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Daily Marriage by the Male God

“Daily Marriage by the Male God” -《男神宠婚日常》

The genius shadow queen was reborn as a little transparent in the entertainment circle, and everything started again, Yu Qingtong rolled up his sleeves.

She will let everyone know that as long as there is a stage, she is the brightest lightning.

Trial reading:

Who could have imagined that more than a week ago, she was Zhao Ran, a genius and acclaimed actress in the Chinese entertainment industry. She thought she had died like this, but was reborn in the body of this 20-year-old girl, Yu Qingtong.

The price is to fulfill the wish of the original owner of this body and realize her twin brother’s dream of becoming an actor.

In the last life, she seemed to be the marionette in the hands of her mother, or a medal that could bring her praise after her father died.

She won the best newcomer since she was 13 when she acted in the first play. In more than ten years, she made the name of Zhao Ran almost equal to the prize.

But no matter how glamorous it is, she has never felt the joy of acting after all, so she is reluctant to be that puppet.

Becoming a complete freshman, Yu Qingtong wants to start again this time, to play the role she wants to play, to feel the charm of the performance, maybe she can also feel the joy of being immersed in it like her father.

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