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Reviews: [Romance Novel 3] Modern rebirth collection, face-slapped, scumbag show affection, superfinishing 10 articles

1. “Sickly petting/partially petting”

Rebirth and sophomore year, Meng Ting had the best year in his short life.

She must live well this time.

Regain the dream of dancing.

No longer to save the white-eyed wolf sister in the fire disfigured, protect her face.

And he wouldn’t provoke Jiang Ren, the demon boy who later held high the butcher knife to kill.

However, this summer of the second year of high school, Meng Ting went back to get his English book.

At the corner of the stairs, unscrupulous teenagers gathered to smoke.

She stopped and dared not pass.

Unexpectedly, he heard that scoundrel young Jiang Ren laughed wildly: “What does Lao Tzu like? Meng listens to that.”

【Overlord Boy × National First Love

“Brother Shinobu, the school flower is so hard to follow.”

“I have been pressing for a lifetime.”

Live for her, die for her, blood on her hands, and dust her tombstone.

  1. The main campus rebirth essay, study hard and stick to your dreams, this is a positive energy essay.
  2. Love Xiaowen, just smile for Bo Jun, please don’t care.
  3. The female lead is an all-around school flower in high school, and the male lead only wants to fall in love.

2. “The Devil’s Body Temperature”

Rebirth and back in 1996, Bei Yao, a fan dumpling, was four years old and knocked on the opposite door.

Behind that door, lived a catastrophic devil in the world twenty years later.

The devil Pei Chuan is now five years old, with crippled legs and introverted low self-esteem.

Later they were seventeen years old.

Bei Yao became a high school bachelor.

Pei Chuan shook his face, clasped the wheelchair firmly with his fingers, and warned her: “Don’t say you like me anymore, otherwise…”

Bei Yao hugged his neck and smiled sweetly at him.

Pei Chuan couldn’t help but buckle her waist, and the suppressed emotions broke down.

Having been his beloved for two lifetimes, Bei Yao wanted to know what kind of body temperature the devil had.

  1. The male protagonist is really disabled, and his legs are not below the knees. It won’t be better in the future.
  2. [Sensitive Inferiority x Healing Angel], daily essays of childhood sweethearts and love each other. From the age of four to the wedding dress, positive energy writing.
  3. The background that started in 1996, is overhead, don’t be elegant in the age, love essays, just smile for Bo Jun. Discuss spit reasonably, don’t lead the battle, don’t personally attack, thank you~

Mine clearance: Since the male protagonist is really disabled, he thinks about that kind of sensitivity, so he will drop a knife.

3. “The entertainment circle is mine”

Xu Jiexing’s idol Cenfeng is a rising star in the entertainment industry

She firmly believes that the light of idol will be seen by everyone one day

But she couldn’t wait until that day

Cen Feng committed suicide at home due to depression

It was not until after his death that the injustice he suffered was revealed.

It turned out that he was an adopted orphan, and it turned out that his biological father was a murderer.

It turns out that he never touched the piano because his little finger was deliberately broken by his teammate

It turned out that he was bullied by the team, offended the top management, and led to the sharing of resources.


It turned out that she held the baby she was afraid of breaking in her palm, but she was trampled on like this, bruised all over her body.

Six months later, Xu Diexing was reborn in a car accident. This year, she was a freshman in high school.

Ten years before Cen Feng commits suicide

I have used these ten years to pave a broad road for you

All the people who have hurt you will never show up in front of you

Brother, this time, let’s walk the flower road together


Cen Feng, who committed suicide due to depression, was reborn ten years ago

Live again, he finally understands how ridiculous those hopes were

What awaits him in the future is never flowers and beauty

He tore off the disguise, discarded the personal settings, and waited for the expiration of the contract to stay away from this hypocritical vanity fair.

Agent: Cen Feng! The company lets you make a C debut!

Cen Feng! A large variety show invites you to be a resident guest!

Cen Feng! Director Zhang’s new play calls you to play the actor!

Cen Feng! You can pick whichever one of these top luxury advertisements you want!

Cen Feng:? ? ?

Where the hell did these resources come from?

I want to ride the wind, but the world is full of silt, you are the only island

【Double birth, redemption and being redeemed, the main career in the early stage】

[Life and death is indifferent, I don’t want to open business, Idol X brother deserves the best I want to give all the resources to brother’s big fans]

4. “Wife fan to understand “

Wife fan of popular idol Horch

Qiao Xiao’s most annoying person is the female star Sheng Qiao who tied Horch to the scandal.

In addition to carrying a camera and chasing activities in daily life, it is the white lotus with the real name of diss

Unexpectedly, once she bumped her head, she became Sheng Qiao after waking up.

During the filming of the first romantic drama with Horch, the first scene was NG 27 times

Horch: Sheng Qiao, can you do it? Can’t change people!

Qiao Look: Don’t be angry, husband, I can do it!

Horch:? ? ?

Media: “Sheng Qiao leaked out his nickname, Horch’s hidden marriage exposed”

Horch fans: cnm Shengqiao, you lotus bitch, come out and apologize for clarification!

The next day, Sheng Qiao explained on Weibo: That…wife fan, do you know about it?

The Jedi counterattacks, headwinds comeback, and strong respect

[The heroine went from being ridiculed by the whole network to being sought after by the whole network, by the way, have a relationship with idols]

The popular Xiaohua Sheng Qiao was recently photographed in a relationship with the actor

When Horch was interviewed by the media, the reporter asked him to send love wishes to this fan in the circle.

He looked at the camera coldly: fake.

Sheng Qiao’s Weibo is busy refuting rumors: I am the only one who does not climb the wall, thank you everyone.

That night, Idol gritted her teeth in her ear: announce the love affair, immediately, immediately.

5. “Little Fairy Dressed as a Big Brother”

The last life of Qi Ying was rescued by the general from the bandit’s den and became the general’s concubine

The general was victorious in all his battles, and his fame was far-reaching, and he died on the battlefield in the end.

The concubine committed suicide and followed the general

After waking up, she became a 17-year-old deaf-mute girl Qi Ying

The girl could not hear or speak, but her eyes were as beautiful as moonlight and her temper was too soft.

One day, she met an indifferent boy who was feared by everyone

That is her general

[Cold and fierce campus boss] X [Good and soft fairy]

Ji Rang in the eyes of others:

Grumpy! rich! Can’t afford it!

Ji Rang in Qi Ying’s eyes:

The general is walking for the sky! The general is robbing the rich and helping the poor! The general is awesome!

Ji Ran pressed her against the wall

Qi Ying: The boy pressed the girl on the wall to kiss her, mua~!

Ji Rang:? ? ?

“Ji asked you the fuck to come out and bring your family, don’t you look down on Lao Tzu?”

“No, I just want my little fairy to see how I punish evil and promote good.”

Everyone is afraid of Ji Rang

No one loves Jiran, Qi Ying loves him

[The heroine caused aphasia and hearing impairment due to an accident, and will recover later]

[The male protagonist is the reincarnation of the general, the same soul, not a stand-in, don’t enter if you don’t like the setting, don’t tell if you abandon the text, bow and thank you]

[A warm love story that healed each other, sweet pets, updated regularly at ten o’clock every morning~]

[Minors don’t fall in love, not together before the college entrance examination]

6. “Perfumer pampers the disabled”

Ji Huaixiang re-lived his life with two goals:

  1. Become a master perfumer
  2. Being with Gu Wujin: love him, protect him, pet him, pet him to death

Everyone sighed, the perfume master, who was more scarce than the gods, was actually with Gu Jia Er Shao, who existed like a waste.

Gu Er Shao, who was like a waste, shook his legs and clutched his chest, “Xiangxiang, my chest hurts, I want to kiss him.”

Ji Huaixiang automatically plunged into his arms and kissed his lips.

Gu Er Shao, who was like a waste, pointed to the little white face in front of him, and said aggrieved: “Xiangxiang, he said I eat soft rice.”

Ji Huaixiang put all the cards in his hand.

Gu Er Shao, who is like a waste, has a long figure, leaning against the wall, and said shyly: “Xiangxiang, come here… kiss me.”

Ji Huaixiang leaned over, and the other party pulled her with a big hand, and she was pushed against the wall.

This is a story about a female protagonist doting on the male protagonist, and finally doting the male protagonist lawlessly

  1. The main line of fragrance, pet boyfriend
  2. The heroine’s golden fingers are wide open, sweet to toothache. (One to one, two places, no lightning points)

7. “Marry a Disabled Gangster After Wearing It Back”

Fang Wei encountered a thunder robbery while he was cultivating, and when he woke up, he was split back into his previous life.

At this time, she was about to marry her ex-boyfriend’s uncle vegetable, the daunting boss.

In his previous life, he would wake up two years later, with his legs disabled and fall into the mud from the clouds.

But she knew that he would get up soon and let the world see his fierceness.

At that time she had others in her heart, fearing him, fearing him hating him.

She didn’t look at him directly, she always thought they were feelingless.

Until he kneeled for her and threw his dignity under her feet.

He is cruel to the world, but is gentle to her alone; she is gentle to the world, but cruel to him alone.

To live a new life, she wants to pay back everything she owes him. If he can save his leg, it would be even better.

8. “Rebirth Plan to Save the Big Brother”

  1. What is even more shocking than Li Wei’s winning the world’s highest award for theoretical physics at a young age is that he was found to commit suicide at home the day before the award ceremony at the age of 35.

He wrote in a letter to the student Jackie: I have been doing one thing madly these years, physics is everything to me. And on the day it ends, darkness will swallow me completely.

  1. Many years after graduating, Zhang Man saw a love letter in the physics book when he was sorting things out, signed by Li Wei.

After he committed suicide, she didn’t know how to eat and couldn’t sleep at night until she woke up one day and found that she was sixteen years old.

—Later, Li Wei, who once again became the dean of physics, said in an interview with foreign media: “There are two most important things in my life, physics and her. Physics has given me the ability to think in the dark, and She gave me light.”

Diablo autistic genius boy X warm heart to heal the little cutie!

[Food Guide]: 1. The male protagonist suffers from schizophrenia.

  1. 1V1, redemption direction.

9. “The Beautiful He Doesn’t Talk”

The boy Kapok had a crush on, named Lin Muan, was born very beautifully. He was always alone, hardly talking with others, silent and gloomy.

It’s scary, but also embarrassing.

Xu Jing, Kapok’s best friend, also likes him.

So Kapok has never dared to tell others.

But one day, Xu Jing confessed to the whole school that she had dropped out and Lin Muan committed suicide.

Kapok is reborn.


You are standing in the abyss, long stalks standing alone, trapped in the darkness.

I step on the auspicious clouds and cut through the thorns to lead you into the world, don’t be afraid—

The ups and downs of honor and disgrace, I am here to ferry you.

“Do you think you are Guanyin Bodhisattva?”

“Little pervert, I am your female goddess of mercy.”

Content Tag: Rebirth Sweet Text Campus

10. “Feeding Candy to the Villain”

He was born with a different pupil, and was shunned as a monster, only she was willing to approach him and regarded him as a normal person.

He is willing to give everything, just to protect her safe and smooth for a lifetime.

Even if later he knew that she had been lying to him, and she even turned to him…

The previous life Cui Langya also thought that Ji Huaiyan was a big villain like everyone else. In order to bring him down, she pretended to be clever to gain his trust, but did too many things to hurt him behind his back. She didn’t realize that she was only used by others to deal with him until she died. His pawn, and he has been protecting her.

It was too late to regret, but when she woke up again she was eighteen years old. She came to Ji’s house for the first time and saw Ji Huaiyan for the first time.

Nothing has happened yet, she still has a chance to change.

This time, she won’t do anything to hurt him anymore. She wants to be close to him and do her best to be nice to him.

In Xiacheng, everyone is afraid of Ji Huaiyan. He was so indifferent that he would always only see interest in his eyes. But one day, someone accidentally ran into it. This fearsome big demon held a little girl in his arms and lowered her head and bit her ear. The originally cold and frosty eyes were full of tenderness and pampering…

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