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Sword Snow Stride 雪中悍刀行 Episode 36 Recap

There are six Wunu standing side by side under the wall. According to the rules of Wudi City, you must win the Wunu before you can climb the tower. Xu Fengnian was smart. He first threw Zhao Xuansu away, so that he had to fight back under the siege of layers of Wunu, showing his deep martial arts in public.

Xu Fengnian was obviously not surprised by this situation, on the contrary, Zhao Kai was shocked. Unexpectedly, the boy would have such attainments. He mistook him for Xu Fengnian’s hidden guard, so he told Yuan Tingshan to wait and see the change, and take a look at the timing and Wu Nu. , Jinjia teamed up to kill the boy.

Jin Jia and Yuan Tingshan rushed out and stopped Wei Shuyang and Zhao Xuansu respectively, while Zhao Kai went to assassinate them alone. At this moment, there are six other Wu slaves above the tower, including the baggage and wine pot left by Lao Huang. Xu Fengnian’s eyes were red when he saw it, and he was very relieved. Zhao Kai also greeted Xu Fengnian as his brother-in-law and pretended to help him get the sword box, but was rejected.

Just as Jade Bird and Ning Emei were fighting endlessly with Wu Nu on the other side, Deng Tai’a took out the pineapple wood box from the cloth bag and gently pushed it open with his hand. The sword box was half empty. I saw six small swords rising into the air in unison. Before Xu Fengnian could make a move, Wu Nu had been pierced through his skull, and six pillars of blood burst out, turning him into six corpses.

Seeing Deng Tai’a’s shot, the remaining Wunu knew that he was not easy to provoke, and immediately turned and left. Xu Fengnian judged Deng Tai’a’s identity based on this, but he didn’t know that he was related to the Xu family, so that Zhao Kai couldn’t help but sigh that Xu Fengnian was more reincarnated than himself. It turned out that Deng Tai’a was the illegitimate son of the Wu family Jianzhong. There are hundreds of thousands of swords inserted in the Buried Sword Mountain. Every child has to practice swords, try swords and find swords on the mountain.

Fortunately, Deng Tai’a was fortunate to meet Wu Su. During that time, Wu Su often secretly brought him meals and taught him various swordsmanship. It is precisely because of Deng Tai’a’s extraordinary talent that he later drew out the ancient sword Tai’a, so he has this name. After leaving the sword mound, Deng Taiwei took a sword and only took twelve sword intents, and finally cast twelve small flying swords and hid them in the box.

Different from Wu Su’s entry into the WTO to save people’s swords, Deng Tai’a has always practiced swords only to kill people, and did not show the twelve swords in the box to vulgar people. After saying this, Deng Tai’a gave the pineapple wooden box to Xu Fengnian again, and it was considered to repay Wu Su’s kindness. In this box, twelve swords were neatly arranged, the longest was only the middle finger, and the shortest was only the thumb.

Xu Fengnian didn’t care about Deng Tai’a’s gift at all, his eyes only stared at the inconspicuous yellow sword case, took the sword case and laid it flat on the ground, lightly beat the rhythm, and hummed Lao Huang’s favorite song, as if Immersive, sitting side by side with Lao Huang.

In the distance, the waves intensified, and the drooping sword curtain was like a black cloud over the city. Wang Xianzhi stood above the raging waves with his hands behind his back, letting the long swords swarm into layers, break three feet away, and fall into the sea. Repeating this, Li Chungang used all his swords without hurting Wang Xianzhi in the slightest. He thought that the two should be tied. Unexpectedly, Li Chungang made a sound, and all the broken swords that fell into the sea surfaced. between the two.

When the sword was completed, the sky was broken, and the bright golden light was slowly pouring down. The sky, which was still covered with dark clouds, opened an opening in an instant. This move was Li Chungang’s sword to open the gate of heaven. Straight to the point, this mountain is Kunlun, and everyone has long heard and admired the method of ascending immortals. At this time, Hong Xixiang, who was far away in Wudang Mountain, saw that the east was different, and suddenly sat on the ground, no longer conscious. Wang Chonglou informed the disciples to set up a tent for Hong Xixiang, and no one was allowed to disturb him. As for when he woke up, it would depend on his fate.

Zhao Xuansu used force to hold Shu Shao and the others down, and went straight to the tower. Not only did he claim his identity, he even tried to kill Zhao Kai. Originally, Zhao Kai wanted Jin Jia to come and help, but Jin Jia was just an ant that was crushed in front of the ancestors of Longhu Mountain. At the critical moment, Xu Fengnian rushed over to rescue Zhao Kai and told him to leave quickly.

Thinking of Deng Tai’a’s protection for Xu Fengnian, Zhao Xuansu didn’t want to cause more troubles at this time, so let Zhao Kai go for the time being, and then said that Deng Tai’a came for Tianmen, and they might as well work together to ascend to immortality. Deng Tai’a did not respond. Seeing that the sword opened the gate of heaven and opened the front line of Haitian, it was the best time, but I never expected that Wang Xianzhi and Li Chungang would stop.

Because he couldn’t guess what the two were thinking, Zhao Xuansu decided to open the gate of heaven in person, but he was blocked by Deng Tai’a. Therefore, Deng Tai’a came for Tianmen, but only to prevent the reopening of Tianmen and completely cut off the communication between the immortal world and the human world. Only in this way can we prevent mortals from ascending to immortals and immortals coming to mortals, so as not to end up with rivers changing streams, mountains and rivers every time. Shift and then to the charcoal of life.

Although Deng Tai’a clearly stated his intentions, Zhao Xuansu would never give up easily, and would rather force his way through the gate of heaven. Deng Tai’a used six swords to set up the “Bingjie” sword formation. Zhao Xuansu was trapped in the formation and was defeated. He became angry and wanted to kill Xu Fengnian, but Xu Fengnian countered. Zhao Xuansu’s body was dead, and in the blink of an eye, he turned into an old man. Who would have thought that his primordial spirit was separated from his body and rushed directly to Xu Fengnian. Upon seeing this, Deng Tai’a hurriedly spoke to remind him.

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