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Reset 开端 Episode 2 Recap

After taking a taxi, Xiao Heyun followed the direction of the bus. Being slandered as a satyr made him feel very unhappy. After being stuck behind the bus, he was explaining to his friends that he would be arriving soon, but was affected by the explosion in front of him, and he was dying of burns. His last memory was of the doctor defibrillating himself, and the sound of the piercing heartbeat beside him stopping.

Xiao Heyun, who woke up on the bus, looked at Li Shiqing beside him and remembered what happened between the two of them before. Xiao Heyun was in a hurry to get off the bus despite Li Shiqing’s obstruction, but was mistaken for grabbing the steering wheel. The expected explosion struck again, and Xiao Heyun and Li Shiqing woke up again on the bus.

Xiao Heyun thought of various ways, but he couldn’t get out of the car, and was rubbed against the glass by the strong man. This time, the impulse was still not spared. Li Shiqing had to tell him not to impulsively listen to his own arrangements the next time he woke up. After waking up, Li Shiqing calmly analyzed, and she found that it was because she pulled Xiao Heyun out of the car that he fell into a loop, and this time her idea was to find a way to avoid the car accident and avoid the explosion.

Li Shiqing pretended to have a heartache and wanted to use this to stop the bus, but Xiao Heyun actually asked the driver to speed up and rush past. As a result, the aunt who took the medicine performed it again. The two could only sit anxiously and keep looking outside, paying attention to the takeaway car. Case.

This time, the two stopped the driver in time to avoid the tragic collision between the bus and the tanker. The two finally breathed a sigh of relief, thankful that such an explosion cycle could finally end. At this time, the old-fashioned mobile phone ringtone recalled that the explosion happened again in Li Shiqing’s panic.

The two woke up again on the bus, and Li Shiqing remembered that she heard this bell when she woke up for the first and second time without disturbing the driver, and she immediately understood that there was a bomb on the bus. In order to get off the bus smoothly, the two had to repeat their old tricks and got off the bus at Qingshui Lane again by the means of encountering a pervert.

Li Shiqing called the police saying that there was a bomb on the bus that needed to be stopped urgently, but she couldn’t answer the police’s inquiries, so Xiao Heyun had to let her hang up. Unfortunately, this time it was too late. The two people standing on the overpass saw thick smoke billowing in the distance, and this accident was still caused by the explosion of the fuel tanker.

In the police station, Zhang Cheng listened to the recording of the report and made a phone call to ask the staff at the crime scene to pay attention to whether there was a bomb on the car to avoid a second explosion, and through the inquiry and monitoring, he saw Xiao Heyun and Li Shiqing standing on the overpass in the distance.

Li Shiqing and Xiao Heyun originally wanted to open their mobile phones to ask the police, but when they thought about their current situation, no one would believe them even if they confessed. The two had no choice but to walk into the garden on the side and decided to analyze the current situation first.

Li Shiqing suspected that she had died and was just repeating the process of death, but Xiao Heyun felt that every time they were reborn, they could change the situation in the car, which was definitely not death. Regarding the situation of pulling herself out of the car, Li Shiqing explained to Xiao Heyun that it was because he was the only one who helped her from her own perspective every time, so she wanted to save him.

In the face of Li Shiqing and Xiao Heyun’s bizarre alarm recording, the police quickly locked the two and decided to question them.

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