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Alienation Hunter

Alienation Hunter
Other Name: 异化猎手, Alien Hunter

Genre: Novel, Science Fiction
Author: Where is the pen
Year: 2021
Chapter: N/A
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“Alienation Hunter” is the latest sci-fi novel created by the Internet celebrity “Where is the Pen”. It belongs to the category of male frequency. The main characters involved in the book are Mo Wang and Komodo, and the storyline is very eye-catching. , It is not a loss to enter the pit: the end of the world is coming, the environment has deteriorated sharply, and there is no fresh air outside.

There is an oxygen generator in the most famous bar in the town. The air here is fresh and many people like to spend time here. Mo Wang also frequents here, he likes this simple and gentle town, which can make people forget all their troubles. But the quiet time is always disturbed. As a hunter who hunts strange things, he has a good reputation. While he is famous in the town, naturally some people look at him unhappy…

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There are advantages and disadvantages, which cannot be avoided no matter how high technology is.

Mo Wang’s figure quickly shrank, and was eventually obscured by lush vegetation.

Xia Zhengling shouted anxiously, “Come after him!”

“No, that’s too dangerous!”

The two co-pilots very decisively refused Xia Zhengling’s order.

The fierce air blew so that Mo Wang could hardly open his eyes, and the dark green that was almost black in his field of vision was getting closer and closer.

Mo Wang didn’t prepare a parachute. If he landed hard like this, even his body, which had been tempered by the “Hang Feng Jue”, would be smashed into flesh.

Fortunately, Mo Wang had already prepared his backhand. A vague shadow appeared directly under Mo Wang. The shadow emitted a strange force, offsetting the impact of Mo Wang’s fall, but Mo Wang still fell at a very fast speed. On the soft body of “Shadow”, Mo Wang rolled to the ground with “Shadow” in his arms with a dull crashing sound.

The forest and wilderness were disturbed, and the aborigines immediately discovered the uninvited guest, but when they threw their “tentacles” in this direction, they found nothing.

Strange, are we delusional?

The overlords took back the “tentacles” and continued to do their own thing, lying down and hunting.

“Lots of losses!”

Mo Wang looked at the flying insects that had lost nearly half of the surrounding area and said with pity.

The grade of Hidden winged insects is not high, but the eggs used as raw materials are particularly difficult to obtain. Mowang estimates that it will take more than half a year to make up for this loss.

“I hope the rest will be enough!”

Mo Wang picked up the sleeping pod with Tong Hui, his escape has just begun.

“No, it can’t be locked, the alienation force field in this area is too strong!” Driver B said helplessly.

An energy field that covers the entire planet after the great alienation. Many alienation scholars call it the source of alienation. The longer a person is exposed to the alienation force field, the higher the probability of alienation.

The alienation force field will also affect the electronic equipment. Mo Wang does not use the electronic map because in the place where the alienation force field intensity is high, the electronic equipment is a useless decoration.

“Since it can’t be locked, let’s go after it!”

Xia Zhengling’s idea is very simple and rude. Since the technology can’t work properly, then use the original method, but…


Rejected by both co-pilots.

“That’s too dangerous!”

Xia Zhengling no longer wanted to listen to their dissuasion.

“Even if there is danger, we have to chase!”

“This is the task that my uncle gave me, and it is also your job. You should know what happens if you fail to complete the work in our house!”

“Of course we know, but our job also includes protecting your safety and not letting you do stupid things. This is what the boss told us to do.” After that, co-pilot A released the recording given by Xia Canglong.

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