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Reset 开端 Episode 4 Recap

The fledgling Jiang Feng followed his master Zhang Cheng on a mission. Wearing plain clothes, he was tense all over. Such Jiang Feng aroused the vigilance of the suspect, but the nervous Jiang Feng failed to notice the knife drawn by the suspect under him. Zhang Cheng stepped forward in time to hold the knife, but his right hand was cut with blood.

Li Shiqing woke up on the bus again, and the vehicle was about to head towards West Yanjiang Road Station. Xiao Heyun leaned on Li Shiqing’s shoulder and fell asleep, until Li Shiqing stood up and Xiao Heyun knocked on his head, and then gradually woke up. The two also found that as long as they fell asleep, they would return to the cycle.

Xiao Heyun admitted that he did not trust Li Shiqing before, but now they must cooperate. The two had learned from the police that there was indeed a bomb in the car. Li Shiqing yelled at the driver to stop her, but the bus exploded and rushed out of the road as soon as she said the words.

The two who woke up again had determined that this was a man-made explosion. Xiao Heyun analyzed that the bomb was most likely placed in a schoolbag. The passengers without backpacks in the car and the aunt who delivered Li Shiqing’s medicine bag full of medicines could rule out the suspicion. But the man in the last row, wearing a hat and mask with a schoolbag in his arms, was not in the car.

The two got off the bus at Yanjiang West Road Station. Xiao Heyun saw the masked man get on the bus, and Li Shiqing next to him took the initiative to call the police and explained that there was a bomb on the bus. After Xiao Heyun turned around and slipped to the stop sign, he deliberately avoided Li Shiqing, and even took out his mobile phone and pretended to talk to remind Li Shiqing to keep a distance from him.

Xiao Heyun found a remote and secluded park and deliberately avoided surveillance along the way. Li Shiqing didn’t understand his behavior, but Xiao Heyun told Li Shiqing that they got off the bus normally this time. If she didn’t call the police, the two would have enough time to analyze the situation.

But if this is really the last loop, then they’re going to save the rest of the passengers. But rashly calling the police, the two could not help the police solve the case at all. Kindness is not a virtue of incorruptibility, it must be matched with ability. Xiao Heyun wanted to wait until the time was advanced and the police had enough time to investigate before calling the police, so that they could collect more evidence, but Li Shiqing asked him if he would choose to get in the car if the time really kept advancing.

After a brief quarrel, Xiao Heyun calmed down and decided to go with Li Shiqing to see if the police could stop the bus explosion. Zhang Cheng placed control on the bridge, and Jiang Feng got on the bus for investigation. He ordered the passengers to get off the bus but left their belongings, but an uncle insisted on taking the snakeskin bag off the bus. Jiang Feng and the criminal police stepped forward to block it, and the bus exploded again during the dispute.

Li Shiqing received a call from the police and decided to receive the inquiry alone. Xiao Heyun was worried and kept her phone number, and silently watched Li Shiqing get into the police car from behind the statue. The partner called, and the investor’s boss personally came to discuss his game design. In any case, he would be there today. Taking a last look at the bus that exploded on the bridge, Xiao Heyun left on a bicycle. However, he, who got off the bus with Li Shiqing, has been noticed by the police.

Xiao Heyun was very dissatisfied with the need to delete the violent elements in the game by himself. He gave up the continued negotiation with the investor. Recalling Li Shiqing’s rhetorical question to him, he began to search for news about the explosion of the No. 45 bus, and explained the accident on the Internet. The reason was because the driver used a lighter to light a cigarette, and the lighter exploded, causing the vehicle to self-detonate.

Of course, the police did not believe Li Shiqing’s elaboration, but she was able to call out Zhang Cheng and Jiang Feng’s names accurately. Li Shiqing felt guilty when she learned of Jiang Feng’s sacrifice, but her statement still could not be trusted by the police.

Xiao Heyun’s call was received by Zhang Cheng, who was under interrogation. Li Shiqing wisely shouted that they had broken up and stopped contacting her. Xiao Heyun immediately understood her situation and only said that everything would be fine after a sleep.

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