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Cupid’s Kitchen 舌尖上的心跳 Episode 1 Recap

Shanghai, Jiang Qianfan is the head chef at Yuxuan Restaurant. He is a Chinese chef born in London. He has won the championship of the Murrells Future Star Cooking Competition, which is an authoritative competition in the culinary world. Chinese chef. Four years ago, he opened a restaurant called Yuxuan in London, which focuses on the popular contemporary fusion cuisine. It has been certified with three Michelin stars. Six months ago, his Yuxuan Shanghai branch has also been certified with two Michelin stars. march.

Three months ago, Jiang Qianfan met Lin Kesong by accident in Hangzhou. At that time, 24-year-old Lin Kesong worked as an intern at the Liangshe Hotel of Song Group in order to follow Song Yiran, who had a crush on her. She majored in hotel management at university. On this day, the hotel manager arranged for Lin Kesong to check room 3006, and informed that a special guest would be staying soon. Unexpectedly, Lin Kesong fell asleep on the high-back chair after finishing his work.

Jiang Qianfan accidentally discovered that he had lost his sense of taste after staying at the Liangshe Hotel. He was shocked and immediately called Junbin to tell Junbin that Lin Kesong was so frightened that he crawled to a corner and hid in a corner, but his phone landed on it. On the chair, Jiang Qianfan called the housekeeping department after seeing it to confirm whether the room had been cleaned. Lin Kesong took the opportunity to escape, but Jiang Qianfan found out that she had just gone out. .

Lin Kesong just checked Jiang Qianfan’s information on his mobile phone after he arrived in the hall. He was already standing in front of him when he looked up. He pointed out that Lin Kesong had eavesdropped on his phone, and Kesong was sorry that he fell asleep accidentally. Jiang Qianfan’s partner Yi Liz complained to the manager of the housekeeping department, and the manager promised to meet the compensation request after apologizing.

Jiang Qianfan asked Lin Kesong to rearrange the room. But Elise asked to disinfect the bathroom three times after she finished cleaning. Ke Song asked Jiang Qianfan for help with her eyes. Jiang Qianfan asked her to take responsibility for herself. Lin Ke Song drank a cup of toilet water in a fit of anger.

After get off work, Song Yiran asked Lin Kesong to eat, saying that she wanted her to taste the new dishes introduced by the restaurant. Unexpectedly, Lin Kesong arrived first and was mistaken by the waiter as a guest invited by the restaurant to taste the new products, and led her to a large private room and The gourmets tasted together and wrote down their opinions and contact information.

Lin Ke Song later received a message from Song Yiran and realized that he had gone to the wrong room, so he hurried to the hall downstairs to meet him. During the banquet, Song Yiran received a phone call from his girlfriend. He told Ke Song that the new girlfriend he had just made was the daughter of a business partner introduced by his eldest brother.

Jiang Qianfan listened to Li Yan and thought it was worthless after reading the opinions of all the tasters that night. Elise added that another taster said that the fragrance of double grass was too strong. She felt that it was too unprofessional and did not summarize it. Jiang Qianfan was surprised. This dish has a grassy scent when making the sauce and sweat.

The butter they put in is taken from artificially raised cows, so there is another grassy scent, but the fish dishes are made by them through complicated processes. This person can taste The double grass scent shows that his taste ability is very strong. He arranged for Li Yan to find this person as soon as possible.

Song Yiran drove a sports car with his girlfriend Chu Ting for a ride, and met Lin Kesong at a street stall. He introduced to Chu Ting that Lin Kesong was a child. The two galloped away like a wind, leaving behind Lin Kesong, who was secretly hurt. In front of Chu Ting, Lin Kesong was ashamed. She never confessed to Song Yiran, because Song Yiran never had a love window, and her girlfriends were all beautiful.

Being able, this made Lin Kesong feel like an ugly duckling, except for being greedy, she was afraid that the two of them would not even be friends. But she never gave up her efforts, and she always dreamed that one day she could enter the management of Song Family Group and become a woman Song Yiran could not do without.

As soon as he went to work the next day, Lin Kesong was notified by the hotel that he was fired due to customer complaints. She cried while eating breakfast sadly. Jiang Qianfan wanted to comfort her when she saw it, but Lin Kesong, who was in a bad mood, scolded him for cooking. It was the first time someone said that to Jiang Qianfan. He was very surprised.

Song was the food appraiser he was looking for. Jiang Qianfan asked her to be his tour guide for three days. He took him to eat all the food around him, and he was paid a thousand dollars a day. He explained that he didn’t like chefs because they had too many rules in their minds. Lin Ke Song likes food and is very free, and Ke Song readily agreed.

After Jiang Qianfan returned to the hotel, he told Elise and Li Yan about the incident. Elise strongly objected. She suggested that Lin Kesong did not follow the rules, and no matter how sensitive his sense of taste was, Jiang Qianfan insisted that the sense of taste was a gift. Such talents are hard to come by.

On the first day of work, Lin Kesong was late, and Jiang Qianfan warned her not to be an exception. Only later did Lin Kesong know that these three days were actually Jiang Qianfan’s assessment of her, and this test determined her life’s destiny.

Lin Kesong bought the sweet Dingsheng cake on the street and wanted to eat it with Jiang Qianfan, but he refused to eat sweets, so Kesong had to take him to have morning tea. She ordered Jiang Qianfan fruit and lemon tea, and for herself Ordering the tired citrus tea, Jiang Qianfan deliberately took her away to get some snacks, and then dipped his own tea with a toothpick into Lin Kesong’s teacup. After Croissant came back and took a sip, he immediately tasted the taste of salted egg yolk, so he had to order another cup.

On the way to the drive after eating, Lin Kesong mentioned that she discovered that she has a keen sense of taste. In the first year of the first year of the first year, she bought a gift for her mother in order to earn a scholarship of 200 yuan. Spicy tiger skin pepper, she vomited unconscious, and after she was discharged from the hospital, she found that her sense of taste was twice as sensitive as before, and she could distinguish anything she had tasted, but she had no idea what the seasoning for grilled fish was. , Jiang Qianfan asked Ke Song to take him to eat at night.

The elder brother told Song Yiran that Chu Ting was going to open a branch in Shanghai, and he had to consider whether to go there together.

Lin Kesong was taking Jiang Qianfan to eat at a roadside stall when Song Yiran called and asked her about the interview, and wanted to eat grilled fish with them at night. Jiang Qianfan initially disagreed, but she couldn’t stand Lin Kesong’s repeated pleas. accepted. After Song Yiran came, he wanted to let Ke Song ride in his sports car, but Ke Song told him that he had to take the boss’s car today.

After she got into the car, she turned on the music and saw Jiang Qianfan pulling her face like an ice cube. She was so frightened that she hurriedly closed it. After driving for a while, she couldn’t help but ask Qianfan if she felt too quiet and wanted to listen to a song? Jiang Qianfan replied coldly, “No.”

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