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Ace Troops 王牌部队 Episode 22 Recap

After a joint discussion with the Party branch of the Communications Company, it was finally decided to assign the school quota to Han Chunyu, and Jiang Nanzheng stayed to take over the post of monitor. Although Jiang Nanzheng won the second-class merit, her overall strength is not as good as Han Chunyu, who is the backbone of the perennial pacesetter. Besides, Han Chunyu also performed outstandingly in that battle, which is also indispensable.

Originally, Han Chunyu wanted to give up the quota, but she was vetoed by Zhao Hongying on the spot. She repeatedly emphasized that this was a comprehensive and fair consideration by her superiors. Jiang Nanzheng was particularly aggrieved by this. After crying, she went to Sorghum to complain. While the two were talking, Jiang Weixing came back from the hospital in a car, Niu Mancang went up to hug him excitedly, and Tong Bing was concerned about his injury.

It is precisely because many fighters have no opportunity to further their studies, the division’s political commissar Xing vigorously advocates doing a good job of pacifying comrades. After all, they have made deeds for the people and shed blood for the country, and this matter must not affect their ideological stability. After Zheng Yuan learned of the matter, he indicated that he would not interfere in this matter, but Political Commissar Xing knew very well that even if he did not want to intervene, it was difficult to guarantee that others would not meddle in their own affairs.

Sure enough, Political Commissar Xing was very prescient. In order to make Jiangnan Zheng regain his place, Gao Liang inquired about ways and concealed his own affairs at the same time. At this time, Gu Yinye returned to the army, personally reported the situation of Zhang Fei’s house to Qin Hanyong, and gave the chili sauce made by Axiu to Sorghum.

However, Gaoliang was full of love between men and women, and even reminded Gu Yinye to call Jiang Nanzheng to care about her difficulties, which made Gu Yinye feel baffled. Jiang Nanzheng and Gu Yinye exchanged phone calls, and also learned that Jiang Nanzheng’s quota was taken away, and then talked about the matter of escorting back to his hometown this time, Gu Yinye felt that he had grown a lot, but he was sad that he did not fully help the platoon. The elders, even if they return to the army, their whole heart is still there.

Political commissar Xing came over to discuss the content of the military region meeting with Zheng Yuan, and by the way informed the military colleges and universities that there are enrollment plans in addition to referrals. Sorghum fought for Jiang Nanzheng, knowing that the teacher Gao Fengliangjie still wanted him to help him go through the back door and try to get a place for Jiang Nanzheng. Zheng Yuan’s attitude on this matter is as always, misunderstanding that Gaoliang cares so much about Jiang Nanzheng because the two fell in love in private.

Jiang Nanzheng, who was eavesdropping at the door, rushed out to clarify, admitting that he was in love, but unwilling to reveal the identity of the other party. Zheng Yuan didn’t go through the back door for Jiang Nanzheng’s school quota, which made Jiang Nanzheng very satisfied, because this is the father in her and her mother’s heart, and I hope that Zheng Yuan, as a father, can support and bless her daughter’s relationship. Because Kaoliang couldn’t study, Jiangnanzheng was a little sad. Fortunately, Kaoliang learned from Zheng Yuan that there were two options for going to school, either escorting the army or taking the unified examination of the military school, which made Jiangnanzheng turn his worries into joy.

On the day of the military academy exam, Gaoliang first sent Jiang Nanzheng into the exam room, and then stood outside for four full hours until the exam room bell rang and the candidates came out one after another. Jiang Nanzheng was pleasantly surprised to see Gao Liang, but after thinking about it, he realized that he did not go to the examination room. After inquiring, he realized that he did not take the examination at all.

Kaoliang truthfully stated that he did not even graduate from junior high school, so he was not qualified to take the exam. Jiang Nanzheng complained that Gao Liang had to wait four hours for not telling her in advance, but Gao Liang thought that if she said this in advance, it would definitely affect her performance in the exam, so she concealed it first. Because of this, Jiang Nanzheng couldn’t help crying, and then he cried, which made Gaoliang a little at a loss.

It didn’t take long for the military examination list to be issued. Jiang Nanzheng won the third place in the entire military region with excellent results. It was true to the second, third and fourth division commanders, and Zheng Yuan also felt that his face was bright. Not only that, Director Wang of the Army Academy reviewed Gaoliang’s information and commented that he was a rare scout talent, so he directly greeted the military region and made an exception to recruit Gaoliang as a student.

Zheng Yuan was overjoyed, and kept praising sorghum to Political Commissar Xing, including the military books he entrusted Hu Yang to bring back from abroad a few days ago. Qin Hanyong bought two bottles of good wine and told Gao Liang and the division commander to go to the military region. Unexpectedly, when the two arrived at the military region, they unexpectedly learned that Deputy Commander Xiao was in the 720s regiment.

Due to the reform of the army, Deputy Commander Xiao declined the appointment to the headquarters, and chose to retire in the process of the great disarmament. At noon that day, Deputy Commander Xiao talked about the past at the wine table, about his fear of death as a recruit, and about the courage that the old squad leader brought to him. Zheng Yuan used to be Deputy Commander Xiao’s civil servant, but it was the first time he saw him standing in front of the window with tears in his eyes, saluting outside the window, and calling out to the squad leader over and over again.

In the autumn and winter of that day, military vehicles mobilized all over the country disappeared and evacuated, which was similar to the tragic expedition. Many years later, Sorghum realized what a thrilling event in the history of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army that the 8-5 million disarmament was.

In order to build a strong and modern revolutionary army, almost overnight, thousands of PLA officers and soldiers took off their beloved military uniforms. Many troops with decades of fine traditions also took off overnight. They disappeared completely from the PLA’s ranks, including those fighters who had just returned from the front lines and were preparing to undergo closed training, all of which were abolished.

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