ke Song that Jiang Qianfan told her not to mention her affairs to the outside world, delete the number and not to contact him again. Lin Ke Song was angry that Elise was too deceiving, and immediately deleted Jiang Qianfan’s mobile phone number.

She called Xiaoyu and blamed herself for not doing it. Xiaoyu told her that Elise was not only Jiang Qianfan’s partner, but also an ex-girlfriend, so even a female mosquito could not fly in beside Jiang Qianfan, which is well known in the food industry , Although Xiao Yu didn’t blame himself, this setback made Ke Song want to quickly escape from the city.

Elise rushed back to the hotel to take care of Jiang Qianfan. She said softly that Jiang Qianfan was looking for Lin Kesong just to find a crutch. Qianfan said that he needed her, and Yuxuan also needed her. He also needs to be drunk in Qianfan’s room? Qianho weakly explained that she had a talent for taste.

Lin Kesong returned to her home in Wuzhen. She went to the unit her parents found for an interview, but she didn’t pass. In fact, she didn’t want to go. She didn’t want to do a leisurely job with a salary that was neither high nor low. , living a life that sees the end all her life, and she is not reconciled to say goodbye to her dream.

At this time, Xiaoyu encouraged Ke Song, since her crush on Song Yiran was her biggest motivation, why didn’t she complete it, even if she was rejected, so Lin Ke Song came to Shanghai with good expectations for her dream.

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