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Reset 开端 Episode 6 Recap

For this major explosion accident, the police immediately set up a task force to investigate the found explosives. Zhang Cheng made work arrangements and decided to investigate the social relations of the passengers who were killed to find out whether there was a possibility of seeking revenge. In addition, passengers on and off the road will be checked one by one.

The masked man took Xiao Heyun and Li Shiqing to a hidden hut, a room full of two-dimensional anime dolls and kittens. Li Shiqing casually asked why he had asthma and kept a cat, which surprised the mask man why she, a stranger, knew about her condition. Li Shiqing had no choice but to tell the truth about the explosion cycle. The mask man asked why it was not in August, because only 8 is the symbol of infinity.

Li Shiqing was very pleased with the masked man’s calm attitude, but listening to the boy’s mouthful of anime game terms, Xiao Heyun thought with disgust that this was a little boy who was addicted to the three-dimensional. The mask man is very interested in going into the loop, excited that he finally has a chance to save the world.

The suspect of the masked man was ruled out, and they had to continue to check the remaining passengers. Xiao Heyun drew the situation on the bus. The muscular man sitting at the door and the anchor standing next to him had no bags and had a sense of justice, so suspicion was ruled out. The uncle sitting by the window had a hole in the snakeskin bag, and Li Shiqing saw that it was filled with watermelons. The aunt sitting on the other side has a red bag under her feet but the contents are unknown, while the old woman holding the schoolbag is filled with medicine.

The suitcase held by the remaining uncle aroused the suspicion of the masked man. There are direct buses to the airport and the train station at that location. Why did he choose to take a bus that needs to be transferred. Perhaps, his destination is not to go to these two places.

Faced with his mother’s urging, the masked man had no choice but to go home first. He looked at the cats who usually ignored him, but now he was extremely clingy, and thought indifferently about what would happen to these cats in the cycles of his own death. .

When the three separated, the masked man said that he could leave his secret base for them to stay temporarily, and told them that even if he did not circulate, as long as they called out their names, he would believe and help them. His name is Lou. Cat Apostle. Asthma Conqueror. The One Chosen by Light. Di.

It is rare to be believed that this warmed Xiao Heyun and Li Shiqing’s hearts. The two came to the Internet cafe and booked a room awkwardly. Seeing the ambiguous light, Li Shiqing felt embarrassed. Xiao Heyun had to pretend to be calm and pull her down to sit down. The end of the case is the key.

When he got home, Ludi was found that the cat’s mother was holding a roller and sticking all over his body. He couldn’t bear the control of his parents to close the door of the room, but his asthma also followed. He took a few breaths of medicine to ease. After coming down, the police who checked the surveillance also contacted Ludi at this time.

Rudy got into his father’s car and headed to the police station, thinking about the letter he had just written. He is grateful for the upbringing of his parents and the world. Asthma has not blocked his heart. He has a richer spiritual world than any healthy child. He also hopes that his parents can see his inner world.

From the police report, the two learned that the bus driver’s name is Wang Xingde, who is an excellent driver with a lot of money. When looking at the video of the first brother, the strange expression of the old man behind him aroused everyone’s idea. While thinking about it, Li Shiqing received a call from the police, and when she called at such a late hour, Xiao Heyun knew that the police had discovered explosives. But Rudy, will he know how to face the police inquiries.

Lu Di frankly stated the misunderstanding of the backpack, and emphasized that the two helped him find the cat, in order to reduce the suspicion of the police. But Zhang Cheng discovered his abnormality and warned Jiang Feng to investigate the relationship between the three.

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