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Lucky With You 三生有幸遇上你 Episode 25 Recap

President Ma suggested to dig Bao Xiaohan back, but now Hou Zhirong had no other way, so he asked him to do it. Qian Qian cried all night, and the next day with swollen eyes, he told his family that he had to move out of the villa today, and the car had to be returned because they broke up. Qian’s father, Qian’s mother and aunt hurriedly comforted her.

These days they went to the place where they should go, and it’s time to go home. It’s just that Qian Qian resigned. They are worried about what Qian Qian will do next, if she doesn’t want to stay here any longer. , you can follow them back to their hometown. But Qian Qian is not willing to go back like this.

I have jobs and friends here, and I can’t lose all this because of inappropriate people. When I went to Zhirong Construction to return the keys, I happened to meet Hou Zhirong. Seeing that he was timid, Qian Qian didn’t dare to sit down and left without a word. Qian Qian took back her resignation application, and said that she did not need a vacation to come back to work. Only here can she have a sense of belonging and find her inner strength.

Xiaomin disappeared completely, so Mr. Ma could only go to meet Sea Star in person, and put on a wig to dress up as an old man. After getting the document, Hai Xing had something to say, but President Ma ran away. Hai Xing chased after him and tore off his fake beard. I didn’t expect that he was really President Ma. The two betrayed the Marquis alone and Hou Zhirong alone, but Hai Xing thought that he was just taking revenge on the old scumbag Hou Zhirong.

He and Mr. Ma were not the same people, and they did not forget to urge him to call the remaining 200,000.

Wu Shiyi followed the Marquis to the major companies to run for favors, and waited for a long time before meeting President Hu. Mr. Hu didn’t understand why the Marquis came out of his own big company. The Marquis replied in a humble manner. He just wanted to experience more. Now that he is independent, he just hopes that some projects can participate in the bidding. Mr. Hu generously said that he would definitely take care of Hou Zhirong’s son, but I heard that the faces of the two in his company were a little stiff, so he simply advised the Marquis to go out and move around more.

The Marquis wanted to get rid of Hou Zhirong’s halo, Wu Shiyi said that designers rely on works, and before there are no works, he can only be Hou Zhirong’s works. The people under Mr. Hu heard from Mr. Ma that Hou Zhirong would not leave the company until he left the company. Mr. Hu immediately called Mr. Peng, so Mr. Peng, who was scheduled to meet, let go of the Marquis.

Pigeon. The Marquis and Wu Shiyi had already gone downstairs, so they simply went up to have a look. Mr. Peng saw that the Marquis was stupefied and simply made it clear. He didn’t go on a business trip at all, he just didn’t want to see him, and advised the Marquis not to waste time in vain. The company he was familiar with would not hire him at all. The Marquis was deeply disappointed and helpless. They were afraid of Hou Zhirong, and they didn’t even show any respect for him. No one wanted to see the works they made with painstaking effort.

The matter of the Marquis spread in the industry, and Chen Chen was very happy to hear that he was kicked out. He felt a sense of revenge, and even brought his sisters to see the desolation of the Marquis. There were several luxury cars parked in front of the starfish store, and Chen Chen and others got off the car condescendingly, but the Marquis was not surprised, because Chen Chen had already said it on WeChat. Wu Shiyi simply closed the door of his room, and Hai Xing saw the beauty’s eyes straightening, and hurriedly took them to the Marquis.

Chen Chen and the others saw the marquis’s room covering his nose with sullen expressions of disgust. Several people saw a cockroach jump on the bed, so the Marquis’ bed collapsed. Several people left swaggeringly. Wu Shiyi didn’t expect the Marquis to have the courage to let them come. The Marquis sighed. Although life was difficult like this, he was unwilling to go back.

Bao Xiaohan was reluctant to come back and said he was going on a trip. Hou Zhirong yelled at Mr. Ma to bring him back. He scolded him for being stinky and didn’t know what to do, but he could only call Bao Xiaohan in person. Using the rhetoric of the year to draw a big cake for Bao Xiaohan, he could not tolerate him and hung up the phone.

Hou Zhirong was confident that Bao Xiaohan would definitely come back. Sure enough, Bao Xiaohan had already arrived at the airport, but he still took his suitcase back. Wu Shiyi asked Qian Qian to send a locomotive over, saying that it was the most appropriate to go out for a drive. Wu Shiyi and the Marquis went for a ride on a motorcycle, while Hai Xing took the opportunity to take the money to cultivate their relationship. Haixing made a love brand of Haixing fried rice, and the doll walked around with jealousy.

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