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Lucky With You 三生有幸遇上你 Episode 27 Recap

After the Marquis had breakfast, he was going to the airport with Qian Qian. Wu Shiyi carefully noticed that the tag behind him had not been picked, and hurried forward. Qian Qian was stunned when he saw this scene, and remembered the time he spent with Hou Zhirong. As soon as the two left, Wu Shiyi felt a little stomachache, and Hai Xing hurriedly poured a glass of brown sugar water.

Qian Qian didn’t bother to talk to the Marquis with a cold face along the way, and the Marquis wanted to talk to him, but Qian Qian’s temper was not like Wu Shiyi’s, so he could only stay in the back quietly. After arriving at the airport, the marquis discovered that he had forgotten to bring the computer, so Wu Shiyi endured the pain and sent the computer over. The marquis was very worried when she saw her sweaty forehead. Wu Shiqiang insisted that they leave first, and then he fainted. Airport staff took her to the hospital.

Mr. Chen’s goods were completely broken. Mr. Ma advised Hou Zhirong to change the supplier, but it was obviously too late. Hou Zhirong decided to talk to Mr. Chen face to face. The Marquis kept talking about Wu Shiyi not replying to WeChat, and Chen Chen’s face became stinky after hearing that, she didn’t want to hear that name at all.

At this time, Wu Shiyi was undergoing an operation for acute appendicitis, and Zhou Quan sent Qian Qian a message to explain the situation. Considering the state of the Marquis, Qian Qian only said that it was inconvenient for her to go to a meeting. Mr. Chen stopped the goods because of the matter of the marquis. Hou Zhirong talked with him, and Mr. Chen reluctantly agreed to re-supply.

The marquis chatted with Qian Qian. Speaking of Hou Zhirong, the marquis thought he still had feelings for his mother. Talking about Qian Qian’s relationship, Qian Qian’s face was ashes, and the Marquis had to see what he looked like, but fortunately he was called in by Chen Chen in time. After finishing the project presentation, Qian Qian told the Marquis about Wu Shiyi. The Marquis was too anxious to sign the contract and had to go back to Shenzhen to see Wu Shiyi. Chen Chen yelled at him behind his back.

Qian Qian also advised the Marquis not to leave at this time, at least after signing the contract, but the Marquis couldn’t listen at all, so he could not wait to rush to Wu Shiyi immediately. When he arrived at the hospital, the visiting time had passed, and it was all the Marquis’s mouth to persuade the nurse. Wu Shiyi was worried about the Marquis’ plan, the three of them joked for a while, and the Marquis watched Wu Shiyi fall asleep. Qian Qian came back with the escort bed and saw that both of them were asleep and holding each other’s hands tightly. In the empty corridor, he looked at the past chat records with Hou Zhirong in a complicated mood.

The marquis took good care of Wu Shiyi, and the money asked him to renew his contract as soon as possible. Wu Shiyi is now a star bodyguard. Lan Qi couldn’t wait to sign Wu Shiyi. Mr. Zhao truthfully told him that the Marquis had the right to renew the contract first, and Lan Qi was not the only one who was eager for talent. Lan Qi said that if the contract renewal is successful, the group’s follow-up security will be handed over to them, and Mr. Zhao is naturally willing. When Zhang Yingnan went to Zhirong Construction to find Wu Shiyi, she learned that she and Marquis had left the company, and that she was hospitalized, so she hurried to the hospital.

Seeing Wu Shiyi like Zhang Yingnan was very distressed, especially after she was with the marquis, nothing was good. She didn’t want Wu Shiyi to continue to waste on this poor boy. The Marquis had a very complicated mood when he heard these words. Before leaving, Zhang Yingnan called him out and said frankly that Lan Qi was willing to give Wu Eleven a stable environment, and the Marquis should not continue dragging her.

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