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Ace Troops 王牌部队 Episode 28 Recap

In the next close-quarters exercise, Chinese soldiers who are good at jungle guerrillas cannot perform their fists here at all. They have never been so defeated and powerless as they are today. At the same time, it also fully shows the shortcomings that they need to pay attention to.

Through this training, everyone has completely opened their eyes and saw the real special operations. Zheng Yuan also hopes that everyone can understand the urgency of forming special forces. The national army is taboo to build cars behind closed doors. Integrate the nine companies into the newly established special forces brigade.

After the exercise, Gu Yinye, accompanied by Sorghum, went to the train station to pick up Axiu in person, holding wild flowers nervously, looking in the direction of the train from time to time. Gao Liang was half-joking about making a bridal chamber, which reminded Gu Yinye that he had done something similar back then, and couldn’t help feeling guilty.

In just a few short years, Xiao Fei, who used to be a swaddling baby, has now begun to read and write. His personality is completely opposite to that of his father Zhang Fei, and he has become playful, lively and full of curiosity. On the other hand, Axiu was more gentle and demure. When she took the bouquet from Gu Yinye, she was inevitably shy.

On the way back, Gu Yinye rode a motorcycle carrying Sorghum and Axiu’s mother and son. When passing by the railway, the passing military train reminded them of the scene of Axiu’s sending off to the army, and each kept their sorrow in their hearts. Xiaofei came to the guest house and couldn’t wait to run to the wedding bed to frolic. Seeing this, Gao Liang took him out, leaving Gu Yinye and Axiu to be alone.

Although the two have known each other for six years, in the past five years, they have basically written letters to communicate. When this day comes, they must be a little nervous. Especially Axiu is always uneasy and shy when facing Gu Yinye. She is very grateful for Gu Yinye’s care and love in recent years, but she always feels that she is not worthy of him.

But in Gu Yinye’s opinion, it is better that Axiu warmed him rather than healed Axiu himself. Gu Yinye made no secret of his past with Jiang Nanzheng, and it is precisely because he is so calm that he has really let go. The man who used to be his goal and did not care about his side has gradually changed in the process of getting along with Axiu. Thank you for being willing to give him a real home.

Therefore, Gu Yinye is willing to love Axiu with all his heart to dispel her inner worries. When Axiu learned that her father-in-law Gu Heng would not attend the wedding, she mistakenly thought that she was dissatisfied with herself, while Gu Yinye said that the relationship between the father and son of the Gu family was different from others, and the way of getting along was also the same. Not attending represents other reasons, not against it. The family is very supportive.

At this time, outside the guest house, Xiaofei and Gaoliang were having a good time, and they liked him far more than Gu Yiye, and even never agreed with Gu Yiye’s existence, and resented his involvement in the family. Gao Liang understood Xiao Fei’s thoughts, and told him to treat Gu Yinye as his father in the future, and stop talking nonsense.

Soon the wedding was held in the guest house, and the 720 regiment and the female soldiers were all present. Gu Yinye confessed to Axiu in public, promising to cherish him and Xiaofei well in the future, and to manage each other’s small family well. Unexpectedly, Xiaofei suddenly objected, denying that Gu Yinye was his father, and everyone’s face changed greatly.

Fortunately, at the critical moment, Gaoliang walked in with Jiang Nanzheng from the door, and took the initiative to tell Xiaofei about Zhang Fei, hoping that he would accept the father in front of him while remembering his heroic father. Taking this opportunity, Gu Yinye brought Zhang Fei’s medal of merit to Xiaofei, saying that he would explain the past to him well in the future, and also promised to let Xiaofei change his surname to Zhang.

Gu Heng came to the door calmly and watched everything in front of him until he officially attended as his father-in-law. Xiao Fei also called him grandpa under Axiu’s gesture, which made him very happy. In the days that followed, Gu Yinye fulfilled his promise, took care of Axiu and Xiaofei patiently, and the family of three was happy.

After a year, Gaoliang was transferred to the acting battalion commander of the special team. He was experiencing despair and fiery trials every day. Jiang Nanzheng was also studying for further studies. Zheng Yuan asked about Sorghum and Jiang Nanzheng, but every time Sorghum responded very well, but Jiang Nanzheng never mentioned it, which made him a little disappointed.

The military region is going to carry out the subject of rapid response of infantry, and Zheng Yuan asked Sorghum to lead the team to participate. At first, Sorghum refused on the grounds that he was out of training, but when he learned that the leader of the research group was Jiang Nanzheng, he immediately agreed. On the other side, the superiors decided to let Xia Mu be responsible for the communication work this time. Zhao Hongying felt that he was too utilitarian and unsteady in his work. It was a pity that he wanted to oppose it.

It didn’t take long for a group of people to arrive at the project site. Sorghum warmly welcomed Jiang Nanzheng and Han Chunyu’s arrival, but Xia Mu’s appearance was still strange. Niu Mancang and Jiang Weixing told Sorghum not to be impulsive. After all, Xia Mu came for work, try to stabilize his emotions and avoid unnecessary conflicts.

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