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Ace Troops 王牌部队 Episode 34 Recap

Dean Lou thought that with the current domestic medical technology, it would be difficult to ensure the success rate of sorghum surgery, so he thought of Professor Emile, who enjoys an international medical reputation, who is extremely famous in the field of neurosurgery. Gu Yinye found out that Emil was on vacation in China, and made a special trip to the hotel to visit. Unexpectedly, the other party was Populus euphratica who loved him dearly back then.

Although Hu Yang has changed a lot after so many years, when he sees Gu Yinye standing in front of him, he can’t help but be moved. Gu Yinye explained to Hu Yang her intentions and hoped that she could perform surgery on Sorghum in person. However, Hu Yang said that both doctors and soldiers needed long-term accumulation. He had worked countless days and nights to gain his current status, because he knew the difficulty of this operation. So I don’t want to gamble with my career future.

Hearing Hu Yang recounting his past experiences, Gu Yinye felt that he should give her a military salute. It has nothing to do with today’s demands, but because of her struggle and perseverance overseas as a son and daughter of the Chinese people, she deserves admiration. Similarly, Hu Yang has never treated any operation hastily, including the situation of Sorghum. Only Gu Yiye will make her impulsive and go against her original intention. The rest need to be treated with caution.

At the same time, Jiang Nanzheng finally issued a marriage certificate, and happily returned to the ward to show Sorghum, because it was too late to take pictures, so he had to trim their group photo at Zhangmu Railway Station. Jiang Nanzheng asked Gaoliang to sign the form, but Gaoliang, who already knew his true situation, fell into a coma again after writing two words with all his strength, and the marriage application that fell to the ground suddenly appeared “Love you”. “The word, followed by the name of Jiangnan Zheng.

Sorghum’s condition was at stake, Jiang Nanzheng took the initiative to find Hu Yang, because he knew her concerns and did not force too much. Before leaving, he left a sentence that the teacher once said, that is, don’t ask for victory, only ask for the courage to go forward, every time Individuals should surpass themselves in challenges.

Due to the influence of the Huang Tianwei incident, the division commander Chen Dashan temporarily suspended Gu Yinye. As everyone knows, Gu Yinye has submitted an application for discharge to Li Shaobing, and regardless of whether the other party agrees or not, at least he is firm in this matter and bears full responsibility alone. When Axiu heard the news of Gu Yinye’s retirement from the army, he couldn’t stand it for a while, and felt bad that he suffered too much grievance, but Gu Yinye pretended to be relaxed, claiming that he had been accepted by the military magazine, and even promised to split the house.

Not long after, Hu Yang suddenly came to see Gu Yinye and asked him to give him a reason to take risks. Gu Yinye said that Sorghum was his life and death comrade-in-arms, and the two developed a friendship during the war. Because of this, Hu Yang promised to perform surgery on Sorghum. In fact, the main purpose was to pull Gu Yinye out of the abyss and untie the knot in his heart. , at the same time reminding him that he should go back to visit his father, because the 30-year professional revocation of Dad Gu’s research has also been very depressed recently.

On the day of the operation, Hu Yang personally took charge of Sorghum, and Gu Yinye accompanied Jiang Nanzheng outside the operating room, anxious in his heart. Fortunately, the operation went smoothly. Now that sorghum’s broken bone has been corrected, and the nervous system is intact, everyone went to the ward to visit as soon as they got the news, and they were full of praise for Populus euphratica.

Hu Yang didn’t say much. He turned around and asked Jiang Nanzheng to go out to chat with her alone. Gu Yinye noticed something was wrong and followed closely. Only then did he know that the success of the operation did not mean a 100% recovery. Since sorghum is damaged by the nervous system, it will take time to verify the degree of damage, which means that there will be difficult rehabilitation training in the future, which may take a long time, and may not be able to stand up in this life.

Therefore, Hu Yang informed various possibilities in advance, and hoped that Jiang Nanzheng would be mentally prepared. Because finding hope in despair is hard work. However, the road to recovery of Sorghum was not smooth. No matter how Sorghum cooperated, he could not feel his legs at all, and in the end he simply gave up on himself. Jiang Nanzheng accompanies Gaoliang to recover, and hides in the corner and weeps silently, feeling equally uncomfortable.

Niu Mancang came to visit on behalf of the special operations battalion, and found that the high-spirited sorghum had now become extremely decadent. During the chat, Gao Liang confessed that he misses the life of the army, but now he is trapped in this hospital bed.

Gu Yinye went to the hospital to see Gaoliang and the nurse lose their temper, and even hurt Jiang Nanzheng with harsh words. Even though Jiang Nanzheng was sad and ran out, but she returned quickly, she understood that the reason why Gaoliang was like this was that she did not want to drag herself down. Jiang Nanzheng and Gaoliang made an agreement that she would choose to leave automatically after a year, but before that, she would continue to accompany Gaoliang in rehabilitation training, even if the probability is low, don’t give up easily. With the encouragement of Jiang Nanzheng and Gu Yinye, Kaoliang rekindled hope and promised to train well.

Axiu has packed up all the things in the house, and most of them are sent out, but Gu Yinye’s military uniforms from when he joined the army to the present are left, and the whole six sets are neatly placed in the box. Gu Yinye was excited to see the military uniform and wept, his right arm lost consciousness again, Axiu hugged him tightly and wept.

Because Gu Yinye was going home to see his father, Axiu prepared his luggage for him very early. Seeing Axiu’s sad face, Xiaofei mistakenly thought that Gu Yinye was bullying his mother. How could he know that Gu Yinye suddenly asked Xiaofei if he wanted to be a soldier when he grew up, and his expression became extremely serious. After saying goodbye to Axiu’s mother and son, Gu Yinye boarded the train alone. The scene of the dispute in the carriage reminded him of the scene when he and Gaoliang were both recruits.

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